Symmetrical Bumble Bee

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Symmetrical Bumble Bee

  1. Fold a sheet of art paper in two and open out flat again.

  2. Pour alternate blobs of yellow and black paint straight from the bottle near the fold on one half of the sheet.

  3. Fold over the sheet again.

  4. Working from the fold towards the open side of the sheet, smooth over the page with the flat of the hand to spread the paint towards the edge.

  5. Open the page again and allow to dry.

  6. When dry, cut around the shape of the paint. Each sheet will give a different shape depending on the amount of paint used and how well spread the paint was.

  7. Cut a Doyley in half. Glue one half under each side of the bumble bee.

  8. Glue black pipe cleaners on the underside near the top.

  9. Plastic Googly Eyes can also be added.

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