TummyTime!™ Autonomic Nervous System Regulation & Resilience in the Breastfed Baby

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Autonomic Nervous System

Regulation & Resilience in the Breastfed Baby

  • This two-day training is a great addition to anyone’s toolbox

    • chiropractor

    • baby bodyworker

    • midwife, doula

    • lactation consultant

    • prenatal or baby yoga instructor

    • occupational/physical therapist

    • speech therapist

    • dentist/ENT/Naturopath

    • massage therapist

Date: May 2-3, 2015

Site: Holiday Inn Express

10750 Hampton Lakes, Maize, KS
Participants learn:

  • Why ANS regulation is vital for a healthy breastfed baby

  • The connection to tummy time with healthy ANS regulation

  • Learn to teach the TummyTime!™ method

  • How to promote optimal ANS regulation to help breastfeeding

  • The Social Nervous system function and impact on breastfeeding

  • How to talk to parents about challenges, pain and crying

  • How to problem solve challenges babies face during tummy time

Michelle Emanuel, OTR/L, CST, CIMI, NBCR, RYT200 Michelle has over 18 years of therapeutic pediatric occupational therapy experience, including NICU, outpatient and private practice with an exclusive emphasis on the pre-crawling baby. She specializes in soft tissue manual bodywork for babies with tethered oral tissues and structural asymmetries such as plagiocephaly/torticollis. www.lovetummytime.com www.wholebodyllc.com

$297.00 Early Bird through March 22, 2015/After March 23, $385.00

To register mail check to:

Michelle Emanuel 6226 Englewood Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45237

Please call or email with any questions:


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