Syllabus for Español i-second Semester 2014

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Syllabus for Español I-Second Semester 2014
This is what I hope to cover with Español Uno during this semester. I’ll tell you from the beginning that I DO SPEAK A LOT OF ESPAÑOL IN THE CLASS ROOM and I will expect you to speak, or try to speak, español to me whenever I address you in español.

These are the things that I hope you learn during the semester

Overview of Hispanic World: México, América Central, El Caribe, América del Sur-Norte y Sur, España, Estados Unidos

Why Study el español?/xxx

Study Tips/xxxi

Para empezar: How to greet people, How to introduce yourself, how to introduce a

friend to another person, responding to classroom directions, numbers

from 1 to 1000, telling time, parts of the body, classroom objects, the

spanish alphabet, the calendar, the Aztec calendar, talking about the

weather, the seasons of the year, weather, comparing the weather in

the northern and southern hemispheres

1-A: Vocabulary-How to express what you or someone else likes and doesn’t like

Grammar-Infinitives, making negative statements

Culture- Pablo Picasso/24, Latin music/25 Outdoor cafés/31, Jaime Antonio

González Colson/34

1-B: Vocabulary-adjectives & vocab to ask about and describe someone’s personality

Grammar-adjectives, definite & indefinite articles, word order

Culture- Frida Kahlo-Diego’s wife/48, Simón Bolívar/58, El Huipil-handwoven

blouse/65, Latin music/69, Univ. Autónoma de Santo Domingo-OLDEST

university in the americas/69

2-A: Vocabulary-Classroom items & furniture, parts of the classroom, prepositions of


Grammar-Subject pronouns, Present tense of AR verbs

Culture- Fernando Botero/72, Studying English in hispanic countries/80, Latin as

source of spanish words/81

2-B: Vocabulary-More classroom items & furniture, more parts of the classroom,

Prepositions of location

Grammar-The verb Estar/location, The present progressive tense/are doing

something, NAGMA/number and gender must agree

Culture- Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz-first feminist/98, School gyms in hispanic


3-A: Vocabulary-foods & drinks, adverbs of frequency, expressions for surprise

Grammar-Present tense of ER & IR verbs, Me gusta(n)/encanta(n) expressions

Culture- Bartolomé Murillo/122, El desayuno-breakfast/134, Frutas y verduras-

fruits & veggies/139


3-B: Vocabulary-more foods & drinks, expressions for health, expressions for

Preferences/agreement/disagreement/quantity, adjectives for food

Grammar-more NAGMA/number and gender must agree, the Verb SER/long lasting Culture- Diego Rivera-Frida’s husband/146, El mate-Argentina tea/152,

La Tomatina-giant tomato fight/156, Fútbol-soccer/163

4-A: Vocabulary-Leisure activities, places, expressions for where & with whom you go,

expressions for when things are done

Grammar-The verb Ir/to go, Question asking words

Culture-Francisco de Goya/170, La plaza-main square in towns & cities/177,

Sports clubs & gyms/181, Movies in hispanic countries/185, Old San Juan/

Puerto Rico/186, Andean music/189

4-B: Vocabulary-More leisure activities, feelings, expressions for making/accepting/

turning down invitations, expressions for when something happens

Grammar-Ir a + infinitive/going to do something, the verb Jugar/to play a sport

Culture- Paralympics/196, La Noche de los Rábanos-radishes/205,

Rebecca Lobo/213, City of Miami/217

5-A: Vocabulary-Families & parties

Grammar-the verb Tener/to have, expressions using Tener, Hay que + infinitive,

possessive adjectives

Culture- Carmen Lomas Garza/220, El papel picado-cut paper/226 & 224,

Dos familias reales/231/also 73 of Realidades 3, more of Diego

Rivera/236, La Quinceañera/238

5-B: Vocabulary-describing people, ordering a meal

Grammar-the verb Venir/to come, comparing Ser & Estar

Culture- Extended families/246, Getting a waiters attention/253, Menus in

hispanic countries/260, Santa Fe, New Mexico/263

  1. E-mail me, in spanish, as you learn more. You may earn 5 points per week for an e-mail. You must have AT LEAST 5 SENTENCES. My address is:

  2. send me a text message in Spanish, as you learn more. You may earn 5 points per week for a text message. You must have AT LEAST 5 SENTENCES. My cell phone number is: 487-0062

  3. Translate the Cita/quote that is on the front board, upper left corner, every day. They are worth 5 points per day. They are due/turned in on Friday. You may use any dictionary or other reference material in the room to help you. I would suggest using the Spanish 4 students, or anyone that is scheduled to take Spanish 3 during 2nd semester.

We will be having food days, for which you will be encouraged to bring Hispanic food to share with your classmates. You may also earn EXTRA CREDIT for this.

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