Taleban Government Appoints Two New Ministers

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I would also like to add that Hikmatyar has experts that are needed by the Afghan arena. We know that the experience and expertise that Taliban has in field of military science is less than what Hikmatyar has.
[Question not given]
[Al-Libi] Regarding the Shahikot battle, we are in direct contact with the Islamic Amirate, the Amirate of the State of Taliban. We have written to them on all the facts and all that we witnessed in detail. The commander of the battle promised us more detail in the next couple of days. But, in general, I can tell you that I recently sat with Sayful Rahman Mansur. Of course, it was a broad front with scattered centers. So you could not count the targets. But, I asked Sayful Rahman Mansur, who sat in the rear and was in contact with all centers and also spoke to one of the space channels: What is the total number of dead, as reported to you? He said verbatim: From 400 to 600 US soldiers.
Of course, we are only fighting the Americans. They did not have anyone else with them. Before the confrontation with the Americans, we seized nine big trucks carrying northerners. But, Sayful Rahman freed them. We pray to God to accept his effort. Since that day we have not seen any Afghan renegades. So only Americans were killed.
As to what I saw with my own eyes -- that is, the ones that we fought and inflicted God's judgment on -- I can vouch that the American dead were 150-200. This is almost an accurate figure. We heard from sources that we consider reliable that General Fahim says in his private meetings that the number of US dead in Shahikot reached 800.
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[Al-Libi] Yes, brothers, the mujahidin outside the land of the mujahidin must believe what the mujahidin say, as well as their policies. The Taliban brethren in Afghanistan, especially those with Sayful Rahman Mansur, say that Sayful Rahman Mansur is still alive. Since the brethren say this, it is either one of two things: He is still alive, and we praise God for that. For he is handicapped and therefore God has exempted him from Jihad. Still, he fought and maintained a great stand. One of his great stands was that during the battle, the governor of Darbil told him: Go down and fight under our protection and you will return with your group honored and respected. He said: I will not do so unless all fighters came down with me, especially the Uzbeks, as the Arabs can manage on their own. There was a large number of Uzbeks reaching up to 103. They said: We cannot protect you. But he said: I will not go down until all mujahidin came down with me honored and respected.
This man, O brothers, was exempted by God from Jihad, as he could not use his hands. He could not even eat or hold anything with them. Still, he made this sacrifice. The last time I was with him, his men told him to leave the battleground. You are crazy, they told him. But, he said, yes I am crazy with God.
When Sayful Rahman tried to take part in one of the battles, I told him: Fear God and don't bother. He refused and insisted on taking part in the battle. I must at least reassure myself about the front lines, he said. In my last words to him before separating, I said: If matters were in my hand I would have stopped you and imprisoned you in the rear lines. He looked at me askance and said: You look at things with an eye on interests and another on corruption. I looked at him and saw in his eyes the love of martyrdom and I told him: You also look with an eye on paradise and another on hell. He then patted me on the shoulder and said: We shall meet in paradise, God willing. We then separated.
I repeat and say, we pray to God that our shaykh is among the living, because, by God, he was a great symbol and a brave man, who dug his grave with his own hands and said to Muhammad Tahir Jan, secretary of the Islamic Movement in Pakistan, when he heard that the Afghans might abandon him: O Muhammad Tahir, by God if only one of them remained in Shahikot, I would have been the second. Had anyone of you, no matter who he was, remained in the battle, I would have been the second man protecting him. I swear that none of you would have been killed, as long as I was ready to sacrifice my life for his sake. We ask God to protect him.
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[Al-Libi] This is the website we are using. The Amir of the Faithful has ordered us to use it. It is the Islamic Amirate website, which is under the direct supervision of the Amirate. You know the brothers who are in charge of this website and the efforts they are exerting. May God accept their actions. The Amir of the Faithful asked us to use this website, which is Islamic Amirate website. There is another website run by reliable brothers called Al-Neda website. We wish them all good. When I came here, the brothers told me that this website is also a good one and financed by brothers that you know. It is a good website and we hope that God would accept its actions.
We primarily and essentially use the Amirate website. But, when we were told about Al-Neda, we will not spare any effort or withhold anything that we can offer to this website. We pray to God to accept everyone's actions.
[Question not given]
[Al-Libi] This matter calls for a long discussion. But, it is no secret that the states that sought to strike at and split up the Taliban Government were vicious Iran, hypocrite Pakistan, Tadjikistan and Uzbekistan. When these states and regions were preparing for war against Afghanistan and Taliban, they had different aims. The Americans came in and then the Russians and the Europeans. None of them agreed on one aim. Even the Americans and the British did not have a single common aim.
All this has now come out in the open in their disputes on attracting and enlisting as many officials and commandants as possible. Every one wants them on his side and everyone is paying money to get these officials. Conflicting policies have led to a big quarrel, especially between General Fahim and the Pushtun commandants. You must have heard about the conflicts and the hundreds of dead.
Thank God, this is due to their reckless policies and the vicious things they do to people and women.
Incidentally, Kabul now has brothels and more video shops than bakeries. To us Taliban the evils introduced by the infidels serve the cause of the mujahidin. It reminds people that Taliban was a fair government that came to achieve justice, safety, and security for the people. Matters are extremely critical. Were it not for the sake of secrecy, I would have told you many things. Many of the commandants under Karzai and Fahim are now trying to negotiate with the mujahidin so as to penetrate their lines. God be praised, you will hear very good tidings about a split up in the ranks of the infidels and renegades.

