Thomas Edison's Last Moments

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For Release: October 12, 2011
Contact: Karen Sloat-Olsen
Phone: 973-736-0550 x17
Reservations:  973-736-0550 x89
Thomas Edison's Last Moments  

WEST ORANGE, NJ - In October 1931, Thomas Alva Edison died at his Glenmont Estate at the age of 84. To commemorate the eightieth anniversary of his death, the National Park Service will offer two evening tours of Edison's home, Glenmont, in Llewellyn Park. The "Last Moments" tours will take place on Friday evening, October 21, 2011 at 7:00pm and 8:00pm. Advance reservations are required and space is limited. Call 973-736-0550 ext. 89 for tickets and important driving information.  Admission to the program is free.

After 44 years of innovation and admiration from famous friends and family alike, Thomas Edison died on October 18, 1931. His public profile and global impact lead President Hoover to request a dimming of all lights nationwide in his memory. Edison had first moved to West Orange, NJ in 1886 at the age of forty and was already a successful and wealthy inventor. He was also a newlywed and had bought the Glenmont Estate as a wedding gift for his second wife, Mina. The Edisons spent the rest of their lives in West Orange. Their three children were born in West Orange and almost half of Mr. Edison's patents were generated there.

After his death, Mina arranged a public viewing for Mr. Edison at his Main Street, West Orange laboratory, which lasted two days and was attended by thousands. A private viewing was held at the family's home on October 21, 1931. Eighty years later, learn more about Mr. Edison's last moments. Hear passages from Mr. Edison's last will and testament and understand how his family was affected by his passing. Visitors will also have a rare opportunity to view Edison's death mask - an exact copy of the original plaster cast made by James Earle Fraser, a family friend and noted sculptor.

Thomas Edison National Historical Park is a National Park Service site dedicated to promoting an international understanding and appreciation of the life and extraordinary achievements of Thomas Alva Edison by preserving, protecting, and interpreting the Park's extensive historic artifact and archive collections at the Edison Laboratory Complex and Glenmont, the Edison family estate.  The Visitor Center is located at 211 Main Street in West Orange, New Jersey.  For more information or directions please call 973-736-0550 ext. 11 or visit our website at


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