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Volume II Plates.

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Plate I. Panorama Of Jerusalem, Seen From The Mount Of Olives.


  1.    Hill of Evil Counsel.

  1.    Aqueduct of Solomon.

  1.    Mount of Rephaim.

  1.    Cave of S. Peter's Repentance.

  1.    Mount Sion.

  1.    Tomb of David.

  1.    Scene of the Last Supper.

  1.    Harem es Sherîf.

  1.    Court of the Mosque Kubbet es-Sakharrah.

  1.    Mosque el Aksa.

  1.    Kubbet es-Sakharah.

  1.    Jewish Hospital.

  1.    Armenian Convent.

  1.    Church of S. James.

  1.    English Church.

  1.    Castle of David.

  1.    Greek Convent of S. John the Baptist.

  1.    Minaret of Ibrahim's Mosque.

  1.    The Western Mountains.

  1.    Tower of the Church of the Resurrection.

  1.    Church of the Resurrection.

  1.    Hospice of Saladin.

  1.    Greek Convent of S. Basil.

  1.    Latin Convent of S. Saviour.

  1.    Minaret of the Serai.

  1.    Tekhie el-Kasyeki Sultane.

  1.    Residence of the Governor of Jerusalem.

  1.    Barrack of the Haram es-Sherîf.

  1.    A building belonging to the Daughters of Sion.

  1.    Minaret. The ancient Palace of Herod.

  1.    Church of S. Ann.

  1.    Mount Gihon.

  1.    Convent of the Dancing Dervishes.

  1.    Herod's Gate.

  1.    Ancient Church of S. Mary Magdalene.

  1.    Bastion of Godfrey of Bouillon.

  1.    Kerm es Sheikh.

  1.    S. Mary's Gate.

  1.    Saracenic Ruin.

  1.    Golden Gate.

  1.    Cemetery.

  1.    Way of the Capture.

  1.    Valley of the Kidron.

  1.    Place where S. Stephen was stoned (?).

  1.    Gethsemane.

  1.    Arab Tower.

  1.    Tomb of Absalom.

  1.    Mount of Offence.

  1.    Tomb of the Virgin Mary.

  1.    Mount of Olives.


illustration: panorama of jerusalem, seen from the mount of olives

Plate II. Plan Of Modern Jerusalem.


  • The Neighbourhood of Modern Jerusalem.
    (Beginning with the North.)

    • A. Ancient Jewish Tombs.

    • B. Tomb of Simon the Just.

    • C. Sheikh Jerrak.

    • D. Remarkable Rock. Site of an ancient Church of Eudoxia.

    • E. New Protestant Church.

    • F. Russian Garden.

    • G. Cisterns.

    • H. Church.

    • I. Hospice for Male and Female Pilgrims.

    • J. House of the Ecclesiastical Mission.

    • K. Hospital.

    • L. Coach-houses.

    • M. Porter's Lodge.

    • N. Blockhouse of the Guard.

    • O. Mohammedan Cemetery.

    • P. Ruins of the Church of S. Babylas.

    • Q. Ruins.

    • R. Cave.

    • S. New Greek Plantations.

    • T. Greek Convent of S. George.

    • U. Cistern.

    • V. Mill.

    • X. Castle of the Sparrow (Kasr el-Asfur).

    • Y. Protestant Cemetery.

    • Z. Protestant School for Boys.

    • W. Staircase cut in the Rock.

    • (A. Scene of the Last Supper.

    • (B. Tomb of David (Neby Daûd).

    • (C. Christian Cemetery.

    • (D. Cavern of Mount Sion.

    • (E. American Cemetery.

    • (F. House of Caiaphas.

    • (G. Place where the Virgin died.

    • (H. Cave of S. Peter's Penitence.

    • (I. Ruins of an Ancient Tomb.

    • (J. Tomb of S. Onuphrius.

    • (K. Remarkable Tomb of Aceldama.

    • (L. Pool of Bîr-Eyûb.

    • (M. Ancient Jewish Pool filled up.

