Thru april 13th 2014

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MONDAY 6:30PM Emory Jones & Deborah Billimek Gorzell; RAIN

Elias Yosko

Speedy Recovery for Mary Devora

TUESDAY 6:30PM Rosalie Dziuk; RAIN

WEDNESDAY 6:30PM Leonard & Rose Rotter; RAIN

Howard Raabe

Thanksgiving & Future Blessings


FRIDAY 6:30PM Henry & Barbara Korzekwa, Regina Richter & Leo Moczygemba; RAIN

(Stations of the Cross)

SATURDAY 5:30PM John, Helen & Lambert Lyssy, Frank & Mary Ann Rakowitz & Living & Deceased Family

Members; RAIN

SUNDAY 7:30AM Josephine E. Richardson; RAIN

9:30AM Parish Family; RAIN

CHILDREN’S MASS 11:00 AM Josh Keller; RAIN

CONFESSIONS: Before Masses

MARRIAGE: Contact Pastor at least 6 months ahead for preparation and a date.

BAPTISM: Contact Pastor for Pre-Baptismal class and to set a date.

INTERESTED IN THE CATHOLIC FAITH? Contact Father or Gerri Garza 484-2260 or 830-200-9854.


ALTAR FLOWER COORDINATOR: Linda Moczygemba-484-2351


Altar Servers



At Mass
Dates Lector Eucharistic Organist Greeters

Times Commentator Ministers Ushers

Altar Servers

All Present

At Mass
4/12 Rookie Nelson Joyce Labus Julia Schneider Darrell Labus

5:30pm Marilyn Milliken Steve Kotara

4/13 Kaleigh Jarzombek Maggie Jarzombek Francine Dugi Matthew Zillman

7:30pm Patrick Moczygemba Jerry Moy

4/13 Wally Cantu Brandy Meyer BSC Choir Lawrence Jansky

9:30am JoAnn Cantu William Hons

4/13 Students Tracy Moody Hali & Megan Garcia Students

11:00am Students Students
This week’s Sunday Collection $4,883.75; Catholic Relief Services $1,553.00; Youth Ministry $105.00

When Jesus heard about the illness of His friend, Lazarus, He responded, “This illness is not to end in death; rather it is for God’s glory, that through it the Son of God may be glorified. “Every aspect of our lives – our gifts as well as our sufferings – can, if surrendered to Christ, lead to blessing for others and ourselves.


LET US PRAY: May the Lord of Love and Mercy send the grace of healing and consolation upon all our sick in the Parish and in our community, especially: Josie Swientek (3/26), Agnes Moy (8/13), Isidore Moy (3/20), Ronnie Wieding (3/12), Daniel Ray Castellano (3/5), Darren Pollok (3/5), Barbara Burleson (2/20), Betty Jo Stobek (2/20), Marilyn Dworaczyk (2/7), Marilyn Zolkoski (2/5), Eunice Yosko (1/8), Betty Pawelek (12/4), Vernon Yanta (11/15), Mando Castellano (9/11), Joe Chapa (9/5), Albina & Jerome Flieller, Jeff Konrad (7/1), Mary Devora (4/12), John Burleson (4/8), John Thorton, Kyle Wiatrek . May He bless all who are in need of strength. For this, we pray to the Lord. Lord hear our prayer. Please call the rectory to add or remove someone from our list.
Let us Pray for those in the MILITARY: Lord, hold our troops in your loving hands. Protect them as they protect us. Bless them and their families for the selfless acts they perform for us in our time of need. I ask this in the name of Jesus, our Lord and Savior. Amen. Brandon Leal, Robert Michael Silva, Roy Louis Silva, Joseph Rene Hinojosa, Nik Adams, Thom Raabe, Brandon Pruski, Rosendo Montoya, Rene Castellano, Sean Luna, Rodney Horner, Josh Grimes, Scott Kotowski, Brian Kotowski, Matthew R. Zuniga, Sabrina Richardson Bateman, Taylor Stringer, Derek Raabe, Tiffany Raabe, Brittany Raabe, Alonzo Garcia, Preston Matheaus, Gregory Jarzombek, Payton Pawelek, Michael A. Griego, Tony Garcia, John Jacob Gaona, Steven D Felux, Jessica Castillo, Derek Kotara, Scott Lopez, Anthony Rodriguez, Dustin Sieger, Patrick Soule, Henry Idar, Zachary Williams, Pamela Honeycut, John Daniel Arevalos, Russell Moore, Dale Arnold, Anthony Blackburn.

