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NOVEMBER 8, 2010

Committee Members Present - Shari Shuman (Chair), Karen Patterson,

Adam Shapiro, Deb Kaye, Sitou Byll-Cataria, Mack Volk, Anthony Mack, Mladen Renier.

Others Present – Kristina Kvasnok (SG), Randall Robinson (SG), Michael McGuire (SG), Devany Groves (Budget), Everett Malcolm (Student Affairs), Chiquita Bryant (Financial Systems), Betty Garris (Student Affairs).

  1. Approval of November 2, 2010 Minutes

  • With no changes or corrections noted, the November 2, 2010 minutes were approved.

  1. Transportation Fee – Vince Smyth

  • Shuttle Service is currently in its 4th year of a 5 year contract with American Coach Lines.

  • Currently have 8 shuttles in service.

  • 1.6 million budget.

  • Currently have a transportation fee of 3.85 per credit hour.

  • No need at the present time to ask for additional funding.

  • Have a current fund balance of $500,000 to cover any needed capital costs such as:

  • Signage

  • More stops

  • Fuel Increase

  • Students are happy with current schedule and routes.

  • Contract renewal next year, but could extend current contract by 5 more years.

  1. Discussion - $1.75 fee increase

  • Shari Shuman began the discussion by telling the committee that with the change in government in Tallahassee we anticipate only being able to increase fees by 5%.

  • With regard to the Counseling Center, Anthony Mack stated that based on empirical data there is a necessity & need for an additional counselor to be funded for the Counseling Center.

  • Shari Shuman stated that over the past 2 years, we have added additional counselors and interns for the Counseling Center.

  • A funded counselor position would be a salary of $54,000 plus 32% for benefits. Position would require a PHD and 5 years of experience with eating disorders and substance abuse. Accreditation for the Counseling Center is also based on qualifications of the staff.

  • This position could also dovetail with the Healthy Osprey Coordinator position being requested.

  • Also noted that the discussion on the Counseling Center has been generated from the members of the Student Fee Assessment Committee and not from Student Affairs or the Director of the Center.

  • Other options for a counselor would be a part-time OPS position that would not include a benefit package.

  • Athletics submitted answers to questions regarding the fee increase requested.

  • Our NCAA Conference requires the University to have a Women’s Golf Team.

  • In order to fund promised scholarships, Athletics would have to cut other expenses if full amount requested is not granted.

  • Wellness Center – Proposed $1.11.

  • Not enough space in Student Union. If we don’t build enough space in the Wellness Center we will have the same issues.

  • Randall Robinson ran the numbers for staffing of the Wellness Center. Staffing will be required for 7 months. It would be easier to start asking for a smaller fee, then increase as time goes on.

  • SG visited other institutions that have Student Wellness Center such as the one that we are building, to get ideas on building operations and interior design.

  • Potential $700,000 in Fund Balance.

  • Shari reminded the committee that fee amounts that are voted upon by the committee are forwarded to the President for his consideration then takes the recommendations to the BOT, and was noted that the President believes Athletics needs a sizeable fee increase to effectively compete.

  • Motion to use the $1.75 as follows:

Student Government (Wellness Center) $1.11

Counseling Center $0.18

Health Promotions $0.10

Athletics $0.36

  • Anthony stated that the amounts that they motioned to approve is not in line with what the President is thinking regarding the distribution of the $1.75, although he is in support of the Student Wellness Center, he also sees the need for Athletics to receive their request to be competitive.

  • Mack Volk stated that the committee had not yet discussed the Health Osprey request for funding.

  • They are asking for $0.10 of the $1.75.

  • Anthony went back to the Counseling position and said if this is not a need at the present time, then we do not need to fund it at this time.

  • Everett Malcolm stated that the Fund Balance of the Counseling Center could accommodate the funding of staffing during a crisis.

  • Again Anthony stated that if there is not a need for a counselor then we need to take the $0.18 out of the package.

  • Randal Robinson stated that if Student Government reduced the proposed fee by $.11, less equipment would be purchased.

  • Sitou asked to rescind his previous motion and proposes that the SG cut the $1.11 that they are requesting for the Wellness Center to $1.00

  • Adam Shapiro indicated to the committee that we are not coming to a consensus by going one by one and need to reconsider the package idea.

  • Sitou explained to the committee that student fees need to serve all students in some way, not just a few.

  • If Athletics receives .47, which of their priorities will be met? They will be able to fund Women’s Golf at .42 with the .05 balance going to scholarships.

  • Motion by Siotu and seconded by Anthony to recommend the package for the $1.75 as follows:

Student Government (Wellness Center) $1.00

Counseling Center $0.18

Health Promotions $0.10

Athletics $0.47
Voting yes: Situ Byll-Cataria, Mack Volk, Anthony Mack, Mladen Renier

Voting no: Deb Kaye, Adam Shapiro, Karen Patterson

Vote 4-3
Shari will take the recommendations to President Delaney.
Meeting ended at 9:40 a.m.

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