The 2009 International Youth Culture and Study Tour to Taiwan, The Republic of China

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The 2009 International Youth Culture and Study Tour

to Taiwan, The Republic of China


A.   Objective: To enhance cultural exchanges with youths in Europe, boost Taiwan tourism and encourage European youths to seek a better understanding of every aspect of life in Taiwan. This includes the country´s social and economic situation, its culture and education, democratic development and environmental protection. This might be achieved by their personal participation in some or all of the planned activities. Another aim is to encourage more people from Europe to visit Taiwan and spread the word about Taiwan’s many advantages and also to encourage friendship between the young of Europe and Taiwan.

B.   Organizer: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, R.O.C.(Taiwan)

C.   Date: July 28-August 10, 2009 (first group); August 18-31 (second group).

D.   Venue: Taiwan

E.   Participants: Youths aged 18 to 40.

F.    Total: 80

G.  Language: English, French or Chinese

H.   Activities

  1. Chinese traditional culture and adventures related to the quintessential Chinese culture and folk activities.

  2. Introduction to the history, culture, political, economic and social situation of the Republic of China.

  3. Informal, interactive Chinese conversation teaching to facilitate the future use of conversational Chinese.

  4. Some workshops on pop culture involving youths from different countries to promote cultural exchanges from home and overseas countries

  5. A featured introduction to dance, song, culture, economy and trade from different countries

  6. Visits to important government institutions and the facilities of political and economic agencies, academic units and scenic spots across Taiwan. Promote a deeper understanding and recognition of the Republic of China by highlighting Taiwan’s development in the fields of technology, democracy, economy and trade.

  7. Welcome, farewell and charitable parties and visits to popular night markets of Taiwan.

I.       Expense:

1.    All food, lodging and activity expenses in Taiwan are paid by Ministry of Foreign Affairs

2.    A return air ticket, luggage-carrying fee, personal insurance and medicare should be paid by each participant.

J.     Appendix. Prepare the following:

1.    Materials such as an introduction of the participant’s country, youth activities and pop culture from different countries.

2.    Some folk songs and dances featuring different countries.

3.    Personal business cards containing the country name and some gifts.

4.    Business suit or traditional attire for formal occasions.

5.    Inform R.O.C.(Taiwan) consular units in your country after the confirmation of the ticket booking to Taiwan to allow for transfers and registration.

Contact Information

CHO Ming-Fong
Director of Cultural Division
Taipei Representative Office in the EU and Belgium
Tel.: +32-2-289 12 30
Fax.: +32-2-502 17 07

Jennifer CHU

Cultural Division
Taipei Representative Office in the EU and Belgium
Tel.:+32-2-289 12 31
Fax.:+32-2-502 17 07


Schedule(subject to change)

for the 2009 International Youth Culture and Study Tour to the Republic of China (Taiwan)

Date & Day






1st day

Pick-up in Taoyuan International Airport and head for registration


2nd day

1. Brief Introduction and Orientation

2. Learning Basic Chinese

1. Visit Taiwan Innovative Design Center in Nankang Software Science Park

2. Dinner

Welcome Party


3rd day

1. Visit Government Information Office

Increase understanding about the R.O.C. in all aspects

2. Welcome Reception Hosted by Francis OU, Minister of Foreign Affairs
3. Lunch

1. Tour of Taipei City and to the Discovery Center of Taipei A Tour of Culture and History

Visit special spots unfamiliar to general tourists and the Discovery Center of Taipei, one of the city's trendiest exhibition halls – officially opened in 2002. Visitors can learn more about Taipei 's history and culture, communities and resources. In addition, it aims to give visitors an overview of the city's major construction projects.

2. Dinner

A Fashion Tour to the Top of WorldTaipei 101
TAIPEI 101 is the largest – ever engineering project in the history of Taiwan’s construction business. 101- floors above ground and 5 stories below, the 508-meter-tall Taipei 101 is the most advanced skyscraper construction that will help promote Taipei.


4th day

1. Visit National Taiwan College of Performing Arts
2. Lunch

1. Visit Council for Economic Planning and Development (CEPD)
2. Visit Mainland Affairs Council (MAC)
To further understand the R.O.C.’s economic development and cross-strait relations

Visit renowned Shih-Lin night market for tasty food.


5th day

1. Hsin-Chu City by High Speed Train from Taipei

2. Visit Hsin-Chu Science Park
3. Lunch

1. Heading for Yingge

A culture tour to Yingge Ceramics Museum for DIY workshop in ceramic production.

2. Dinner

Workshop on International Youth Cultural Exchanges (Themes: pop culture for international youth, etc.)