PRAYER FOR RAIN: God our heavenly Father, through your Son you promised to those seeking first your kingdom and your

righteousness all things necessary for bodily welfare: send us,

we pray, in this time of need, rain to water the earth, that we may receive it’s produce to strengthen and sustain us and always praise you for your bounty; through Jesus Christ our Lord, AMEN.


Sunday: Fifth Sunday of Lent

Monday: St. John Baptist de la Salle

Friday: St. Stanislaus; Abstinence


Monday: Dn 13:1-9, 15-17, 19-30, 33-62 [41c-62];

Ps 23:1-6; Jn 8:1-11

Tuesday: Nm 21:4-9; Ps 102:2-3, 16-21; Jn 8:21-30

Wednesday: Dn 3:14-20, 91-92, 95; Dn 3:52-56; Jn 8:31-42

Thursday: Gn 17:3-9; Ps 105:4-9: Jn 8:51-59

Friday: Jer 20:10-13; Ps 18:2-7; Jn 10:31-42

Saturday: Ez 37:21-28; Jer 31:10, 11-13; Jn 11:45-56

Sunday: Mt 21:1-11 (procession);

Is 50:4-7; Ps 22:8-9, 17-20, 23-24;

Phil 2:6-11; Mt 26:14 — 27:66 [27:11-54]


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Catholic Daughters Court Anna Poth 2014 Scholarship Applications are now available for graduating seniors who are related to a living member in good standing with Catholic Daughters or is a JCDA member. Please contact counselor Nicole Dziuk at Poth High School or Regent Joyce Labus at 830-484-2547. Applications are due by Wednesday, May 14th.
Knights of Columbus & Catholic Daughters will be meeting this Sunday, April 6th after the 7:30 morning Mass. Breakfast will be shared by both organizations.

Attention KJT #81 Members – The Annual District XI meeting and family day is this Sunday April 6th at St. Matthew’s Catholic Church in Jourdanton TX. Registration will begin at 11:30am at the St. Matthew’s CCD rooms followed by lunch and the meeting. Children’s activities will be available during the meeting. We hope that you are able to attend.
The Altar Society will hold their meeting this Thursday, April 10th at 6:30pm in the parish hall. Hostesses for the April meeting will be Debbie Wiatrek, Dorothy Wiatrek, Mary Rose Wiatrek and Lorraine Wiatrek.
Children’s Mass – Our next Children’s Mass will be on Palm Sunday, April 13th at 11:00am. All students are encouraged to attend.
First Communion – The next parent session for First Communion is this Sunday, April 6th, in the Parish Hall after the 9:30am Mass. Please make plans to be there.c:\users\tammy felux\appdata\local\microsoft\windows\temporary internet files\content.ie5\pko03o9l\mc900310342[1].wmf

Poth Knights of Columbus Council 2618 is sponsoring a Golf Tournament this Sunday April 6th at the River Bend Golf Course in Floresville. Format is a 4 person scramble and start time is 1:00pm. Proceeds support graduating seniors with college tuition assistance.

Second Collection – This weekend’s second collection will be for the Needy in Our Community.
Daniel Ray Castellano Fund Raiser - Tickets for BBQ Beef & Sausage Plates will be sold after the 5:30pm and 9:30am Masses this weekend to benefit Daniel Ray Castellano, grandson of Alvino & Anita Castellano. Brisket & Sausage with all the trimmings for $8.00 per plate. The benefit will be held on May 3rd at the Oak Hills Community Church in Floresville.

