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History Channel - Ancient Mysteries - The Rosetta Stone 2 of 5 (YouTube)

Modern-era discovery: In preparation for Napoleon's 1798 campaign in Egypt, the French founded the Institut de l'Égypte in Cairo which brought 167 scientists and archaeologists to the region. French Army engineer Captain Pierre-François Bouchard discovered the stone sometime the sources are not specific in mid-July 1799 (July 15 or July 19), while guiding construction work at Fort Julien near the Egyptian port city of Rashid (Rosetta). The Napoleonic army was so awestruck by this unheralded spectacle that, according to a witness, "It halted of itself and, by one spontaneous impulse, grounded its arms." (As quoted by Robert Claiborne, The Birth of Writing [1974], p. 24.) After Napoleon returned in 1799, 167 scholars remained behind with French troops which held off British and Ottoman attacks. In March 1801, the British landed on Aboukir Bay and scholars carried the Stone from Cairo to Alexandria alongside the troops of Jacques-Francois Menou. French troops in Cairo capitulated on June 22, and in Alexandria on August 30. -- After the surrender, a dispute arose over the fate of French archaeological and scientific discoveries in Egypt. De Menou refused to hand them over, claiming they belonged to the Institute. British General John Hely-Hutchinson, 2nd Earl of Donoughmore, refused to relieve the city until de Menou gave in. Newly arrived scholars Edward Daniel Clarke and William Richard Hamilton agreed to check the collections in Alexandria and found many artifacts that the French had not revealed. -- When Hutchinson claimed all materials as a property of the British Crown, a French scholar, Étienne Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, said to Clarke and Hamilton that they would rather burn all their discoveries - referring ominously to the destruction of the Library of Alexandria - than turn them over. Hutchinson finally agreed that items such as biology specimens would be the scholars' private property. De Menou regarded the stone as his private property and hid it. How exactly the Stone came to British hands is disputed. Colonel Tomkyns Hilgrove Turner, who escorted the stone to Britain, claimed later that he had personally seized it from de Menou and carried it away on a gun carriage. Clarke stated in his memoirs that a French scholar and an officer had quietly given up the stone to him and his companions in a Cairo back street. French scholars departed later with only imprints and plaster casts of the stone. Turner brought the stone to Britain aboard the captured French frigate HMS Egyptienne in February 1802. On March 11, it was presented to the Society of Antiquaries of London and Stephen Weston played a major role in the early translation. Later it was taken to the British Museum, where it remains to this day. Inscriptions painted in white on the artifact state "Captured in Egypt by the British Army in 1801" on the left side and "Presented by King George III" on the right. [article link]

History Channel - Ancient Mysteries - The Rosetta Stone 3 of 5 (YouTube)

Experts inspecting the Rosetta Stone during the International Congress of Orientalists of 1874In 1814, Briton Thomas Young finished translating the enchorial (demotic) text, and began work on the hieroglyphic script. From 1822 to 1824 the French scholar, philologist, and orientalist Jean-François Champollion greatly expanded on this work and is credited as the principal translator of the Rosetta Stone. Champollion could read both Greek and Coptic, and figured out what the seven Demotic signs in Coptic were. By looking at how these signs were used in Coptic, he worked out what they meant. Then he traced the Demotic signs back to hieroglyphic signs. By working out what some hieroglyphs stood for, he transliterated the text from the Demotic (or older Coptic) and Greek to the hieroglyphs by first translating Greek names which were originally in Greek, then working towards ancient names that had never been written in any other language. Champollion then created an alphabet to decipher the remaining text. -- In 1858, the Philomathean Society of the University of Pennsylvania published the first complete English translation of the Rosetta Stone as accomplished by three of its undergraduate members: Charles R Hale, S Huntington Jones, and Henry Morton. [article link]

History Channel - Ancient Mysteries - The Rosetta Stone 4 of 5 (YouTube)

