Titles selected by Melanie Flood Artist/Curator

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Titles selected by Melanie Flood – Artist/Curator
As a photography and art book collector, I was thrilled to hear of Larissa Leclair’s endeavour to amass a library of independently published photography books, appropriately titled The Indie Photobook Library. Admittedly, I also wondered “Why did I not think of that?!” To my delight, Larissa contacted me to ask if I would curate a selection from the library to be on view during Photolucida’s biannual Portfolio Reviews. I enjoy many of these books in my own collection, while other publications I’ve yet to see. Most cherished are Ofer Wolberger’s Star Quality, (his 2010 Photographic Book Project is pure gold), Mikael Kennedy’s entire Passport to Trespass series, Sam Falls’s Color Dying Light, (seeing this book made me buy a print) and the coveted Get Off My Lawn by Geoffrey Ellis. I hope these titles inspire you to appreciate and explore new contemporary genres of photography.
Alpine Star, Ron Jude (A-Jump Books)

Bedknobs and Broomsticks, Trent Parke (Little Brown Mushroom Books)

Color Dying Light, Sam Falls (Hassla Books)

Coming Up for Air, Stephen Gill (Nobody)

Hackney Flowers, Stephen Gill (Nobody)

Lay Flat 01: Remain in Light, with many contributing photographers (Lay Flat)

Lay Flat 02: Meta, with many contributing photographers (Lay Flat)

New Breed, Ofer Wolberger (Horses Think Press)

Palmwine & The Grass Cutter, Nick Neubeck (Seems)

Passport to Trespass Vol. VI: I can’t remember where I’ve been, Mikael Kennedy

Passport to Trespass Vol. VII: Hunt Them Out, Mikael Kennedy

Pause, to Begin Catalogue, with many contributing photographers (Booksmart Studio)

Polaroid Vitae Vol. 1: October 14, 1979, Mikael Kennedy (The Explorers Club, eXc)

Sadkids Number 5: The Gonerfest Edition, Geoffrey Ellis

Smoke Bath, with many contributing photographers (Seems)

Star Quality, Ofer Wolberger (Horses Think Press)

Taciturn Heart, Marcelo Gomes (Hassla Books)

The Deer Hunters, Stewart Simons (Blurb)

The Strangeness of This Idea, Kate Steciw (Hassla Books)
Titles selected by Shawn Records – Photographer / Educator / Board President, Photolucida
About fifteen years ago, I fell in love in a study cubicle on the third floor of the University library in Boise, Idaho. First it was Emmett Gowin’s Photographs. Then came Meatyard’s Family Album, Winogrand’s Stock Photographs, a stack of every available issue of Aperture, Friedlander’s Like A One Eyed Cat, Sternfeld’s American Prospects… oh, and each and every one of those Sally Eauclaire New Color books, among others. For the next two or three years, that cubicle, and the darkroom, were my favorite places on earth. Since then, books have always been my favorite way to consume photography.

There’s not much that I can say at this point about the books that I’ve chosen for the iPL’s booth at Photolucida’s Spring Reviews, but that’s simply because with the exception of a few that I know and selected in order to share with others, I haven’t actually seen the books yet. And that’s exactly why I’m so excited about the iPL. The Indie Photobook Library gives me, and other photo geeks, an opportunity to see, hold, and consume some of the most exciting and original photography books being produced today. If you need me at any point during the Reviews, look for me upstairs, in a quiet chair with good light. I’m ready to fall in love again.

27 Good-byes, Deanna Dikeman (Blurb)

Any Fool Can Take a Picture With a Camera Like That, Chad Muthard

City: Book One, John MacLean (Hunter and James)

City: Book Two, John MacLean (Hunter and James)

Everyday is Tuesday, Lena Guimont

How Terry likes his coffee, Florian van Roekel

If you are lucky, you get old, Freya Najade

lacuna, Sonja Thomsen

Last Call, Judith Stenneken (Blurb)

Life is a series of small moments, Elizabeth Fleming (Blurb)

low land – high hills, Andrea Stultiens (Andrea Stultiens / foundation in/druk)

Makarapa and Vuvuzela, Ian van Coller (Doring Press)

offSET, Lacey Terrell (Blurb)

Orchard, Volume One / Crime Victims Chronicle, Raymond Meeks, Deborah Luster (Silas Finch)

Seneca Ghosts, Danielle Mericle (A-Jump Books)

Some Fox Trails in Virginia, Susan Worsham (Blurb)

The Last Road North, Ben Huff (Blurb)

Thinner Air, John Mann (Three Post Press)

Vedove / Widows, Takashi Homma (FantomBooks)
Titles selected by both
A Series of Disappointments, Stephen Gill (Nobody)

America Now, with many contributing photographers

Don’t Die, Justin James Reed

Down These Mean Streets, Will Steacy (Michael Paris Mazzeo)

Get Off My Lawn, with many contributing photographers (Geoffrey Ellis)

Muddy Treads, Peter Sutherland (Seems)
Additional titles
Fragments, Volume 1, John Steck Jr. (Make Book Blog)

Kitintale, Yann Gross

Studio, Harry Watts and Finds, Harry Watts

The Collector’s Guide Vol. 1 and 2 (Humble Arts Foundation)

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