Teachers’ notes – How do we find out more about animals?

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Tab 4

Learning opportunity:
Learners develop their ideas about animal migration.
Using the tab:
In this tab, learners are invited to discuss and then record details about those animals they agree migrate to and from Wales. Rollover questions encourage them to explain how they know each animal migrates and how they could check their ideas.

Tab 5

Learning opportunity:

Learners develop their information gathering and recording skills.

Using the tab:

This tab provides learners with an invitation to choose an animal that definitely migrates to and from Wales that interests them and to find out about the animal’s migration. In the context of the work of the SMART group at the University of Swansea, learners may be asked to consider what animal they would like to track and to explain why. Encourage the learners to use different resources to search for answers to their questions. Rollover questions encourage them to plan an approach to gathering information. For instance, learners may gather information about the starting points for the animal’s journey, the route travelled, the distance animals travel as well as to explore some of the reasons why animals migrate.

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