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Supplementary Figures and Video Legends
Supplementary Figure S1

This figure shows courtship index values (CI) for males with and without FruM function. These data demonstrate that FruM is necessary for courtship behaviour in Drosophila and fruP1-gal4 is a null for FruM function. (PDF, FigureS1.pdf, 708KB)

Supplementary Figure S2

This figure shows FruM expression in pharate males (a), where low levels of protein can be detected in regions previously not seen, as well as decreased numbers of cells in central brain clusters. Change in nuclear FruM and GFPnls driven by fruP1-gal4 are absent in some neurons labeled by the driver (based on persistent mCD8GFP expression) later in development. These data illustrate the dynamic nature of FruM expression through development. (PDF; FigureS2.pdf; 2.8MB).

Supplementary Figure S3

This figure shows fruP1-gal4, FruM, and fruP1-derived RNA in periperal structures. These data suggest that there are few differences in the transcriptional control of fruP1-derived expression between males and females. (PDF; FigureS3.pdf; 4.7MB).

Supplementary Figure S4

This figure shows fruP1-gal4 expression in CNS components of the visual olfactory, and auditory systems. Expression is seen in distinct tracts leaving the optic lobe lobulae, antennal lobe glomeruli and projection neurons, prominently in mushroom body gamma lobes, as well as the presynaptic termini of auditory neurons from Johnston’s organ. This expression suggests that FruM may specify distinct components of sensory systems which mediate the integration and processing of stimuli specifically relevant to courtship. (PDF; FigureS4.pdf; 4.1MB).

Supplementary Figure S5

This figure shows a female masculinized in fruP1-gal4 neurons displaying wing extension and vibration when a wild-type male in the chamber produces wing song. This demonstrates that FruM specifies the neural substrates sufficient to confer the potential for courtship in Drosophila. (PDF, FigureS5.pdf, 660KB)

Supplementary Video S1

This movie shows the behaviour of groups of control and fruP1-GAL4, UAS-shiTS males at restrictive temperatures (31C), illustrating that inhibition of synaptic transmission in fruP1-gal4 neurons does not appear to affects general behaviour in adult males. (QuickTime;; 2.1MB).

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