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Modifying for every-day use

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Modifying for every-day use

In this section, a number of different pairs of spectacles are reviewed that can be worn in an everyday use scenario with modification. The pairs reviewed date from the late 19th century to modern day designs. In every case, the shape, style, material and design of the spectacles create unique images for the wearer when prescription lenses are added. A number of the examples utilize dielectric coatings to create interesting solutions. Exhibit U are an example of early 20th century Dutch antique silver engraved spectacles that have been modified to accept 10% purple tinted lenses with a mirrored AR flash coating. The 10% purple tint can be worn easily in the office lighting environment, while the flash coating provides a modern day affect to a conventional early 20th century design. Similarly Exhibit V shows American Optical 'Ful-vue' spectacles with a Zeiss Gold AR coating on a prescription lens. With gold cable temples, the spectacles are very comfortable for everyday use. Flash AR coatings add a unique style to many antique spectacles, although the requirement is not necessary for a number of spectacles as can be seen in Exhibit W. In this example, an early 20th century pair of Dutch celluloid circular frames with cable temples, standard AR coatings and a silver plated bridge have conventional prescription lenses. For most casual wearers, the spectacles convey an image of wizardry, given the recent interest in the subject. Also, in the theme of antique Dutch spectacles, Exhibit X shows a similar prescription lens strategy where flash coatings are not used. This pair of late 19th century solid gold spectacles with gold spring temples has good frame width, which allows them to be used in an everyday environment.

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