Wa national Disability Insurance Scheme

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WA National Disability Insurance Scheme

Eligibility for people aged 65 years or older

The NDIS began rolling out across Western Australia from 1 July 2017. All eligible people will have access to the scheme by 2020. You will need to be aged under 65 when the scheme rolls out in your area and you request to enter the scheme.
To find out when the NDIS will roll-out into your area, visit the website www.disability.wa.gov.au > WA NDIS > NDIS roll-out schedule.

I already receive State Government-funded or provided disability supports. Am I eligible?

Whether you are eligible to participate in the NDIS depends on your age, where you live and either your disability or early intervention requirements.

You may be eligible to join the NDIS if:

  • you are already receiving State Government-funded or provided disability services, and

  • you are younger than 65 years when the NDIS rolls out in your area and you request to access the scheme. If you turn 65 before this time, you are not eligible.

I currently receive disability supports but am not eligible due to my age. What now?

If you are aged 65 years or older and receive State Government-funded or provided disability supports and services, you will continue to have access to support to ensure you are not disadvantaged.

I will turn 65 after I join the NDIS. What next?

If you are found eligible for the NDIS and subsequently turn 65, you can continue to access NDIS supports. If you turn 65 after entering the NDIS, and subsequently have increased support needs, your Local Coordinator will discuss with you whether your need for support continues to be related to your disability or could be better met by another system such as aged care.

Further information

  • Visit: www.disability.wa.gov.au

  • Email: WANDIS@dsc.wa.gov.au

  • Call: 1800 996 214

  • TTY: 9426 9315

  • Am I Eligible?: This online tool allows people to check their potential eligibility for the NDIS. Go to www.disability.wa.gov.au and click on Am I Eligible?

July 2017

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