Turning on the rss fabry-Perot Etalon Controllers

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Turning on the RSS Fabry-Perot Etalon Controllers

  1. Make sure that the etalon is installed in RSS, the 5 cables are connected to the etalon, and the power interlock plate attached. When connecting the 3 single-connector cables, be sure to connect the “X” cable to the “X” receptacle, “Y” to “Y”, and “Z” to “Z”.

  2. Make sure that RSS is powered up.

  3. On the Etalon controllers, located in the electronics box on the side of the top hex, rotate the Mode switch (located near the center of the controller front panel) to the “balance” position.

  4. Push the controller power switch (located on the right side of the front panel) to the “on” position. In about 1 second, the LED on this switch will turn green.

  5. Rotate the Mode switch to the “operate” position. In 1-2 seconds, the LED above this switch will turn from yellow to green, indicating that the servo system is operating normally.


  1. If the green LED on the power switch does not come on when the power is turned on (step 4 above), the controller is not connected to AC power.

    1. Check that the power interlock on the etalon is properly installed.

    2. Check that RSS is powered and operating normally.

    3. Check that the power cable from the RSS controller to the Etalon controller is connected (both ends!).

    4. There is an internal fuse in the Etalon controller – hard to get to, and very unlikely to fail. Verify that there is power in the AC cable before attempting to service the fuse!

  2. If the red “Out of Range” LED lights when the mode is switched to operate (step 5 above), something is wrong with the servo loop.

    1. Switch the Mode knob back to “balance”, wait a few seconds, and then switch back to “operate”.

    2. Check that all 5 cables are connected to the etalon, and that the X cable is connected to the X receptacle, etc.

    3. Check that the settings on the X, Y, and Z Fine, Coarse, and Balance controls (located on the left of the controller front panel) are correct for the etalon attached.

  3. Controller switches from “operate” to “out of range” during use – caused by noise pickup on the servo control cables from the Etalon controller to the etalon. The RSS software will detect and report this condition.

    1. Switch the Mode knob back to “balance”, wait a few seconds, and then switch back to “operate”.

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