The Princess Bride Viewing Day #1: 0: 00-34: 39

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The Princess Bride
Viewing Day #1: 0:00-34:39 (about 35 minutes)

Key Sequence 17:23-21:56 Inigo speaks with the man in black.

Sequence Analysis: Inigo is a mercenary hired to kidnap a girl and start a war. Typically, this would be a description of a character that is a villain who the audience is not supposed to like. Analyze how the filmmakers use action and dialogue to influence the audience’s reaction to Inigo. Additionally, analyze how the nondiagetic sound as well as the lighting influences the audience’s perception of the character.
Discussion Questions

  1. Analyze the composition of this frame. What compositional influences/theories do you think are behind it and why? What is being conveyed by the composition? Analyze what is in the frame as well as the placement of both the characters as well as the background and foreground and where each is placed in relation to one another.

  1. Analyze the lighting in this scene, both in what mood it is trying to set and what it is trying to convey about Buttercup’s psychological state.

  1. Analyze what is being communicated through Buttercup’s costumes in these scenes and how the change reflects both an internal change as well as an alteration of her place in the social hierarchy.

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