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Tourism Victoria – website brief

Use this brief when you want new or changed content on any of Tourism Victoria's websites.


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1. Overview
What are we doing? Give some background and context to this brief. Please provide a synopsis (aim for 200 words or less) of why you want these additions/changes made to the website. Are there any market conditions that have led to the need for this? E.g. economy, bushfires or new funding is available etc. Are any other communications activities happening at the same time? Has similar activity been done before? If so, what were the results and learnings? What stats and data can you provide? Please attach any supporting documentation if relevant.

2. Objectives
What are you trying to achieve? Be specific. How much, of what, by when. If there is a specific audience, highlight it. Limit your objectives to a maximum of 3. Please prioritise these. E.g. awareness building, tactical, measurable; consumer need or cooperative/partnership commitment.

3. Task
What needs to be completed? Do you need one page created or a group of pages with content? Consider whether there is already existing content that can be changed to reflect your needs, rather than creating new pages. Please check relevant box(es).

 New page(s) created  Existing page(s) change/update  Featured content  Video  Audio
 New feature/application to be added  Unique URL (e.g.

4. Requirements

Provide information on the task to be completed. Attach copy and images (include copyright) applicable to this brief. Please include all relevant links to other pages, page titles, sub headings, keywords and mandatory inclusions. Please advise if you require content to be created or have not supplied all content. Costs may be incurred for additional content production.

5. Featured product information

Which product listings do you wish to hero? Which others do you want displayed? Does featured product have a current/live listing with If not, please liaise with Online Product team.

6. Other information

Is there any other information or background that will help the online team meet your objectives?

7. Measuring your objectives

Do you require reporting via the online team? Will you require tracking code?

How will your objectives be measured and reported back to you? Outline measurement tool(s) you will use (e.g. page views in Google Analytics, click through to product pages).

8. Budget

What is the total budget for this brief? Include any breakdowns that are known at this stage (e.g. copywriting, images).

9. Media channel/s What (if any) media will be pointing to this page? Please check relevant box(es).

 Cinema  Outdoor  Radio  TV  Online

 eDM  Print (brochure)  Print (newspaper/magazine)

10. Timelines

List all key timelines, including in market dates; when you require a response to this brief; when page(s) need to go live, when they need to be unpublished or reviewed. Do you require information to go on the Homepage, Melbourne gateway, events or arts & culture feature pages? When? When do you require reporting? Please provide a media schedule if relevant.

Think about how this content should be maintained - does it have an expiry date? or does it need an annual review? Does this need to be budgeted for?

11. Consensus. Is everyone on the same page?

After completing the brief, if appropriate, please seek approval from your key stakeholders – these may be internal and/or external. By signing below, these stakeholders (your endorsing officers) are considered to have agreed the tasks outlined above and understand what this piece of work is striving to achieve.






typed works for us!





Next steps: Please forward your completed brief to (Tourism-Online-Editorial-Team). Your brief will be discussed at the weekly online briefs meeting (held each Monday) and then allocated to an editor/producer for action.


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