This document has been archived in February 2016 because it is no longer current. Good Practice Example

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This document has been archived in February 2016 because it is no longer current.
Good Practice Example


Improving timely success rates


Span Training and Development Ltd

Type of provision:

Independent Learning Provider



Remit area:

Learning and skills

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Brief description:

Achievement rates have always been high, but until recently too many learners achieved late. Now more than 85% achieve on time. This example explains how this provider improved timely success rates.

Overview – the provider’s message
Span has 27 years experience in hairdressing training. “We see ourselves as the training department that small companies can’t afford to run themselves”, says Steve North, the Managing Director. “Our clients are prize-winning hairdressers who have exacting standards. They are good at training their stylists, and nearly all use in-salon assessors to accredit practical work. We act as the intermediary to make sure learners can get the rest of their qualification as well as developing first class skills.” Over the past four years, timely success rates have more than quadrupled. Steve attributes this to two key factors: better analytical tools to measure progress, and successful incentives for salons to get people through the qualification on time. “We have strong trusting partnerships with employers, but our challenge is that the assessors are not our employees,” he says. “For this to work, it has to add value for everyone.”

Steve North, Managing Director
The good practice in detail
Raising aspirations and success with better analytical tools
How do you keep track of progress and pre-empt problems when your learners are spread across 120 sites? Span has devised very good systems to provide early warnings of trouble, which means their interventions to support learners are very successful. The

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