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1950s and 1960s Retro-style

It is sometimes hard to believe that spectacles designed and manufactured in the 1950s period are now over 50years old, and well on their way to becoming antiques. The 1950s and 1960s was a very interesting era for fashion and especially spectacles wearers since the industry began to experiment considerably with materials, color and style. A number of examples are detailed that when viewed side-by-side clearly show a wide variety of images for the wearer. Exhibit Y shows a classic aluminum Victory Optical pair manufactured in the 1950s that have a soft light b (pink) tint with Zeiss blue AR coating onto 1.67 refractive index prescription lenses. Exhibit Z utilizes the same Zeiss blue AR coating on similar prescription lenses in a pair of black zyl, gold filled chassis Shuron spectacles. By simply changing the AR coating to a Zeiss gold, Exhibit AA shows a pair of Austrian Vienna line 1960s zyl and gold chassis spectacles that can be used for every-day wear. Following the European retro-theme, Exhibit BB is a pair of Spanish 1950s Indo spectacles that have a 25% orange tint and a Zeiss gold AR coating. These spectacles have a winged bird feature on the frame front to add to the retro-image. Although, wearing antique Chinese spectacles is a challenge due to weight, this can also be the case with 1960s styles as shown in Exhibit CC. In this pair of unmarked black zyl spectacles, a basic prescription lens is added so that a classic 1960s image is created. A challenge for these spectacles is the strain on the temple hinges, which tend to weaken and become loose with reasonable levels of wear. A better example of temple hinge design can be found in American Optical’s red dot screw hinges. In Exhibit DD, a dark brown zyl frame with Zeiss gold AR lenses is shown that are lighter than Exhibit CC, and are very comfortable to wear. Moving towards lighter 1960s zyl frames, Exhibit EE, shows a pair of popular ‘Everyman’ Bausch and Lomb demi-amber zyl spectacles with a Zeiss blue AR prescription lens that are also very comfortable. The last Exhibit in the retro-group is another very popular design in the 1960s, the Artcraft ‘Trimline’ with keyhole bridge and aluminum temples colored brown. With a zeiss gold AR coated prescription lens, these spectacles are also comfortable in addition to being fashionable.

Exhibit EE

Exhibit FF

Exhibit GG

Exhibit HH

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