The baa is excited to present the 11

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The BAA is excited to present the 11th Annual Conference ‘Today's Vision: Tomorrow's Reality’ - Translating visions of future Audiology into clinical practice.
On 20-21st November 2014 over 500 Audiologists, assistants, students and exhibitors will make the journey to Bournemouth International Centre (BIC) for the UK’s biggest audiology conference. The theme of this year’s conference is 'Today's Vision: Tomorrow's Reality' which aims to equip audiology professionals with the skills and knowledge to translate tomorrow’s visions for audiology into gold standard clinical practice.
Thursday 20th November

The first day of this year’s conference is shaping up to be a fascinating day with presentations and workshops covering a variety of topics. Dr Brian Fligor will deliver the first of this year’s keynote speeches ‘It’s a Noisy World After All: Current and Future Perspectives'. Dr Marshall Chasin will then present a lecture titled ‘Deaf Leopard: Music & Hearing Loss’ which promises to offer an insight into Dr Chasin’s passion, music and hearing loss.

Thursday plays host to a huge variety of parallel sessions. The Tinnitus Track features a session on ‘Mindfulness: A Treatment Option?’ from Dr Laurence McKenna, Consultant Clinical Psychologist at Royal National Throat, Nose and Ear Hospital. William Brassington, current President of the BAA, will be hosting the first session of the professional affairs track ‘The BAA 2024 – An Audiologist’s Responsibility in Shaping the Future Profession’. This session will identify visionary and innovative concepts, ideas and opportunities to help Audiologists secure the delivery of quality services in the future.
The AGM follows lunch; this is the perfect opportunity to find out what is planned for BAA over the forthcoming year and to have your views about the Academy heard.
Dr Piers Dawes will be presenting ‘Listening Effort and Fatigue: What are we measuring?’ as part of the Amplification and Adult rehabilitation track and the paediatric track will host lectures presented by Professor Carol Flexer and Dr Doug Beck.
The dedicated assistant audiologist track will be returning his year, where a team from Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, Suzanne Jennings, Clinical Scientist and Clair Tozer, Audiological Scientist, will be discussing screening, paediatric and adult audiology.
We are excited to be running multiple workshops on Thursday which will be held in a more informal setting to encourage group discussion and peer learning. These will include ‘Cognition in the Audiology Clinic’, ‘Running a Successful Tinnitus Clinic’, ‘Paediatric Balance Assessment’ and many, many more!
The President’s reception and Gala Dinner will take place on the evening of Thursday 20th November at the Purbeck Hall at the BIC. We encourage fancy dress and look forward to welcoming fighter pilots, land girls and code breakers to enjoy an evening of swing music and we promise plenty of rations to go around! Keep in mind that this year there will be a prize for the best fancy dress outfit! One ticket is included with a two day conference ticket with extras being available at time of booking.

Friday 21st November
This year’s Bamford lecture ‘Today’s Patient, Tomorrow’s Prime Minister: Audiologists Intentionally Influencing Children’s Language and Cognitive Development’ will be presented by Dr Derek Stiles who this autumn will become the Director of Diagnostic Audiology at Boston Children’s Hospital
Dr Valerie Looi will be opening the cochlear implant track with a session titled ‘Music for Cochlear Implant Recipients: CI Can!’ The Auditory Processing track will feature a lecture presented by Dr Kim Tillery who is a Professor and Chairperson in the Department of Communication Disorders and Sciences at Fredonia State University and Dr Huw Cooper will be presenting an ‘Update in Implantable Technologies’ on the implantable technologies track.
Friday will play host to a number of workshops, including ‘Educational Audiologist Competencies and Joined-up Working with Health’, ‘CAPD Adult Workshop’ and ‘What’s the Evidence for Wideband Reflectance? Elementary, My Dear Watson’. As with the workshops on Tuesday these will be presented in an interactive way which encourages group discussion.
We are once again including a dedicated student track within the conference programme, with speakers from a range of backgrounds delivering lectures and workshops including; ‘How to write a good undergraduate dissertation’, ‘Careers in Research, UK and International’ and ‘Been There, Done That – STP Graduate and Supervisor Discussion Panel’.
Full conference programme, registration and award nominations please visit
The British Academy of Audiology is the largest association of professionals in hearing and balance in the UK. Our membership extends internationally and provides services in both the public and private sector.
If you have any questions, please contact the BAA events team at or phone 01506 292042.

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