Systems for Dentists Version 6 Worksheet

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Systems for Dentists

Version 6 Worksheet

Thank you for downloading SFD V6.

What you have downloaded is a fully working version for you to play with as you see fit. The software is pre loaded with fictitious information (Providers and patients etc) for you to use.
This work sheet will take you through a basic patient journey. It will show you all the stages from patient arriving to taking the money at the end. Hopefully this will give you an idea on how the system works and then you can go and explore the other features on your own free time but if you have any queries please do not hesitate in ringing the helpdesk on 0845 643 2727 or download the manual from our downloads section at
After launching the program it will ask you to log in. Each person within the practice will have their own unique username and password but for the demo module it is
(Password will be shown as)

This may load up our website. If this happens just close it down with the X in the top right hand corner.

First we need have to say the patient has arrived for their appointment we do this by selecting from your toolbar at the top of the screen. You will then have appointment book open on today’s date with all providers having their own column. Find a patient in Martin Huskins column and right click on the appointment and select attended using your left mouse button

This now puts a tick next to the patients name

And in surgery they will get notification that the patient is here by the gingerbread man appearing in the waiting list box in the top right hand corner.

This is the basic information the receptionist needs to do. Now let us go into the surgery

The surgery staff will click on the gingerbread man to see who has arrived and once they are ready to look at that patients notes they can click on Seen & Open which then brings up the patients record card and changes the icon on the appointment screen from a tick to a dental chair (try to remember the patients name as we use the same patient though out).

The patients appointment icon has changed

This brings up the patient’s home screen. This shows you the main information i.e. address, scheme, etc. Reading the manual it will explain each icon along the patients tool bar but we are just going to concentrate on adding treatment. Click on the dental chair icon

Then click (top left corner) to create a new treatment form. Then click to open the chart screen

You will then have the patients chart screen open.

To carry out a base chart (previous treatment) you select Chart (1). To record the forthcoming treatment you have Treatment (2) selected.

By using your quickcodes (3) you can quickly click on your routine treatments so click EXAM and it drops down to the plan. You can also separate your plan into appointments by clicking ADD VISITS (4) then using your quick codes click on S/P and that makes up a basic quick plan.

To do tooth specific treatment click on the tooth and area in question and follow the wizard

By double clicking on the Appointment 2 (5) you can allocate length required (please tick clipboard as this transfers this to the appointment book). You can create an estimate by clicking Estimate (6) to go back to the chart screen click on the patient’s toolbar. And once you are ready to save then tick the Completed and Charged boxes (7) for the treatment carried out today (so tick both boxes next to exam.) The rule is click Close if they need to come back or Complete or Transmit (8) if you have finished the treatment so in this instant click Close.

Now you can add some clinical notes using in the patient’s toolbar. Once you have finished the notes click and close the patient’s record (bottom of the two Red Cross’s in top right hand corner.)

Now we go back out to reception to process the money and book the appointments.

We should now be back on the appointment book screen and as we are at the reception side we can imagine the patient is stood in front of you after being in the surgery.

In the bottom left hand corner you should see the dental chair icon (underneath the overview).

Once you have accessed the treatment screen this will show you any appointments the dentist would like you to book.

Find a gap using the calendar and drag the appointment into the gap and let go at the start time. (Dragging is clicking on the appointment required using your left mouse button. Keep it held down and move your mouse to the open time and let go of the mouse button

Now we need to take any money that is due. Double click on the appointment you have just made and next to the patients name it should advise you on what’s outstanding

Now go along the toolbar and select to access the patient’s payment screen.

Now click and enter in the method of payment and amount they are paying (1) select the receipt layout required if the patient wants a receipt (2) the click OK (3)

Now you have completed the patient journey please read the manual for more detailed features and or ring the help desk for any help you may require.

Systems for Dentist | | Tel: 0845 643 2727

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