Tongue Thrust

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Tongue Thrust

  1. It is important to build the strength of the back part of the tongue, so that he has the musculature which will facilitate pulling the tongue back… do this along with the following exercises!

  2. Exercises:

    1. Vary the size of straws (no sippy cups )… the smaller the diameter of the straw… the tongue must work harder… coffee stirrers from McDonald’s are great!

    2. If using a larger straw…. Use a thicker drink

      1. Both of these are great for building the tongue strength!

  3. Drills:

    1. Practice making the /s/ sound in the mirror after he brushes his teeth… 10x (keeping the snake in the cage… )

    2. Practice the singular word and the plural with the board games (bat/bats)…. The /t/ is the same placement as the /s/…. By pairing these 2 sounds together, it helps the child produce the /s/ successfully! If you need… you may want to practice this with him in front of a mirror…. Dad…. purposefully make an error… let him know that you may mess up, and see if he can catch you!

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