In essence, the Rosetta Stone is a tax amnesty given to the temple priests of the day, restoring the tax privileges they had traditionally enjoyed from more ancient times. Some scholars speculate that several copies of the Rosetta Stone must exist, as yet undiscovered, since this proclamation must have been made at many temples. The complete Greek portion, translated into English, is about 16001700 words in length, and is about 20 paragraphs long (average of 80 words per paragraph): -- In the reign of the new king who was Lord of the diadems, great in glory, the stabilizer of Egypt, but also pious in matters relating to the gods, superior to his adversaries, rectifier of the life of men, Lord of the thirty-year periods like Hephaestus the Great, King like the Sun, the Great King of the Upper and Lower Lands, offspring of the Parent-loving gods, whom Hephaestus has approved, to whom the Sun has given victory, living image of Zeus, Son of the Sun, Ptolemy the ever-living, beloved by Ptah; In the ninth year, when Aëtus, son of Aëtus, was priest of Alexander and of the Savior gods and the Brother gods and the Benefactor gods and the Parent-loving gods and the god Manifest and Gracious; Pyrrha, the daughter of Philinius, being athlophorus for Bernice Euergetis; Areia, the daughter of Diogenes, being canephorus for Arsinoë Philadelphus; Irene, the daughter of Ptolemy, being priestess of Arsinoë Philopator: on the fourth of the month Xanicus, or according to the Egyptians the eighteenth of Mecheir. -- THE DECREE: The high priests and prophets, and those who enter the inner shrine in order to robe the gods, and those who wear the hawk's wing, and the sacred scribes, and all the other priests who have assembled at Memphis before the king, from the various temples throughout the country, for the feast of his receiving the kingdom, even that of Ptolemy the ever-living, beloved by Ptah, the god Manifest and Gracious, which he received from his Father, being assembled in the temple in Memphis this day, declared: Since King Ptolemy, the ever-living, beloved by Ptah, the god Manifest and Gracious, the son of King Ptolemy and Queen Arsinoë, the Parent-loving gods, has done many benefactions to the temples and to those who dwell in them, and also to all those subject to his rule, being from the beginning a god born of a god and a goddess-like Horus, the son of Isis and Osirus, who came to the help of his Father Osirus; being benevolently disposed toward the gods, has concentrated to the temples revenues both of silver and of grain, and has generously undergone many expenses in order to lead Egypt to prosperity and to establish the temples... the gods have rewarded him with health, victory, power, and all other good things, his sovereignty to continue to him and his children forever. [article link]

History Channel - Ancient Mysteries - The Rosetta Stone 5 of 5 (YouTube)

The term Rosetta Stone came to be used by philologists to describe any bilingual text with whose help a hitherto unknown language and/or script could be deciphered. For example, the bilingual coins of the Indo-Greeks (Obverse in Greek, reverse in Pali, using the Kharosthi script), which enabled James Prinsep (1799-1840) to decipher the latter. -- Later on, the term gained a wider frequency, also outside the field of linguistics, and has become idiomatic as something that is a critical key to the process of decryption or translation of a difficult encoding of information: "The Rosetta Stone of immunology" and "Arabidopsis, the Rosetta Stone of flowering time (fossils)". An algorithm for predicting protein structure from sequence is named Rosetta@home. In molecular biology, a series of "Rosetta" bacterial cell lines have been developed that contain a number of TRNA genes that are rare in E. coli but common in other organisms, enabling the efficient translation of DNA from those organisms in E. coli. "Rosetta" is an online language translation tool to help localisation of software, developed and maintained by Canonical as part of the Launchpad project. "Rosetta" is the name of a "lightweight dynamic translator" distributed for Mac OS X by Apple. Rosetta enables applications compiled for PowerPC processor to run on Apple systems using x86 processor. Rosetta Stone is a brand of language learning software published by Rosetta Stone Ltd., headquartered in Arlington, VA, USA. The Rosetta Project is a global collaboration of language specialists and native speakers to develop a contemporary version of the historic Rosetta Stone to last from 2000 to 12,000 AD. Its goal is a meaningful survey and near permanent archive of 1,500 languages. [article link]

The London Walks [Brief - Ancient Kingdoms] British Museum Tour (YouTube)

Award winning London Walks tour of The British Museum. [article link]

The History of the World Mega-Pack Curriculum 10 DVDs, 5 Audio Albums [52 CDs], and 1 Study Guide - *Jerusalem and Athens: Antithesis Between Hebrew and Greek Cultures by Douglas W. Phillips {Highly Recommended} - The Message of the Mayas by Douglas W. Phillips {Also Highly Recommended} - ($171.00)

