The Trochlear & Abducent By Prof. Dr. Imran Qureshi The Trochlear Nerve (SE)

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The Abducent Nerve (SE)
It is also a purely somatic motor nerve. Its sole function is to innervate the lateral rectus ---- the abductor of the eyeball.

The abducent nerve pierces the dura on the back of the clivus a centimeter or so below the root of the dorsum sellae. The nerve then travels upward and laterally (sandwiched between dura and endocranium) toward the side of the dorsum sellae, around which it passes to enter the cavernous sinus.

Here the abducent takes up a position on the inferolateral surface of the internal carotid.

The nerve continues forward in the cavernous sinus, bathed on all sides by venous blood, and eventually leaves it to pass through the middle compartment of the superior orbital fissure onto the deep surface of the lateral rectus muscle.
The abducent nerve runs forward on the deep surface of the lateral rectus for a centimeter or so before penetrating the muscle to supply it.

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