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Bra-Fitting Solutions by Bra~vo

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Bra-Fitting Solutions by Bra~vo
1. Go to a fitter who carries over 100 sizes and has at least 2-3 years of experience.
2. This is how your bra should fit and feel:

  • The underwires must fit flat at every point surrounding the breast.

  • Straps should be adjusted for comfort.

Braology 101
Demi ~ A Half-cup Bra
Full-Cup ~ Seamed cups that direct tissue in and up, with maximum coverage at the top cups for containment.
Seamless ~ There are no seams in the cup {AKA: T-shirt Bra}.
Contour ~ Contains foam lining { A contour bra does not add size but instead directs tissue forward for a more rounded shape}.
Padded ~ Adds volume {Think 1-2 sizes}.
Molded ~ A thin fabric that’s been stretched over a heated mold for shape.
Balcony ~ Refers to the strap positioning: straps are wide set, sitting toward the edge of your shoulders to accommodate boat-neck and v-neck tops.
Spacer ~ refers to a type of fabric that gives the illusion of foam but is very flexible, allowing air to pass through {Great for summertime!}.
Minimizer ~ Depth is removed from the cup to flatten the bust.


Caring For Your Bras
Handwash, handwash, handwash! Washing Machines bend and distort underwires & they never fit comfortably again.
Wash after each wear because your bra has been stretched out
Our Recommendation: Keep a collection of 5-6 bras, handwashing & rotating ~ these will last on average 2 years & still fit great!

When all of the above happens, all breast tissue is contained within the cup of your bra. Your underband will take the pressure off of your shoulders {Yipee!}. And…your straps won’t fall down!

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