The Best Ways to Go Bare Down There (And Everywhere for that Matter)

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The Best Ways to Go Bare Down There (And Everywhere for that Matter)

By Kristle Jones

Scrape, Riiiip, Zap…No, these aren’t sounds from your kids’ Halloween soundtrack. These are the sounds that women go through on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to keep themselves hair free. Don’t torture yourself with barbaric hair removal methods anymore. Being half European and half Middle Eastern, I have had to try them all and I am going to share my secrets for the best ways to go bare down there (and everywhere for that matter) so you don’t have to waste your time on things that don’t work.

1 – Razors

Unless you’ve just crawled out from under a rock, we have all used this tried and true method of hair removal.

What I like – Razors are cheap, easy and convenient. You can’t beat being able to get rid of large amounts of hair (like your underarms, legs and bikini line) in under 5 minutes.

What I don’t like – Shaving is an uphill battle…every other day. It seems like the minute you step out of the shower, your leg hair has already begun to grow back in! Not to mention the icky feeling of stubble that comes with using razors (I mean, I don’t like my legs to feel like a cheese grater when my hubby rubs up on them, do you?).

Tips & Tricks – I prefer a men’s razor over a woman’s anytime and I loathe disposables. Get a man’s razor with a changeable head instead for the closest shave around. Another trick to try is to use conditioner in lieu of shaving cream. I don’t have to buy shaving cream and the conditioner (meant for my hair) leaves my legs feeling super soft.

2 – Depilatories

Depilatories are a type of chemical cream that essentially disintegrates your hair (think Nair).

What I like – I don’t have to many fabulous things to say about depilatories - they are….

What I don’t like – Stinky, messy and chock-full of icky chemicals – YIKES! I’d say stay away from these types of hair removal methods.

3 – Waxing

Waxing is where a warm or hot wax is applied to hair (virtually anywhere) and then hair is ripped out of your skin in the opposite direction of hair growth using a muslin or cloth strip.

What I like – I love that hair is removed from the root, meaning it won’t grow back for up to 6 weeks. You can wax any part of your body from your eyebrows down to your legs and anywhere in between.

What I don’t like – The ouch factor is always a negative when it comes to waxing. To counteract the pain, I suggest popping a couple ibuprofens a half hour prior to your wax appointment.

Tips & Tricks – I highly recommend having a pro wax sensitive areas such as your face or your nether regions. If you are going to go bare via a wax at home, try wax strips which tend to be a little more user friendly than other types like a microwave kit.

4 – Tweezing

Tweezing is when you use tweezers to pull hair out from the root one by one.

What I like – I love tweezing my eyebrows in between brow shaping sessions at the salon. These little hair grabbers are also ideal for plucking out those rogue black hairs that pop out at chin level (I know you know what I’m talking about).

What I don’t like – You can’t go crazy removing large areas of hair with tweezers and for hair removal rookies some, the ouch factor can be rough.

Tips & Tricks – Get a good pair of tweezers. My favorite is the Tweezerman slant-point style (I love this brand because you can send them in to get them sharpened when they get dull).

4 – Epilators

An epilator is a small device that is run on battery or electric power and plucks several hairs at a time out as it rolls over your skin.

What I like - Although it is hard to say I like anything about this device that reminds me of something they would use to torture people in the 1500’s; I can say that if you enjoy tweezing, then you’ll be able to get that same effect over a larger area such as your legs or arms. In addition, tweezing or epilating pulls hair from the roots, removing it for up to six weeks at a time.

What I don’t like – It hurts…a lot. I can’t imagine hairs being ripped out one-by-one over a large area being fun for anyone. However, epilator devices do sell, so apparently people out there do enjoy that.

Tips & Tricks – Do not attempt to use an epilator on sensitive areas such as your bikini line (it can pinch or pull the skin) or on areas that require precision such as your eyebrows.

5 – Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is typically handled in the offices of dermatologists and plastic surgeons and the procedure uses laser beams to destroy the hair right within the follicle. There is a new device worth mentioning, the TRIA home laser hair removal system that allows you to get the same results as you would from traditional laser at home.

What I like – I absolutely LOVE laser hair removal – I can’t say enough good things about it. It permanently (yep, I said permanently) removes or reduces hair, which is ideal for those of us who are more harry than others.

What I don’t like – The ouch factor and the price. Yep, some say pain is beauty and this is definitely the case with laser. Some areas are more sensitive than others (face, bikini line and underarms) but it definitely isn’t a pain free procedure. *Both the in-office and TRIA laser have the same pain factor. The cost is definitely a factor for in-office laser treatments – they can cost as much as $200 per area (for underarms) per session – and when it takes a minimum of six sessions to permanently reduce or remove the hair, that means that your hair-free armpits just cost you $1200! Although TRIA is less expensive (starting at $400), it is still an investment.

Tips & Tricks – Pop a Tylenol a half hour prior to your laser session to reduce the pain. Alternatively, you can ask to use numbing cream. In-office laser is still king when it comes to permanent hair reduction and removal but the TRIA comes in strong with similar results in the end.

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