Afghanistan: Political dissident extends operations to Paktia Province

IAP20020724000093 Mashhad Voice of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Dari 1330 GMT 22 Jul 02
An Afghan dissident, Pacha Khan Zadran, who had been operating against the central government of Afghanistan in Khost and Paktia Provinces, has extended his activities to Paktika Province.

In accordance with a report by a correspondent of [the Iranian] Voice and Vision from Kabul, he has settled in the city of Khost [the capital of the eastern Khost Province] by the help of Mowlawi Jalaluddin Haqqani and Mowlawi Abdol Latif Mansur [both names phonetic], two political dissidents of the central government of Afghanistan.

According to informed sources, he has threatened the new government not to enter Khost. Reports indicate that security situation is very tense in Khost, Paktia and Paktika Provinces. The possibility of clashes between the forces of the Islamic transitional government of Afghanistan and Pacha Khan Zadran is raising every minute. Almost everybody who moves around Khost is armed. Being anxious about the eruption of further clashes, people in Paktia, Paktika and Khost Provinces are looking forward to fleeing.

In accordance with the reports, the security officials and the Islamic transitional government of Afghanistan's Ministry of Defence have not taken any measures to resist the Pacha Khan Zadran's threats.

The Afghan newspapers have described Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence, ISI, agency as a supporter and guide to Pacha Khan. Afghan press has also reported that he had held talks with high-ranking officers of the agency in the northern Waziristan of Pakistan.

Afghan forces continue military operations against Taliban in eastern province

IAP20020715000136 Kabul Radio Afghanistan in Dari 1500 GMT 15 Jul 02
Mopping up operations by forces of the Ministry of National Defence are continuing in Katawaz, Zadran and Gard Tsery regions of Paktia Province.

The military correspondent of the Bakhtar Information Agency, quoting a high-ranking military official of the Ministry of National Defence, reports: In these operations, which have been organized by forces of Army Corps No 3, extensive areas have been cleared. (?Two) Kalashnikov rifles, 106 boxes of ammunition for light and heavy weapons, artillery and tanks shells, and BM-21 units have seized, and 12 of the enemy soldiers have been captured.

The personnel of the Army Corps No 3, in cooperation with the people, are searching for the remnants of the Al-Qa'idah and the Taleban, and the operations are continuing.

The forces of the Ministry of National Defence had earlier conducted similar operations in Zadran under the command of General Atiqollah and General Gol Haidar which were completed successfully. During these operations, a number of soldiers of the Al-Qa'idah and the Taleban, including eight men which belonged to Jalaloddin Haqqani, were captured and a large quantities of ammunition were seized.

