Surviving Extremes High Altitude

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Surviving Extremes

High Altitude

  1. What mountain is the group of explorers on?

  1. “Insulation only conserves heat, however; it doesn’t produce it. To do that, the body needs to burn fuel. Burning fuel requires ______________, and now that I was separated from my supplemental supply, my body would have to make do with what it found in the air around it…”

  1. Where is the greatest heat loss on the body?

  1. Why is the type of clothing worn on a mountain expedition so important to survival?

  1. How can a climber have heat exhaustion?

  1. Why was the team from National Geographic exploring Mount Everest? (p. 190)

  1. Explain what happens to the body during mountain sickness.

  1. What can a climber do to prevent mountain sickness?

  1. Why does a drop in air pressure have such an effect on the lungs?

  1. What is the long-term plan that the body has to deal with gradually decreasing air pressure? Explain the multiple steps the body takes for acclimatization.

  1. What is the body’s goal when producing goose bumps?

  1. At what body temperature does the heart stop beating?

  1. How are Eskimos suited for cold weather?

  1. How does pulmonary edema occur on the mountain? What is happening in the body to cause it? (p 205-206)

  1. What is the one survival mechanism that all human share?

  1. What is Pepto-Bismol used for on a mountain?

  1. What is the hunter reflex?

  1. What part of the brain is the first to suffer with oxygen deprivation?

  1. How does a person act when this part of the brain is deprived of oxygen?

  1. Why is cerebral edema the worst punishment from the mountain gods?

20. How does cerebral edema attack the cerebellum?

  1. How did the brain being low on oxygen cause the death of Kami? (p219)

  1. Did the group make it to the summit (our doctor that we are reading about)?

  1. When trying to warm a body, where should you put bottles of hot water?

  1. True or False Feet that have been thawed out (from frostbite) will crumble when weight is put on them.

  1. What is snow blindness?

  1. What did Beck and Makalu loose due to hypothermia?

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