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Special Meeting

March 19, 2009
The Town of St. James met in special session at 9:00 am on March 19, 2009
Council Members Present: Councilors Bob Morrow, Jim Donnelly, Gary Tagtmeyer and Mayor Shelley Lesher were present. Councilor Maxwell was excused.

Staff Present: Town Clerk/Administrator, Josann Campanello was present.

Others: Tom Kuhn, Chairman of the Stormwater Committee, Lisa Stites of the State Port Pilot and two citizens, were present.
Stormwater Committee Update – Tom Kuhn:

  • Tom presented an overview of work done in 2008; such as: Beaver Dam Creek and the Polly Gulley Bridge clean up as well as the oyster project.

  • There has been ongoing education for committee members

  • Steve Cherry has been appointed as Information Officer

  • Lu Bivins has prepared a map book/data base which the storm water conveyance committee, along with the POA, can use when in “the field”.

  • Tom reviewed the proposed projects for 2009; such as: biannual clean up of Beaver Dam Creek and the Polly Gulley Bridge; continued association with UNCW to work on such projects as additional oyster shell areas, water quality testing and assessing marsh habitat and stability.

  • Troy Alpin from UNCW is working on a grant that may help St. James expand the programs that the interns are assisting with. Additionally, each student is required to do 8-10 hours of community service, which may benefit St. James.

  • The front gate project begins March 25th. The Town will send out a blast e-mail notifying the residents of the proposed work schedule.

  • The Emergency Action Plan has been updated and now includes Ash Creek. Tom explained the process to be followed once the Emergency Management Director says that the ponds must be lowered, in advance of anticipated excess rain fall.

  • The Stormwater Committee will monitor other known flood points in the coming year. Floodway data will be collected for the Woodlands and Reserve areas.

  • Stormwater conveyances will be added to the GIS database for the golf courses.

  • Two stormwater articles will be coming up with regard to big water events in St. James; lawn watering and care as well as conservation of water.

  • Mayor Lesher asked Tom to make this same report at a regular meeting in conjunction with the hurricane seminar.

Founder’s Day Fireworks Display – Gary Tagtmeyer

  • Councilor Tagtmeyer met with a full group of St. James representatives regarding the most appropriate location for the display. It was determined that the driving range at the Reserve Club would be the best location.

  • The Clubs will be involved, in some capacity, with providing food and beverages for the event.

  • Councilor Tagtmeyer has the contract and the Mayor is prepared to sign it.

Action: Approval of Budget Amendment #10 – This Budget Amendment will provide additional funding in line item Town/POA Office Professional fees ($40,000). Councilor Morrow made the motion to approve this amendment.

Motion: Bob Morrow

Vote: 4/0, motion carried
Councilor Donnelly provided details on additional St. James condominiums, townhomes and single family houses, as well as other tax related details. Additionally, the Local Option Sales Tax distribution from January, 2009 was higher than anticipated.
Discussion of Legal challenges to Insurance Rate Increases – The discussion was pertaining to whether St. James wants to simply contribute, or be a party in the litigation. Council agreed to just contribute, which Council had previously agreed to do ($2,500).
Action: Approval of Resolution 2009-03 – Support for Legislation Delaying the Implementation of the Rate Increases for Home Insurance – Councilor Tagtmeyer made a motion to approve Resolution 2009-03.

Motion: Gary Tagtmeyer

Vote: 4/0, motion carried
Action: Approval of Resolution 2009-04 – Support for the N.C. Maritime Museum – Councilor Tagtmeyer made a motion to approve Resolution 2009-04.

Motion: Gary Tagtmeyer

Vote: 4/0, motion carried
Report on the County CAMA Core Land Use Update – Town Administrator: Josann Campanello reviewed her March 19th report to the Town Council, regarding the steps taken, as well as the timeline, for updating the County CAMA Core Land Use Plan, as it pertains to St. James. At the April7th Town Council meeting, the Council will endorse the “Addendum to the Brunswick County CAMA Core Land Use Plan” and forward the Plan to the County Planning Board and County Commissioners for approval.
Walt Madsen joined the meeting at 10:15 am and reported that John Sawyer is sending the Town Hall/Community Center project to Mulford for costing review.
At 10:40 am, Gary Tagtmeyer made a motion to adjourn the meeting

Motion: Gary Tagtmeyer

Vote: 4/0, motion carried
Respectfully Submitted, Approved,

___________________________________ ________________________________

Josann A. Campanello, Town Clerk Shelley Lesher, Mayor

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