[Description of Source: Kabul Radio Afghanistan in Dari -- ]

Afghan forces continue operations against rebels in east
IAP20021013000051 Kabul Bakhtar News Agency in Dari 1328 GMT 13 Oct 02

[Report by Afghan news agency Bakhtar 1328 gmt 13 October 2002, in Dari]

Kabul, 13 October: Defence Ministry forces in cooperation with the international coalition forces conducted vast clearance operations following the recent events in Khost Province.

Gen Gol Hayder, the operations commander of the south, verifying the reports in this respect, told the military correspondent of Bakhtar that the situation in the southern provinces is totally peaceful and the government security forces have thorough control of it. Some opportunist people in the rural areas of those provinces were trying to disturb the peaceful lives of people. The disturbance is now checked with the latest operations. A close source to the governor of Khost said that forces involved in the operations are looking for Malem Jan, a local commander, who previously was one of the commanders of [Taleban Minister] Jalaloddin Haqqani and later on he joined [ousted Paktia governor] Pacha Khan Zadran, who rose up against the government. There is no information about the whereabouts of Malem Jan, but his militants have been disarmed. It is said that 700 soldiers and six helicopters are involved in the operations.

Since Pacha Khan Zadran was ousted from the governorship of Khost [Paktia], he has launched many failed attacks on the different areas of Khost and Paktia provinces to secure his personal interests.

According to another report from the southeast of the country, a huge depot of arms has been discovered by the American forces and the depot of ammunition belongs to Pacha Khan Zadran and contains rockets, mines, heavy machine guns and other ammunition. The arms were loaded into 35 trucks and will be transferred to the military base of the Americans.
[Description of Source: Kabul Bakhtar News Agency in Dari -- Afghanistan's only news agency; headed by Mohammad Yusuf Rawanyar since 27 February 2002; formerly directed by Karzai-appointed Minister of Information and Culture Abdul Aziz Mansur from November 2001to February 2002; under Taleban was headed by Abdul Hanan Hemat]

Afghanistan: US soldiers search areas close to border for Taliban commander

IAP20021201000068 Peshawar Afghan Islamic Press in Pashto 1352 GMT 01 Dec 02

Peshawar, 1 December: American soldiers searched areas close to Miranshah today.

Informed sources in the Pakistani border town of Miranshah said that American soldiers, alongside Pakistani soldiers, searched the Dandadarpakhel region close to the border with Afghanistan early this morning.

The sources say that the search began to arrest Mowlawi Jalaloddin Haqqani, a well-known former commander, but reports say that they [US soldiers] did not find Haqqani there.

Haqqani, who was the minister of border affairs in the government of Taleban, is now in hiding. The American forces are trying to capture him alive. The American forces have searched the Pakistani and Afghan border areas in the search for him on many occasions.

[Description of Source: Peshawar Afghan Islamic Press in Pashto -- Peshawar-based agency, staffed by Afghans; used to have good contacts with Taliban leadership; following the fall of the Taliban is seeking a new role for itself as a news agency; describes itself as independent and self-financing]

Afghanistan: Missiles hit US base fired from truck near Khowst airport

IAP20021201000075 Peshawar Afghan Islamic Press in Pashto 1629 GMT 01 Dec 02

Peshawar, 1 December: Heavy explosions were heard from a pickup truck close to the Khost airport this morning.

Informed sources in Khost told the Afghan Islamic Press that heavy explosions were heard this morning from a pickup truck parked on a road to the west of the Khost airport. The sources say it seems the pick up was parked on the road during the night. Explosions started in the truck in the morning and a number of missiles were fried from the truck towards the airport.

An eyewitness told the Afghan Islamic Press from Khost: "I saw the burnt out vehicle and I also saw smoke coming out of the airport as a result of the missile hit."

There are no details, but after the explosions American and Afghan forces further strengthened security measures on all roads leading to airport and vehicles were searched in many areas.