    • (N. Tomb of the Prophet Isaiah.

    • (O. Pool of Siloam.

    • (P. Fountain of the Virgin.

    • (Q. Scarped Rock.

    • (R. Monolith of Siloam.

    • (S. Remains of an Ancient Conduit.

    • (T. Way of the Capture.

    • (U. Remarkable Tomb.

    • (V. Tomb of Zachariah.

    • (X. Tomb of S. James (Diwan Faroon).

    • (Y. Bridge of the Capture.

    • (Z. Tomb of Absalom.

    • (W. Tomb of Jehoshaphat.

    • a. Water-Conduit.

    • b. Site of the Ancient Church dedicated to the Pater Noster.

    • c. Site of the Ancient Church dedicated to the Creed.

    • d. Tomb of S. Pelagia.

    • e. Site of the Ascension.

    • f. Place where Jesus wept over Jerusalem.?

    • g. Ancient Olive.

    • h. Place where Judas betrayed Jesus.

    • i. Place where the Apostles fell asleep.

    • j. Arab Tower.

    • k. Cave of the Agony.

    • l. Tomb of the Virgin.

    • m. Place where S. Stephen was stoned.

    • n. Pool called Hammam Sitti-Miryam.

    • o. Pool of the Pilgrim.

    • p. Ditch cut in the Rock.

    • q. Cemetery (Turbet ez-Zahara).

    • r. Cotton Grotto (Megharet el-Kotton).

    • s. Cisterns.

  • Circumference of the Modern City.
    (Beginning at the North).

    • t. Damascus Gate (Bab el-`Amûd).

    • u. Gate of Herod (Bab ez-Zahari).

    • v. S. Mary's Gate (Bab Sitti-Miryam).

    • x. Saracenic Ruin.

    • y. Golden Gate (Bab ed-Dahariyeh).

    • z. Gate of Jehoshaphat (according to De Saulcy).

    • w. Sirah Bridge, or Bridge of Paradise.

    • (a. Gate of Jehoshaphat (according to Pierotti), closed.

    • (b. Triple gate, closed.

    • (c. South Gate (Bab el-Huldah), closed.

    • (d. Dung Gate (Bab el-Mugharibeh).

    • (e. Sion Gate (Bab en-Neby Daûd).

    • (f. Jaffa Gate (Bab el-Khalil).

    • (g. The Office of the Quarantine.

    • (h. The Custom-house. Greek Shops.

  • Interior of the City.
    (Beginning at the West.)

    •    Castle of David.

    •    Pool filled up.

    •    Present residence of the Latin Patriarch.

    •    House of the Anglican Bishop.

    •    Greek Convent of S. John Baptist.

    •    Pool of Hezekiah.

    •    Hospice of the Copts.

    •    Latin Hospital of S. Louis.

    •    Coptic Convent.

    •    Greek Catholic Convent.

    •    Greek Convent of S. Demetrius.

    •    New residence of the Latin Patriarch.

    •    Mohammedan Tomb.

    •    Ancient Ruins.

    •    Ancient Mosque.

    •    Greek Convent of S. Basil.

    •    Greek Convent of S. Theodore.

    •    Casa Nuova (Deir Jedidi).

    •    Latin Convent of S. Saviour.

    •    Greek Convent of S. George of the Hospital.

    •    Latin School for Boys.

    •    Greek Convent of S. Michael.

    •    Latin Sisters of S. Joseph.

    •    Greek Convent of S. Nicholas.

    •    Temporary residence of the Russian Bishop.

    •    Greek School for Boys.

    •    Greek School for Girls.

    •    Greek Convent of the Virgin Woman.

    •    Greek Convent of S. Constantine.

    •    Residence of the Greek Patriarch.

    •    Greek Convent of S. Catharine.

    •    Greek Convent of S. Euthymius.

    •    Greek Convent of the Virgin Child.

    •    Hospice of Saladin (el-Kanki).

    •    Church of the Resurrection.

    •    Vestibule of the Church of the Resurrection.

    •    Ground anciently belonging to the Knights of S. John.

