Treatment for meibomian gland dysfunction or evaporative dry eye

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  • Mechanical Therapy

Eye lid scrub: Dispense one pump of Ocusoft Lid Scrub foam on to a wash cloth, cotton ball or sponge. Scrub the eyelid margins and eye lashes with the soap (as if you were attempting to remove make-up or matter from the eyelid) and then rinse with water.

Warm Compresses: Apply heat to the eyelids in the form of a heating pad, a water bottle full of warm water, a boiled egg, or even a sock filled with rice that is warmed in the microwave. Maintain heat for about five (5) minutes.

Eye lid massage: Look away from the lid that you are treating (if you are working on upper eyelid, look down and look up for lower eyelid). Place the pad of your forefinger at the edge of the lid margin where the eyelashes meet the eyelid. Apply constant pressure so that the eyelid is pressed between the finger and the white of the eye. Hold the pressure for five (5) seconds and then move to the next section of the eyelid and press. You should be able to press in 4 – 5 places along either eyelid. Be careful not to roll the eyelid out or in or push upward on the eyelid as this will not produce the type of pressure necessary to clear the glands.

Perform these three tasks two times per day for a maximum benefit. If you are unable to perform all tasks, please do the eyelid massage-which is the most important step and can be done any time or place. Visit for instructional videos.
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