Vocal Warm Up (Part One: Breathing)

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Vocal Warm Up
(Part One: Breathing)

  1. Stretch up your upper ribs, arms and shoulders. Breathe deep into ribs.

  2. Use breath to expand your ribs like bellows (10 times)

  3. Flop over. Release lower back. Breath into lower ribs. Release your belly.

  4. Connect to the breathe. Squeeze your Gluts and Roll up.

  5. Squat breathe into lower back.

  6. Connect to the breathe. Rise up. Plant your feet.

  7. Three long breaths on an S.

  8. Lie down, feet flat , knees raised. Massage jaw and face.

  9. Three long breaths on a Z.

  10. Connect to your breathe. Roll over and slowly come up to standing.

  11. Fill the auditorium by counting to ten, feeling a connection to the breath.

(Part Two Resonance)

  1. Hummm into your chest, bang your chest. Change the note, but keep breath low. Loosen ribs, back, hips, help a friend.

  2. Shake the hum down into your hips and then shake your legs.

  3. Plant your feet and shake your spine.

  4. Drop the head, focus on forehead, nose and mouth, move your face.

    1. Swoop around your face.

    2. Child voice. Hum up through your head.

    3. “Meow” Exploring Tone.

    4. As you hum, bring the face up and into the space.

  5. Open up ribs. Wide stance. Arm above head stretch to sides. Drop shoulder and round the back.

  6. Yawn. Yawn with stretch.

(Part Three: Articulation)

  1. Lion Face. Lemon Face. Toilet Plunger Face.

  2. Blow out through lips on a “B.” Exploring tone

  3. Tongue push ups. Point and flat. Little circles. Big circles. Spelling.

  4. Dadadadadadadada

  5. Tatatatatatatatatata

  6. Rolling rrrrrrs

  7. Hiyayayayayaya

  8. Yoya Yoya Yoya Yoya Yoya

  9. 2 finger drrop

  10. Gagagagagagagaga

  11. Kakakakakakakaka

  12. Kigilikoo Kigilikoo kigilikigili kigilikoo

  13. Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw slide. (3 times)

End with Various Tongue Twisters.

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