Title of Your Abstract for the 2016 Minnesota Neuromodulation Symposium

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400 word limit (includes Background, Methods, Results, and Conclusions). Underline name of presenting author. Use the same font type/size, margins, etc. that are already included in this template. One figure or table may be included. The entire abstract MUST be within 1 page.

Title of Your Abstract for the 2016 Minnesota Neuromodulation Symposium

John A. Doe1,2, Jane B. Smith2, Leo Ziller1,3

1. University of Antarctica, Country; 2. Neuromodulation Company, Country; 3. Antarctica State University, Country

Background: Introduce the main objective(s) of the study or training approach, and how it relates to neuromodulation.

Methods: Provide a brief description of the different methods and analyses used for the study or the main components of the technology or training approach.

Results: Provide the main results of the study or approach, including any interpretations of the data or methods.

Conclusions: Summarize the main findings as well as their scientific, clinical and/or educational implications for the neuromodulation field.


List up to 3 references that are cited in the abstract.

Funding: University of Antarctica start-up funds, NIH R01 AB12345 and NSF IGERT ABC-1234567.
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