    •    Lesser Mosque of Omar.

    •    Greek Convent dependent on the Church of Gethsemane.

    •    Land formerly belonging to the Church of S. Mary the Great.

    •    Ruins of the Church of S. Mary the Great.

    •    Ancient Bazaar.

    •    Greek Convent of S. Abraham.

    •    Land for the Russian Consulate on the site of the ancient Church of S. Mary Latin.

    •    Convent and Court of the Abyssinians.

    •    Cistern of S. Helena belonging to the Copts.

    •    Latin House, called that of the Prince.

    •    Greek Convent of S. Charalampes, where Jesus met the Daughters of Sion.

    •    Prussian House.

    •    Residence of the Spanish Consul.

    •    Protestant School for Girls.

    •    Protestant School for Carpenters.

    •    New Greek Convent.

    •    Foundation of Ancient Towers.

    •    Mohammedan Convent of Dervishes.

    •    Interior of the Cotton Grotto.

    •    Convent of the Dancing Dervishes, ancient Church of S. Peter.

    •    Mohammedan Tombs.

    •    Ancient Church of S. Mary Magdalen.

    •    Ancient Walls.

    •    Church of S. Ann, the property of France.

    •    Ruins of the Convent of the Sisters of S. Benedict.

    •    Bath (Hammam Sitti Miryam).

    •    Sheep Pool (Birket Israïl).

    •    Mohammedan Bath.

    •    Remains of Ancient Masonry, called the Tower Antonia.

    •    Barrack of the Haram es-Sherîf.

    •    Scala Sancta.

    •    Chapel dedicated to the Flagellation.

    •    Hospice of the Flagellation.

    •    Convent of the Daughters of Sion.

    •    Spring discovered by Pierotti, July 12, 1860.

    •    Subterranean Passage discovered by Pierotti, June 3, 1860.

    •    Minaret.

    •    Arch, called that of the Ecce Homo.

    •    Hospice of the Kusbeck Dervishes.

    •    Austrian Hospice.

    •    Ruined Church of the Spasma.

    •    First Fall of Christ, upon ground belonging to Armenian Catholics.

    •    Residence of the Governor of Jerusalem.

    •    School of Saladin.

    •    Fountains.

    •    Military Hospital. House of Dives.

    •    Spot where Jesus met his Mother.

    •    Spot where Simon the Cyrenian took the Cross.

    •    House of Veronica.

    •    Prussian Consulate.

    •    Prussian Hospice.

    •    Hospital of S. Helena (Tekhie el-Kasyeki Sultane).

    •    House of the Dervishes. (Ancient Saracenic.)

    •    Ancient German Hospital.

    •    Bazaar of the Haram es-Sherîf.

    •    Bath (Hammam es-Shefa).

    •    Ancient Bridge, according to Williams and Pierotti.

    •    Hospital of Omar.

    •    Tribunal of the Kadi (Mehkemeh).

    •    Jews' Wailing-place.

    •    Gate Mugharibeh.

    •    Ancient Walls.

    •    Jewish Hospital, called the Rothschild.

    •    Jewish Synagogue.

    •    Jewish Hospice.

    •    Polish Synagogue.

    •    Synagogue.

    •    Ancient Gate.

    •    English Hospital.

    •    English property.

    •    Prussian Hospital. House of the Prussian Deaconesses.

    •    English Church and Houses.

    •    House of S. James the Less.

    •    Ruins of the Prison of S. Peter.

    •    Armenian Convent.

    •    Church of S. James.

    •    Residence of the Armenian Patriarch.

    •    Armenian Garden.

    •    Barrack of Mount Sion.

    •    Armenian Hospice for Pilgrims.

    •    Armenian Seminary.

    •    Armenian House. Pilgrims.

    •    Quarter of the Lepers.

    •    House of Anna (Deir ez-Zeitun).

    •    Greek Convent of S. George.

    •    Large and Ancient Synagogue.

    •    New buildings of the Jews.



illustration: plan of modern jerusalem

illustration: code key to plate 2

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