There are several types of 3D video

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After obtaining all the material of the film, in the postproduction process is done the video anaglyph mount. This process, also called digital intermediate process, was monitored on a HD LCD monitor JVC GD-463D10U that enables the display of 3D video in real time while adjusting the three-dimensional effect.

The three-dimensional effect adjustment was carried out using the Quantel Pablo 3D Stereo System, which is a technology that lets you manipulate 3D stereo streams of two sequences of high resolution images simultaneously in real time.


The main advantage of this system compared to other existing as Telecine 3D, is that this system can correct the timing of the images while conducting the video editing, integrating a display option for both sequences.

However, subsequent to the video editing process in 3D should be a process of adjustment to suit the sequence of images obtained by the display format which will be projected (brightness, contrast, and especially size and proportions).

      1. TDT 3D, TV3 CASE

Similarly to the 3D video production for cinema, 3D video can be produced for broadcast on television.

Currently there is no channel that broadcasts his programming entirely in 3D, but in the coming months will be launched Canal+ 3D, integrated in the channels package of satellite TV Digital+. In addition, the Catalan regional television TV3 has announced that tests 3D broadcast via DTT, becoming the first Spanish network in to do it.

But aside from these first future broadcastings, in Spain there is a television channel has broadcast 3D TV via DTT locally in Seville during the "International Congress on Digital Terrestrial Television", held in the Andalusian city in March 2010.

These emissions using the method side-by-side, in which two images are sent in parallel to the receiver, the receiver flap it forming the three-dimensional image displayed on the screen. In this case it is not necessary to have glasses for viewing, but a specific type of screen.

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