Technical Rider (Pop) Andreas Neubauer (drums) Drumset

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Technical Rider (Pop) - Andreas Neubauer (drums)

Drumset (professional model of any major manufacturer)

20" or 22“ Bass Drum

10“ or 12“ Rack Tom

14“ or 16“ Floor Tom

14“ Snare Drum (preference: metal shell. If unavailable, wood is ok)

10“ Snare with stand or mount left of the Hi-Hat (not obligatory)

Cymbals (Bosphorus, K Zildjian, A Custom or similar) :
20“ Dry or Medium Ride

16“ (or 17“) and 18“ Thin Crahses

14“ (or 15“) Medium or Light Hi-Hats

Preferably all drums (especially the snare) to be fitted with white, coated drumheads (Remo Ambassador or similar) on batter side. Bass Drum with Powerstroke head or similar.

Complete hardware for the kit (including tom mount, snare stand, hi-hat stand with adjustable spring, bass drum pedal (no "accelerator" model if possible), three cymbal stands, drum seat, carpet)


Call/write to: Andreas Neubauer,, +49/178/7515480 or +33/665748667

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