Vision Forum is pleased to introduce its most comprehensive collection of world history resources ever made available online. Featuring six separate titles on 10 DVDs and 52 CDs, and totaling more than sixty-three hours of combined audio and video resources, the History of the World MegaPack provides teachers, students, and those who love the study of history with a superior understanding of world history from a distinctly Christian perspective. History is meaningless unless it is interpreted through the lens of biblical Christianity, God's revealed Word, that speaks to every subject and academic discipline. Through this lens, a student of history can accurately evaluate art, warfare, music, literature, and theology as he strives to learn from the past and apply this knowledge now in the real world. Accordingly, Vision Forum's History of the World MegaPack contains far more than just abstract dates and data. Rather, it teaches of the relationships between biblical chronology, weather, warfare, technology, art, theology, law, the sociology of the family, and much more - all within the context of a providential understanding of earth history. Featuring engaging and accessible lectures from some of the most outstanding Christian historians and scholars of our day, the History of the World MegaPack is a powerful tool for anyone seeking to understand and/or teach a biblical perspective on world history. Perfect for teachers, students, and all who desire to learn from the lessons of His Story. [article link]

Part 1 of 2: Authorship of the Bible - The Old Testament (via an Earthly Initiation) -- Written by Moses given directly *earthly location from YHWH (Jesus) "Exodus 33:11 And the LORD [YHWH - Jesus] spake unto Moses [the first five books (Pentateuch) of the Bible including the O.T. Law] face to face [on earth - in the Tabernacle], as a man speaketh unto his friend. And he [Moses] turned [returned] again [after writing O.T Bible for the day] into the camp [of the 12 Tribes of Israel]: but his servant Joshua, the son of Nun, a young man, [stayed - guarded] departed not out of the Tabernacle."

The O.T. Law was completed via Moses: "Deuteronomy 31:24-26 And it came to pass, when Moses had made an end of writing the words of this [O.T.] Law in a Book [Pentateuch - first five books of the Bible - Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy], until they [Laws] were finished [Joshua concluded the book of Deuteronomy after the death of Moses], That Moses commanded the Levites [Priests], which bare the Ark of the Covenant of the LORD, saying, Take this book of the Law, and put it in the side [inside] of the Ark of the Covenant [as a Temple Scroll - not as the public Bible Scriptures that would come later - The Bible Scriptures of today are the ancient Temple Scrolls complied [some genealogies reduced - some events changed from historical odrer in the Bible to a Biblical, bad to worse O.T. teaching oder] during the captivity in Babylon (Daniel 10:21, Matthew 21:42, Matthew 22:29, Matthew 26:54)] of the LORD your God, that it may be there for a witness against thee. [article link]

Part 2 of 2: Authorship of the Bible - The New Testament (via a Heavenly Initiation) -- Written by the N.T. Apostles given directly *Heavenly from YHWH (Holy Spirit) on behalf of Jesus Christ "John 1:17 For the [O.T.] Law was given [earthly] by Moses, but Grace and Truth came [Heavenly] by Jesus Christ. No man [not even Moses] hath seen God [YHWH - Father God] at any time; the only begotten Son [Jesus], which is in the bosom [presence] of the Father, He [Jesus from Heaven] hath declared Him [God the Father]." -- "John 10:18 No man taketh it [Life] from Me [Jesus], but I lay it down of Myself. *I [Jesus] have power to lay it down, and I [Jesus] have [resurrection] power to take it again. **This commandment have I *received of My Father." - "John 16:12-16 I [Jesus] have yet many things to say unto you [12 Apostles], but ye cannot bear them now. Howbeit when He, the [Holy] Spirit of Truth, is come, He will guide you into all Truth: **for He [Holy Spirit] shall not speak of Himself; but whatsoever He shall hear [in Heaven from Jesus], that shall He [Holy Spirit] speak [to the Apostles]: and He will shew you things to come. *He shall glorify Me [Jesus]: for He [Holy Spirit] shall receive of Mine, and shall shew it unto you [Apostles and all Christians]. All things that the Father [God] hath are Mine: therefore said I, that He [Holy Spirit] shall take of mine, and shall shew it unto you. A little while [cross], and ye shall not see Me: and again, a little while, and ye shall see Me [resurrection], because I [Live and] go to the Father [in Heaven]."