6th day

1. Heading for Ilan City via Syueshan Tunnel
2. Visit National Center for Traditional Art (learning puppet show)
3. Lunch

1. Heading for Taroko National Park in Hualien-
Taroko National Park is located in the east of Taiwan. It lies across 3 administrative areas, Hualien County, Taichung County, and Nantou County. The huge difference of altitude within the park provides the visitor with the pleasure of experiencing obvious climate change along the Central Cross-Island Highway. Many waterfalls, diverse species of plant and animal, and indigenous Taroko people, form a rich and unique ecosystem.
2. Dinner

Talent Show for International Youth


7th day

1. Visit Taroko National Park: Yanzihkou (Swallow Grotto); Jiucyudong Tunnel
2. Lunch

1. Visit Tzu Chi Foundation to understand how this charitable organization developed itself to care for people in need over the years
2. Dinner

Night in Hualien


8th day

1. Heading for Taichung

2. Lunch

1. A Cultural and Historical Tour to Lukang
After drastic changes in history and environment over time, Lukang served as an exporting harbour for the Dutch in the 17th century. Originally the second largest city in Taiwan, Lukang became the featured township because of its transformation, and historical sites. One of the characteristics was its ancient lanes and narrow gates.
2. Dinner

Night in Taichungexperiencing leisure and recreation time


9th day

1. Heading for Sun Moon Lake. A Folk and Scenic Tour
Sun Moon Lake, situated in Nantou County’s Yuchih Township, in the center of Taiwan, is the island’s largest lake. It is a beautiful alpine lake, divided by the tiny Lalu Island. The eastern part of the lake is round like the sun and the western side is shaped like a crescent moon, hence the name “Sun Moon Lake”.

Its crystalline, emerald green waters reflect the hills and mountains which rise on all sides. Natural beauty is enhanced by numerous cultural and historical sites. Its beauty is created by the combination of mountain and water scenery, and its 760-meter elevation helps give the impression of a Chinese landscape painting with mist-laden water and clearly defined levels of mountains.


1. Visit Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village-Aboriginal Life Experience
The Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village is divided into four sections. The first section is mainly comprised of a visitor's relaxation center, namely the Shueishalian European Palace Garden. The second section consists of a fountain performance with multi-coloured lights and musical accompaniment. The third section is comprised of a visual and games plaza. The fourth section is mainly based on the original village buildings and mountain culture of Taiwan's Aborigines.

In addition to rides in the park, footpaths link each of the Aboriginal villages. Consequently, visitors here not only are able to learn about the various features of the Aboriginal culture, but can also enjoy the natural landscape.

2. Dinner

Birthday Party

Sun Moon Lake Youth Hostel

10th day

1. Heading for Kaoshiung -A Visit to the Asian Vegetable Research and Development Center
2. Lunch

1. A Visit to Taiwan Economic Construction

A tour of the Natural Ecology Recreation Park and Orchid Plantation Center

2. Dinner



11th day

1. A Visit to National Sun Yet-Sen University-

View Exchanges with Taiwan Students

2. Lunch

1. A Hakka Culture TourDIY and paper-umbrella Experience in MeiLong Hakka Folk Village;

2. Returning to Taipei

3. Dinner

Night for International Youth Culture Exchange ( in Groups)


12th day

1. A Visit to the Presidential Office

Formerly known as the Governor-General's Office and headquarters to the Japanese colonial administration in Taiwan, the Office of the President was first designed after a prolonged competition that was held in two stages in 1906 and 1910 respectively. Construction began in 1912 and by 1915 a beam-raising ceremony was held to commemorate the completion of the main structure. The building's British-style brick construction, colonnades, gables, vaulted windows, oeil-de-boeuf windows, brackets, Roman columns and composite columns reflect classic European elements common during the Japanese Occupation.

2. Seminar on Climate Change and Environmental Protection Issues

1. A Chinese History and Treasure Tour to National Palace Museum

The collection of cultural artifacts held by the National Palace Museum includes an enormous treasure trove of objects inherited from the previous Sung, Yüan, Ming and Ch'ing dynasties. It is actively and successfully carrying out a number of events to bring the public closer to the museum, and to present a diversified and new Museum to Taiwanese and overseas visitors.

2. Dinner

Seminar on Female Mainstream Issues


13th day

Opinion Exchanging and Experience Sharing

Free Time


14th day

Closing Ceremony & Farewell Party

Pack-up for Leaving

Departure for Taoyuan Internation Airport


Application Form

2009 International Youth Culture and Study Tour

to the Republic of China(Taiwan)


This application form should be typed by the applicant. Each question is recommended to be answered clearly and completely in order to make the most appropriate arrangements.

1. Which period of time and group would you like to apply for?

( Please check by priority with the number 1,2,3,4)

English group

French group

July 28- Aug. 10 (first tour)

Aug.18-Aug.31(second tour)

2. Personal Data


Title : Mr./Mrs./Ms.

Surname(Last name):

Given Name(s):

Chinese Name (if any):

Please attach a photograph that has been taken within the last 3 months.

b. Date & Place of Birth

mm / dd / yy

c. Nationality

d.Passport Number:

e. Gender

□ Male  

□ Female

f. Marital Status

□ Single

□ Married

g. Parents Info.





Place of Birth:



Place of Birth:

h. Contact Information

Permanent Address:

Mailing Address (if different from above):

Telephone: e-mail:

i. Any Chronic Diseases

□ None

□ Yes If yes, Please specify.

j. Contact Person,

in Case of Emergency

Name: Relationship:


Tel: E-mail :

3. Educational or Professional Background


Name of Institution

Country &City

4. Reference (optional)



Phone Number , e-Mail or Mailing Address

5. Present Employment (if any)

a. Organization/ Company

b. Position

c. Period of Employment from

C. Type of Organization

□ Government/ □ University/ □ Parliament
Agency Institution Staff

□ Local □ NGO □ other:

Enterprise ---------------------------------

6. Applicant’s Signature Date

_____ /_____/_____

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