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Weird Animals VBS 2014 – God filled the world with a lot of crazy creatures…including you! When kids feel weird, different, or even lost in a crowd –nothing compares to the extraordinary love of Jesus. Mark your calendars kids! From June 16th – June 20th it’s Weird Animals 2014. You will experience God’s Word in unforgettable surprising ways. More information about VBS registration will follow.

Good Friday’s Collection – On Good Friday, our parish will take up the annual Good Friday Collection for the Shrines of the Holy Land. Your financial contribution helps support the struggling Christian community and to protect Christianity’s holiest places. Please be generous. Your offertory envelopes can be placed in the baskets on the altar rails during the veneration of the cross.

Easter Weekend’s Second Collection will be for the Rice Bowl. CRS Rice Bowl is Catholic Relief Services’ Lenten faith-in-action program for parishes, schools and families. The program invites Catholics to live in solidarity with our poorest and most vulnerable brothers and sisters through the three Lenten pillars of praying, fasting and almsgiving.
Catholic Relief Services Collection – Thank you for your generous support of the Catholic Relief Services Collection. Through your generosity, families will be reunited, valuable life skills will be taught to those seeking a better life, and many will have vital humanitarian needs met. Please visit (search “Catholic Relief Services Collection”) to learn how your donations make a difference and help Jesus in disguise.
Cemetery Clean Up: The annual spring cleaning of the cemetery will be on Saturday, April 26th. All faded flowers, glass or ceramic statues, ornaments and containers will be disposed of as these items are prohibited as noted on the sign at the entrance of the cemetery. We will need as many students and adults as possible. Please bring gloves and rakes and the church will supply the trash bags. Please help us spread the word! If you do not want your flowers to be disposed of, please have them removed before April 26th. The purchaser of a plot in Catholic Cemeteries does not acquire the property itself, but only the “right of burial”.
Holy Thursday Adoration – Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament begins immediately after the Holy Mass. Everyone is encouraged to participate, just as the disciples stayed with the Lord during His agony on the Mount of Olives before the betrayal by Judas. Every year we divide adoration into three time frames and rotate so everyone shares the late time. Adoration for families with last names from A-H from 8:00-9:00pm, I-P is 9:00-10:00pm and Q-Z is 10:00-11:00pm. We are asking families to attend accordingly if possible.

Palms – In an effort to support the Outreach Ministry to Africa, this year for Palm Sunday we have decided to distribute hand woven palm crosses made by villagers to help meet basic human needs such as clean drinking water, fighting hunger and funding farming ventures in Africa. We ask that each family limit their crosses to one or two per family. We will also have the fan palms available from the Altar by the following Wednesday for anyone who wants a traditional Palm Strip.

2014 1st Communion Candidates – The following are the 2014 First Communion Candidates. First Communion will be held on May 4th at 11:00am. Please keep these beautiful young ladies and gentlemen in your prayers.

Chloe Conn Leonardo DeLa Cruz Aldyn Johnson

Kadym Luna Rowan Macias Grayce Pfeifer

Gabriel Silansky James Parker Stevens Callie Walpole

Serenity Ybarra Kristopher Alfaro Sadie Drzymala

JorDan George Karina Gonzalez Matthew Jarzombek

Halleigh Kopecki Mitchell Massey Alexis Olivo

Mallory Torres Owen Wiatrek Juan Carlos Perez

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Have you experienced something that you felt was so bad nothing good could ever come from it? Think back on it. What did come from it? Did it change the path you were on so that you were able to do something better? In the midst of our troubles it is hard to believe there is anything good in it. The “good” is God’s presence leading us through the darkness into light and helping us learn from the experience. Can you trust God to help you through your dark times?

I trust in the Lord: my soul trusts in His word. -Psalm 130:5

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