U. S. Naval Institute, Times Square

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Believe it or not, the picture above is not staged. It is, however deceiving. World War II veteran George Mendonsa was in fact under the influence of alcohol when he left his date to kiss nurse Greta Friedman Zimmer with enough passion to make this photograph a national sensation. That's right, Mendonsa left his date, Rita Petry, to kiss a total stranger. Ironically enough, Petry became his wife. She later stated "It was a happy day; I was grinning like an idiot. The kiss really didn’t bother me at all. If I had been engaged, maybe." So there you have it: behind the scenes, this kiss really isn't as beautiful as it seems.

WARNING: CONTENT OF PICTURE IS NOT WHAT IT SEEMS http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_4eeabaqzonc/tgrtqllasei/aaaaaaaaipo/okojtyckvd0/s1600/06kiss2_span.jpg

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Dear Mr. Nails,

It has come to my attention that the student body of UNC Charlotte may not be completely aware of a serious problem involving mass media. I have recently created an inquiry paper on the media's influence on our understanding of love, and I found that mass media influences society more than one would think. This is a serious problem, as we are essentially being brainwashed by books, movies, images, television shows, commercials, advertisements, radio broadcasts, and many other volumes of the media. Production teams are capable of taking an idea such as love and shaping it to make us believe what they want.

After researching, I found that a very loose definition of love has resulted from many ages. What used to be a strict interpretation of love, with men and women being together for the sole intention of marrying and starting a family, has transformed into a very loose and casual perspective of love, with the notion of "friends with benefits" being acceptable in society, which I am sure you know about. From the chaste 1590 play, Romeo and Juliet to the contemporary movie Friends with Benefits, there is a clear example of this transformation. Because love has become so broad, who's to stop hate from becoming the same way? If Justin Timberlake could effectively sway his audience with the notion that sleeping with your friend is okay through his role in Friends with Benefits, then could he not also effectively sway his audience into believing that shooting someone is okay? People will take the words or the visual effects portrayed through the media to shape their understanding of a certain topic, and because love and hate are powerful emotions on their own, the media doesn't have to do much to create feeling.

Personally, I don't want to see people swept up in the media's portrayal of a topic, believing everything it conveys. It is one thing to take the media's message to help shape a belief, but it is entirely different to bluntly believe everything the message says on the grounds that mass media has done its research. With that said, this problem of people taking mass media too seriously has a solution, and I believe that solution is to use the source itself: mass media.

I would like your help in communicating this information to the student body. I would like to propose that you make a speech informing the student body of this problem that we all (whether we know it or not) fall under. Because you have such a tremendous role on campus as the Student Body President, the students will respect and relate to the things you say. I am willing to make advertisements, Public Service Announcements, and videos informing the student body of this problem and invite them to your speech, which will better inform them of the issue.

I look forward to hearing from you, and I hope that you will consider my request.


Rachel Jones


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