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So long as human brain will continue its superiority over computers, aesthetic sense will compel him to admire the out of world beauty woven in silk (the queen of textiles) by the weavers of Varanasi.
Name “Banarasi” has been derived from Banaras- a district in U.P. Generally, the product gets its name and fame from the name of its origin.
Varanasi (Banaras), pre-historic holy city known as place of sacred shrines, learning and culture having thousands of ancient temples and ashrams, magnificent ghats, multitude of devotees is said to have been built by Gods on the bank of holy river Ganges.Varanasi is also known as “Lyon of India” because of the Banarasi silk which still continues to win the imagination of princes and peasants alike due to its dazzling splendor and creative instinct of workmanship.
During Mughal era, Persian artists brought revolutionary development not only in design but also in shades of Banaras sarees. Gold thread from France, silk yarn from China and dye stuffs from Germany were introduced to produce more delicate marvelous in rich innovations of the age. The infusion of east and west gave new dimensions to the textiles industry of Varanasi. During British rule, East India Company introduced these fabrics in European.

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