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October 19, 2010

Committee Members Present - Shari Shuman (Chair), Karen Patterson, Bobby Waldrup,

Adam Shapiro, Deb Kaye, Sitou Byll-Cataria, Mack Volk, Anthony Mack, Mladen Renier.

Others in Attendance – Kristina Kvasnok (SG), Laurel Kendall (SG), Randall Robinson (SG), Michael McGuire (SG), Giovannie Medina (SG), Devany Groves (Budget), Shelly Purser (Health Promotion), Doreen Perez (Student Health Services), Mike Kennedy (Health Promotion), Becky Purser (Campus Recreation), Max Yeager (Spinnaker), Jenny Johnson (Campus Recreation), Everett Malcolm (Student Affairs), Karen McSheffrey (Student Health Services), Jim Baur (Campus Recreation), Chiquita Bryant (Financial Systems), Everett Sullivan (Spinnaker)

  1. Approval of October 7 Minutes

  • With the correction of Mack Volk’s name, the October 7 minutes were approved.

  1. Budget Presentations

  • There is no increase requested.

  • Doreen Perez noted that monies were saved this year through various means; decreased travel, purchasing H1N1 nasal mists rather than syringes, ordering less supplies not needed and releasing a nurse hired for assistance with the increased load during the H1N1 season.

  • Health Promotion has requested an increase of $.13.

  • The Healthy Osprey Initiative is a University wide initiative. Health Promotion to date has funded the program. The increase requested will fund a coordinator with benefits and operating expenses

  • Student Government is requesting an increase of $1.11.

  • The increase would assist in funding a fitness coordinator, group fitness instructor and student staff as well as other operating expenses (supplies, furniture, equipment and brochures) for the Student Wellness Center, expected to open in February 2012.

  • It was noted that Student Government would like to consider building out an additional 5,000 sq ft utilizing this year’s fee revenues rather than purchase equipment.

The next meeting is scheduled for October 28 at 8:30 am in the temporary President’s Conference Room (1/1701).

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