The Captain’s shirt story

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The Captain’s shirt story
Origami might not be the first thing to spring to mind when talking about English language teaching. Be that as it may, I’ll try to show a quite simple model (as finished figures are generally named in origami) that you may use in you class with young (or not so young learners). I believe the little ones will be amazed with your skill and they will hear an interesting seafaring story in addition to that.
For this story you need:

- a spread of newspaper

- a little patience

- a bit of imagination

- and a sure plus is a ‘story-telling voice’ 
After folding the traditional paper boat, you can tell your learners the story of the Captain’s shirt, where, by tearing the paper, you can produce a surprising result.
Here’s how to make a boat in 9 easy steps

1 Fold the paper in half, bringing the two shorter sides together. Rotate the paper 1800, so that the fold you have just made now runs along the upper edge.

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