It has been said that these explosions are the first of their kind taking place in areas close to a base of American soldiers in Khost.

In another development, American and Pakistani soldiers, accompanied by women soldiers, searched two madrasas [religious schools] and a number of areas in the Dandadarpakhel region, in Miranshah of Pakistan in search of a well-known commander Mowlawi Jalaloddin Haqqani. Although there are no reports concerning the fate of Haqqani, but it seems that two Afghans have been arrested. There no further details.
[Description of Source: Peshawar Afghan Islamic Press in Pashto -- Peshawar-based agency, staffed by Afghans; used to have good contacts with Taliban leadership; following the fall of the Taliban is seeking a new role for itself as a news agency; describes itself as independent and self-financing]

Afghan commander: Security improving but warlords undermine peace

IAP20030204000115 Tehran Voice of the Islamic Republic of Iran Provincial Network in Pashto 0030 GMT 01 Feb 03

Security in the eastern Paktia Province is improving by the day but armed warlords continue to undermine peace in the region, a regional commander has said. Speaking in an interview with Iranian radio, Gen Atiqollah Ludin said that a former Taleban minister, Jalaloddin Haqqani, former Taleban commander Saifurrahman Mansur and other networks had resumed their activities in the area. He also said that some suspects who were thought to have been transferring weapons to Kabul had been detained. The following is an excerpt from the interview by the external service of Iranian radio on 1 February.

[Presenter] Esteemed listeners, we have conducted an interview with the commander of Paktia Province's Military Corps No 3, Gen Atiqollah Ludin, regarding the current situation in southeastern Afghanistan, to which we would like to draw your attention.

[Interviewer] Gen Ludin, as a high-ranking military official, how do you assess the security situation in Paktia Province?
[Ludin] In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful. The situation in Paktia Province, praise be to God, has improved over the past few days. The situation is getting better as days pass. The local inhabitants of the region have also started carrying out their [normal] work.
[Interviewer] What is the cause of the attacks on military checkpoints on the outskirts of Khost Province?
[Ludin] As I have said in my earlier interviews, this is not a matter of concern for us or for the central government. Some people are armed in different regions, and we have enemies who want to undermine peace and security in our province. The US forces are carrying out their operations according to their plans. Therefore, our brothers [opposition] are facing problems [due to the US military operations].
[Interviewer] As you said, some people are armed; is it possible that locals may also have had a hand in the attacks against the government and US forces' operations?
[Ludin] [words indistinct] So far, since the formation of the transitional government, during these 14 months [since the Taleban defeat], we have not disarmed people. The people are armed. Most of these armed people are those commanders who act as warlords. They [local commanders] are not supported by any foreign country and want to earn by illegal means, and they are causing trouble.
[Interviewer] Gen Ludin, this kind of commanders whose profits are in danger - is it possible for them to unite with the Taleban, Al-Qa'idah or [Golboddin] Hekmatyar [head of the Hezb-e Eslami party] against the government?
[Ludin] During these 24 or 25 years of war, local commanders have used the power of the weapon and the gun. Their personal benefits are in danger. Well there are people who will want to unite and carry out destructive activities against the government.
[Interviewer] What measures have you taken to prevent them?
[Ludin] We have put measures in place and are ready to run our security operation in Paktika, Khost, Paktia and Logar Provinces. There are people who want to hamper ways the country's path of development, but there is no cause for worry.
[Interviewer] Gen Ludin, it has been said that recently in Paktia, government and US forces have jointly led an operation and collected some weapons. Do you have any information on this issue?
[Ludin] There were no US forces. They were local [Afghan] officers from our own military corps. They collected some heavy weapons and artillery. It has been a long time since we have started this campaign.
[Interviewer] It is also said that some people who used to transfer weapons and bombs related to the Taleban, Al-Qa'idah and Hekmatyar to Kabul have been arrested in Logar Province.
[Passage omitted: indistinct]
[Interviewer] Did these detainees belong to the Taleban or Hekmatyar?
[Ludin] These people are still under interrogation. We need to confirm what groups and people they are related to and have connections with. God willing, we will know soon.
[Interviewer] If we focus on the activities which you have pointed out, we see that they have increased. In Kandahar, as you may have heard, in Spin Boldak, the Taleban fought for 48 hours with US and government forces. As a military officer, how do you analyse this matter, as it occurred after 10 months [of no major Taleban resistance] ?
[Ludin] Over these two decades of war, for instance, a boy who used to be five [when it started] is now 30 years old and has grown up in a warring country. He did not receive any education, nor there was any scheme or programme in Afghanistan which could facilitate his education. We are facing such problems and these kinds of problems will exist for some time. The idea that they [opposition forces] will be able to succeed and will take over any military checkpoints or divisions is not a matter of concern [because it is unlikely]. But disruption still exists in the region.
[Interviewer] If there is no support, then how can they carry out such operations and cause disruption?
[Ludin] [words indistinct] It is possible. Maybe some one is standing behind them and helping them to carry out their further operations in Afghanistan. We do not want to create differences between our brothers. We take every step carefully and want to solve our problems on our own soil.
[Interviewer] Can you tell us who their supporters are?
[Ludin] As you may know the latest events [words indistinct]; we have detained 17 people.
[Interviewer] How do you assess the people's support for them?
[Gen Ludin] It is possible. [words indistinct]
[Passage omitted due to poor reception]