The N.T. Bible was completed via the N.T. Apostles: Hebrews 12:25-29 See that ye [people] refuse not Him [Jesus, Holy Spirit, Father God] that speaketh. For if they [Congregation of Moses] escaped not who refused him [Moses] that spake on earth, much more shall not we escape, if we turn away from Him [Jesus] that speaketh from Heaven: (Jesus) Whose voice then [Mt. Sinai] shook the earth: but now He hath promised, saying, Yet once more I shake not the earth only, but also Heaven. And this word, Yet once more, signifieth the removing of those things that are shaken, as of things that are made [by man], that those things [of God] which cannot be shaken may remain. Wherefore we receiving a [eternal Heavenly] Kingdom [from God] which cannot be moved, let us have *grace [individuality in God's truth and righteousness], whereby we may serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear: For our God is a consuming fire [removing sin]." - "2 Timothy 3:16-17 All scripture [O.T. Prophets and N.T. Apostles] is given by inspiration (Lit. God's breath - G2315) of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: That the man [disciple] of God may be perfect [complete], throughly furnished unto all good works." [article link]

Prophet, Seer, Apostle, 144,000 Witnesses [the coming Dispensation of Revelation Tribulation with the 144,000 Jewish witnesses (i.e. announcers, forerunners - Prophets, Seers, Apostles) for the 1,000 year Kingdom Reign on earth of Jesus Christ] -- 'Matthew 11:13 For all the [O.T.] prophets and the law prophesied [of the coming Messiah - Jesus Christ] until John [the Baptist - the last O.T. prophet]. And if ye [Spiritual Church] will receive it, this [John the Baptist] is [Spiritual] Elias (Elijah) [Elijah - "Elohim is my God"], which was [announcer, forerunner - of Christ] for to come. -- '1 Corinthians 15:8 And last of all He [resurrected Jesus Christ] was seen of me [last N.T. Apostle - Apostle Paul] also, as of one born out of due time.' -- 'Ephesians 2:19-22 Now therefore ye [Gentiles] are no more strangers and foreigners, but fellow citizens with the [Jewish] Saints, and of the Household of God; And are built upon *the foundation of the [N.T.] Apostles and [O.T.] Prophets, **Jesus Christ Himself being the Chief [foundation] Corner Stone; In [Jesus Christ] whom all the [Temple] building fitly framed together groweth unto an Holy Temple in the Lord: In whom ye also are builded together for an habitation [living place] of God through the [Holy] Spirit.' - {Note: The Prophets prophesied of the coming Messiah (Christ) and wrote the Old Testament of the Bible with the words of their prophecies. Then with the actual arrival of the Messiah (Jesus Christ) the O.T. prophecy was completed (in John the Baptist) and scripture authority was then given to the Apostles who were in the actual presence of Jesus Christ and it was the Apostles [not Prophets] who wrote the Kingdom of God instructions in Righteousness of Jesus Christ - the New Testament. Also Note: This is Not replacement theology - the 'Spiritual Church' (seperate from physical [redeemed] Israel) began at the giving of the Spirit of Jesus after His resurrection on Resurrection Sunday [Easter Sunday] and continues until the 'Rapture' taking of the Spiritual Church into heaven. Then with the Spiritual Church removed from the earth the events of Revelation revert almost exclusively to physical events and physical [redeemed] Israel -- the only or primarily 'spiritual' events of Revelation Tribulation are the counterfeit spiritual events of the Antichrist. Also Note: We are currently in the 'Church Age' [not the Prophet, Apostle or 144,000 Dispensation or Age] the Church Age started after the Apostles [Disciples of Jesus] with the Church Fathers [disciples of the Apostles] i.e. Polycarp of Smyrna, Clement of Rome, Ignatius of Antioch.}

Seer: The Seer was part of a short distinct time period in the history of Israel and came from the office of the Prophets. The office of Seer took place during the unique time period of Israel when God was their King. With God in the midst of Israel He was no longer Prophesied about but was seen by the Seer. This time period began after the Passover and upon leaving Egypt. Exodus 13:17 "God led them" He could be Seen leading the new Nation of Israel out of Egypt and into the Promise Land. In those days everyone in Israel could See God as He appeared in a pillar of Cloud by day and in a pillar of Fire by night. The Seer time period lasted from the Egypt Exodus throughout the wilderness into the Promise Land including the time period of the Judges and until the regretful moment when Israel as a Nation rejected the leadership of God and chose for themselves an earthly king named Saul ('asked for') so they could be like all of the other nations around them and like all of the other nations they could no longer see God in their midst. With the anointing and placing of Saul into the office of King the brief Seer period of Israel reverted back to the prophet period and remains the prophet period for Israel until this day. "1 Samuel 10:17-19 And ye have this day rejected your God." As that day they were anointing Saul King. The Church however has God as King and is at times in a position of a Seer. "Matthew 5:8 Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God." As the "Born Again" "Pure in Heart" Church we at times do get to glimpse and to see God at work as He leads and directs our path into His righteousness. There are times that are just too Compassionate, to Divine and to Miraculous to be anything but the occurrence of God. It is only the Christian that is equipped and able to be a Seer into these very special moments in life [with God].... [article link]

