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List of Accredited SMART Assessors

Level of SMART Accreditation

Different levels of SMART accreditation can be achieved depending on the competency levels demonstrated by assessors in their application of SMART, experience and evidence of research, development and teaching in field. All SMART assessors will have a SMART ACCREDITATION NUMBER

Level 4: SMART Master

SMART Masters will have invented and contributed to the early development of SMART. They will have conducted in excess of 300 SMART assessments and developed the philosophy of SMART by taking a lead role in research pertaining to the validation of SMART and/or designing and leading the SMART accreditation courses. SMART Masters conduct SMART assessments for complex medico-legal and case management cases and can act as Expert Witnesses.

Level 3: Expert SMART Assessor

Expert SMART Assessors will have conducted in excess of 50 SMART assessments, taken a lead role in a key SMART development and/or research project, and will have lead SMART course. Expert SMART assessors conduct SMART assessments for clients for case management and medico legal work and can act as Expert Witnesses.

Level 2: Advanced SMART Assessor

Advanced SMART Assessors will have conducted in excess of 10 assessments, taken an initiative in a SMART development and co - run a SMART accreditation course. Advanced SMART Assessor conduct assessments for Medico-Legal case management purposes, to help establish the client’s requirements in the future.

Level 1: SMART Assessor

SMART accreditation enables the SMART Assessor to assess clients in their own clinical practice. The aim of a SMART assessment at this level is to identify awareness and functional potential and to identify treatment programme requirements.

SMART Masters

Gill- Thwaites, Helen - London

Munday, Ros - London

Elliott, Karen - Suffolk

Expert SMART Assessors

Capener, Adrienne – Gloucestershire

Kriel, Susanna – London

Teixeira, Liliana – London


Teixeira, Liliana

Advanced SMART Assessors

Blacker, Danielle – London

Cassim, Anisa - London

Jones-Reynolds, Hannah - Liverpool

Williamson, Hannah – Oxford

McCann, Alison – Dublin

SMART Assessors

Allen, Elsa – Canterbury

Anderson Kay, Kerry – Leeds

Ankers, Mary - Liverpool

Applegate, Victoria – Wiltshire

Batchelor, Kate - Gloucester

Batista, Susana – East Sussex

Cahoon, Claire - London

Cave, Richard – Middlesex

Champion, Andy – Gloucester

Chu, Bernice - London

Churchill, Bridget - Hertfordshire

Davies, Catherine – Rochdale

Denman, Ashleigh – Gloucester

Doxford, Abigail - Bristol

Elliott, Karen - Suffolk

Ferguson, Ruth – Yorkshire

Fielding, Beverley - London

Fischer, Doris – Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Fuller, Siobhan - London

Garlick, Ginnie - London

Ghor, Jumana - London

Hanlon, Jackie – London

Harrold, Shirley - Canterbury

Heaps, Catherine - Somerset

Heath, Joanne – Bristol

Holt-Wilson, Kate - London

Houghton, Julia – Sheffield

Hunt, Sally - Plymouth

Jago, Nicky – Gloucester

Johnson, Milla - Surrey

Jones, Georgina – Cardiff

Kehoe, Emma – London

Kelly, Hilary - Liverpool

Key, Erica – Reading

King, Lindsay - Carlisle

Knight, Alison - Middlesex

Krage, Susan – Reading

Lever, Emma – Newcastle Upon Tyne

Lindop, Donna – Lanarkshire

Lurati, Joanna - Nottingham

McClusky, Donna – Oxfordshire

McDonough, Lucy - London

McEvoy, Margaret – Co Antrim

Moffat, Kerry – Salford

Munday, Gillian – Lanarkshire

Murray, Orla - London

Paul, Natalie – Cardiff

Peers, Elissa – Birmingham

Porteous, Jennie – London

Raeburn, Rebecca - London

Rathbone, Victoria - Barnsley

Roberts, Fiona - Cheshire

Spring, Tim – Wiltshire

Stephenson, Sally - Plymouth

Tomlinson, Ruth – Sheffield

Underwood, Judith – Newcastle Upon Tyne

Whitehill, Yvonne – South Yorkshire

Wilding, Donna – Bristol

Wilford, Susie - London

Wilson, Debra – West Midlands

Wilson, Selina - Birmingham

Woods, Adele – Co Antrim

Christie, Lauren – New South Wales

Robson, Tamara – Western Australia

Innitzer, Maria - Vienna


Wehn, Catja – Meerbusch


O’Riordan, Aideen - Co Cork


Jankowska, Martyna – Warsaw

Waraska, Tomas - Warsaw
Republic of South Africa

Churchill, Bridget


Stenson, Staffan

Winberg, Maria

Cormack, Carrie – Charleston, South Carolina

Dodds, Cindy – Charleston, South Carolina

Keyser, Leeah – Charleston, South Carolina

McTavish, Joanne – Charleston, South Carolina

Wilkinson, Jacqueline – Charleston, South Carolina

Wilson Kascak, Kimberley - Charleston, South Carolina

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