Subject: Hope Diamond Visits Cincinnati

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To: Nancy Daly, Cincinnati Enquirer Communities Editor

Subject: Hope Diamond Visits Cincinnati


Feb. 20, 2018

Hope Diamond Visits Cincinnati

News Facts

  • The Hope Diamond will be visiting Cincinnati for a limited time for the reopening

  • The museum will open in spring 2018

  • The diamond is currently in the Smithsonian Natural History Museum in Washington, D.C.

  • It was donated to the museum in 1958 by Harry Winston

  • It was only left the museum four times since donation

    • Louvre in Paris

    • Exhibit in South Africa

    • Twice to go to New York


  • “The Hope Diamond is one of the Smithsonian’s main attractions. We are excited to share this exhibit with the Cincinnati Museum Center and to celebrate its reopening.”

- David J. Skorton, CEO of the Smithsonian Institution

  • “It is a privilege to get to add the Hope Diamond to our collection. It carries so much history and it is the perfect limited time addition to the museum.”

- Elizabeth Pierce, President and CEO of the Cincinnati Museum Center


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About Cincinnati Museum Center

Cincinnati Museum Center is known for its commitment to the past and in helping expand the knowledge of history. The center provides learning opportunities that help the public become aware of the rich history that is displayed within its walls. The center aims to spark a want to gain knowledge in people of all ages in areas such as science and history.

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