Background - The 8 Kingdoms Study: The 7 worldly Kingdoms starting with Nimrod and the Tower of Babel cumulate in the coming Kingdom of Antichrist, Satan's reign on earth and is replaced by the Millennial (1,000 year) Kingdom of Jesus Christ - The Bibles' Book of Daniel [chapter 2] gives us the most information regarding both the structure and sequence of the 8 Kingdoms

Structure of the Kingdoms: The Jewish prophet Daniel interprets a dream from the Babylonian King [3rd Kingdom] Nebuchadnezzar. In the dream given from God to Nebuchadnezzar there is a statue that is presented in diminishing prominence [diminishing occult value]. The statue in the dream has a head of gold, a chest of silver, belly and thighs of brass, legs of iron and finally feet of part iron and part clay. - Meaning that as Satan is forming and building his eventual Antichrist Kingdom it [deception - the submission/slavery of mankind to Satan] is being accomplished primarily in seven predetermined and calculated events. According to the dream given by God the events [concepts] that Satan is introducing into the human realm are diminishing in importance to Satan. The earlier Kingdoms revealed the most necessary concepts and accomplishments that Satan desired to use to build his coming Kingdom. Meaning that the [major] building blocks [of deception] for the coming Antichrist Kingdom are already in place and have been in place for several Millenniums and what is being accomplished now is the final tuning and implementation of an occult structure that already exists and has existed for a very long time. According to the dream with the 'head of gold' etc. the big shifts in human behavior and deception have already occurred and the future and final Antichrist deception is not going to be a radically new element but simply an element that was already exposed [primarily in the 1st Kingdom - the Kingdom of Nimrod] and a combining of all the existing elements of deception into the one grand deception of Antichrist. - The dream given to King Nebuchadnezzar is in the 3rd Kingdom and begins with the head of gold but by the time of the Babylonian Kingdom of King Nebuchadnezzar there have already been two Kingdoms [Nimrod and Egypt] and each of the two previous [occult] Kingdoms would have been more important [valuable] than even the head of gold of the Babylonian Kingdom. -- An etching in one of the anchor stones of Noah's Ark represents Nimrod's Tower of Babel and an accompanying etching in the shape of a diamond is thought to represent Nimrod himself. Diamonds being more valuable than gold [and considered the most valuable commodity on earth] could very well have been the occult element of the Tower of Babel, Kingdom of Nimrod. - Briefly, diamonds [diamond ring] even today represent an engagement of a pending marriage [a necklace representing marriage, a bracelet representing friendship]. It's possible that the Tower (Temple) of Babel [the most significant occult event initiated from Satan to mankind - and still instituted today in a minor form in the LDS/Mormon cult rituals of Temple ordinances and marriages] was intended to be the demonic mating [marriage] between the human soul/spirit and the demonic spirit/realm [physically expressed in DNA (animal and human) gene-splicing] in what will eventually be accomplished in the coming 666 Antichrist Mark of the Beast. In short the Tower (Temple) of Babel was a Satanic ritual [passage] that 'engaged' (espoused) mankind to a future wedding [666 union] with Demonic spirits. [article link]

Note: The Basic Christian Info Feed is going to begin to transition out of the Summer 2010 Discernment [events] postings and into the Fall 2010 Bible Studies: "The Fall Feasts of Israel" (Second Coming events of Jesus Christ), "Human accountability and the ***Three Biblical Judgments" [Water, Blood and Fire (Spirit)], "The Vagabond Priesthood," and "The 8 Kingdoms of the World" studies

Also Note: Throughout the remainder of August there are going to be a few more pauses and breaks to the postings and then by early September a new posting routine with the Bible Studies should be getting established. ~ God bless everyone, David Anson Brown [article link]

Basic Christian: blog History Study - The 8 Kingdoms of the World (PDF)

Nimrod, Egypt, Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome, [Revised Rome - NWO] Antichrist, Millennial (1,000 year) Kingdom Reign of Jesus Christ. [article link]

Coming Soon: blog History Study - The 8 Kingdoms of the World (RSS)

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