Vocabulary (chapters 1 – 6)

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Paul Zindel, The Pigman

Vocabulary (chapters 1 – 6): note down the missing English definition or German equivalent. Learn the vocabulary!


English definition

German equivalent

1) oath (n)

serious promise to do sth.

2) sophomore year (AE)

second year of a four-year high school

3) epic (n)

long poetic narration

4) to nickname sb./sth.

to give sb./sth. a familiar or humorous name instead

5) skinny (adj) (infml)

very thin

6) blast (n)


7) harzardous (adj)


8) phony (AE) = phoney (BE)

fake, not genuine

9) aisle (n)

passage between rows of seats

10) faintly (adv)


11) dimwit (n) (infml)

Idiot, dämliche Person

12) to get sth. over with

to reach the end of sth. unpleasant

13) excruciating (adj)

here: intense, extreme

14) thrill (n)

feeling of excitement

15) revolting (adj)

very unpleasant

16) subliminal (adj)


17) to mature

to grow up and develop

18) to repress sth.

to hold sth. back

19) to suspect

to believe to be true

20) to get away with sth.

do sth. wrong without being punished

21) to assert sth.

to claim sth. clearly and forcefully

22) poison (n)


23) to distort sth.

to give a false picture of sth.

24) freshman (AE)

student in the first year of a four-year high school

25) compassion (n)

pity for the sufferings of others

26) outrageous (adj)


27) hostility (n)

extreme unfriendliness, strong dislike

28) cemetery (n)


29) beverage (n)

any sort of drink (except water)

30) severe (adj)


31) embarrassed

feeling ashamed

32) to pick on sb. (infml)

to criticize sb. constantly

33) mortified (adj)

extremely ashamed


34) sober (adj)

opposite of drunk

35) bore (derog.)

unteresting, boring person

36) to bellow

to shout

37) hideous (adj)

abscheulich, schreckl.

38) mean (adj)

very bad-tempered and cruel

39) to peek

to look quickly and secretively

40) fictitious (adj)

frei erfunden, fiktiv

41)glaring (adj)

angry, fierce

42) jolly (adj)


43) to donate

to give money for a good cause

44) discomfort (n)

uneasiness of mind

45) to entitle sb. to do sth.

to give sb. a right to do sth.

46) to subsidize sb./sth.

to give financial help to sb./sth.

47) to rinse sth. out

etw. ausspülen

48) socket (n)


49) to vacuum


50) juvenile delinquent (n)

young person who breaks the law

51) subconscious (adj.)

not knowingly


52) dump (n) (infml)

a dirty place

53) sewer (n)


54) to memorize sth.

to learn by heart

55) shaky (adj)


56) bewildered (adj)

durcheinander, verwirrt

57) outrage (n)

extreme anger

58) on behalf of sb.

as the representative of sb

59) furious (adj)

extremely angry

60) dreadful (adj)


61) faded (adj)

having lost colo(u)r

62) marble (n)

expensive stone material

63) screech (n)

a scream

64) weird (adj)

strange, frightening

65) to cash sth.

einlösen (z.B. Scheck)

66) to delay


67) canned food

food preserved in a tin can

68) dues (n, pl.)


69) to jot sth. down

write sth. down quickly

70) antagonistic (adj)


71) smirk (n)

silly smile

72) prey (n)

animal hunted for food

73) to grunt

sound produced by an animal (e.g. a pig)

74) to intrude


75) to gag


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