The European quest for security and defence integration: challenges ahead

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Survival, 34:3, pp. 98 – 118.


 As stated in Grosser, Alfred, (1980) The Western Alliance, London: MacMillan,, page 304: „[this directorate would have]… make joint-decisions in all political questions affecting global security … and would also draw up and, if necessary, implement strategic action plans, especially as regard to the use of nuclear weapons”.

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 As explicit cited the foreign ministers were not to develop institutions for foreign policy cooperation but to study the possibility of political unification which is not defined in the instructions. (Smith, op. cit. p. 69)


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 According to an interview with a Luxemburg Report negotiator conducted by Michael E. Smith. Smith, op. cit. p. 69.

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Among these transgovernmental infrastructure created with the Copenhagen Report we can cite: the cooperation between EU embassies in third-countries and in international organizations and especially the development of the COREU (encrypted telex network to share information on foreign policy among EU countries).


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Even tough there is no mention, intention or suggestion for the use of military forces under the EPC, we can consider that the experience of moderating those crisis demonstrated that the EPC was an useful confidence-building mechanism and its potential to become a crisis management tool, thus enhancing the prospects of institutional development.


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57According to the London Report Part I: „ … possible to discuss in political cooperation certain important foreign policy questions bearing on the political aspects of security.”.


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 However there was a WEU declaration attached to the TEU in which the WEU would commit to strength itself as the defence arm of the EU and as the European pillar of the Atlantic Alliance.

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 Due to time and space constrains we will not be able to describe and analyse each of the EU Military and Civilian Missions overseas in this paper. The list of ongoing and completed Missions is available on Annex II at the end of this paper.


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93 Under the rejected constitutional Treaty he would be named the EU Minister for Foreign Affairs.


Interview with a NATO representative.

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