[Interviewer] We have received a report about Jalaloddin Haqqani [former Taleban minister and military commander] resuming his activities. Is it true?

[Ludin] It is obvious that Jalaloddin Haqqani and Saifurrahman Mansur [former Taleban commander] have resumed their activities. There are also other networks which have resumed their activities. These networks oppose the presence of the US and other peacekeeping forces in the region. They create obstacles and trouble for us. Nowadays the government is trying to move towards a democratic future. It wants to resolve the problems faced by the country in the past 24, 25 years. Everything will be fine and normal. God willing, peace will be established soon.
[Passage omitted due to poor reception]
[Interviewer] What are the views of your foreign assistants upon the issue?
[Ludin] We are working with the framework of our government and in compliance with our military corps. We have no contacts with foreigners and do not feel the responsibility to tell them everything.

Security forces claim 20 opposition fighters killed in southeastern Afghanistan

IAP20030410000044 Mashhad Voice of the Islamic Republic of Iran External Service in Dari 0900 GMT 10 Apr 03

Security forces in southeastern Afghan Paktika Province said on Wednesday evening [9 April] that 20 people loyal to the Taleban and Al-Qa'idah terrorist network have been killed in the province.

Fighting between the government forces and Taleban remnants began in a Paktika town on Tuesday [8 April] of this current week and continued on Wednesday for the second day.

According to the security forces, the fighting began after Taleban remnants had carried out military operations on the outskirts of the border town of Barmal.

Amanollah, one of the deputies of Jalaloddin Haqqani, a commander of the failed Taleban, and a number of his people were killed in the last two days' fighting.

Security forces also reported the deaths of four soldiers from the Transitional Islamic State of Afghanistan.

[Description of Source: [Description of Source: Voice of the Islamic Republic of Iran External Service]]

Al-Jazirah Reports Detention of Haqqani Brother, Attack on Coalition Troops

GMP20030510000127 Doha Al-Jazirah Satellite Channel Television in Arabic 1300 GMT 10 May 03
[Announcer-read report ]

Security sources have told the Al-Jazirah correspondent in Kabul that the security forces affiliated with the Afghan Ministry of Interior apprehended (Ibrahim) Haqqani, brother of Jalaloddin Haqqani, filed commander and former minister in the Taliban government, in the Afghan capital. The sources added that (Ibrahim) was using a false name.
In a separate development, a contingent of the US-led coalition forces came under a violent attack in eastern Afghanistan early Saturday [10 May], causing several casualties in the ranks of the US troops. The size of these casualties has not thus far been disclosed.

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