Teachers’ notes – How do we find out more about animals?

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Teachers’ notes – How do we find out more about animals?


As part of their study of two contrasting environments (as expected at KS2), this activity encourages learners to think about how and why animals migrate to and from Wales. The activity is informed by the work of Professor Rory Wilson and his team from Swansea University who are part of the Swansea Moving Animals Research Team (SMART). They fit trackers/tags and data loggers on a wide range of animals worldwide and collect and analyse the data.

During the course of the activity, learners use information-gathering skills, reading, discussion, story writing, data handling and presentational skills to study the migration of animals to Wales. The focus within the activities is likely to be on the range of animals that migrate to Wales, where in Wales these animals might be found and how these places could be suited to the animals.

Curriculum links

English: Oracy 1 & 4

Range: 3, 6a & 6b

Mathematics: Communicate mathematically: 2 bullet 1

Science: Interdependence of organisms: 4, 5 & 6

Communication: 1 & 2

Planning: 1, 3, 5, 6 & 7

Developing: 2, 5 & 7

Reflecting: 4 & 5

Skills framework links

Developing thinking:

Plan Asking questions; Activating prior skills, knowledge and understanding; Gathering information

Develop Considering evidence, information and ideas; Forming opinions and making decisions

Reflect Evaluate own learning and thinking

Developing communication:

Oracy Developing information and ideas

Reading Locating, selecting and using information and using information using reading strategies; Responding to what has been read

Writing Organising ideas and information

Developing number:

Use mathematical information Using numbers

Interpret and present findings Talking about and explaining work


Tab 1

Learning opportunity:
Learners consider their ideas about information provided from the scientist shown in the clip.

Using the tab:
In this tab, learners are asked to watch a video clip of Professor Rory Wilson talking about who he is, what he and this team do and the types of animals they track. The video clip includes photographs of some of the animals mentioned and can be paused at any point if required. Rollovers prompt the learners to consider what work the professor does, why they think that he does this work and what they think he is trying to find out about animals.
Background information:

Rory Wilson is the Head of the Institute of Environmental Sustainability (IES) at Swansea University.

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