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421 N. Woodland Blvd., Unit 8407

DeLand, FL 32723

Tel.: (386) 822-7240, Fax: (386) 822-7245

e-mail:, website:

The Stetson Institute for Social Research (SISR) was founded in January 1993 as an educational, research, consultation, and evaluation resource for Stetson University students, faculty, and administrators, and for the surrounding community.

SISR’s main roles are to

  • Provide professional consultation, research, and evaluation services;

  • Design, implement, and manage basic and applied research (e.g., polls);

  • Act as a clearinghouse for research and consulting opportunities for Stetson faculty and students; and

  • Serve as a liaison between those seeking research services and SISR faculty affiliates and student researchers.

Guiding Principles

Faculty, staff, and students are well-trained in the ethics of social research and follow the guidelines established by professional social science associations, using research methods and procedures that produce valid and reliable results and that follow the principles of scientific inquiry.

Research, Consultation, and Evaluation
SISR’s goal is to produce reliable and valid research findings about social issues. SISR’s staff is available to consult and assist in the following areas:

  • Grant development

Assist in the development of one or more sections of a grant application, including those dealing with the various facets listed below.

  • Study design

Consider alternative research designs; define study populations; and identify appropriate sampling frames and procedures, data collection methods, and data analysis techniques.

  • Sampling

Advise on sampling designs, including defining study populations; specifying appropriate sample sizes; identifying appropriate sampling procedures, sources of telephone and face-to-face sampling frames, and sampling strategies; and providing estimates of sampling variability.

  • Instrument development and testing

Construct questions to facilitate and motivate responses and the recording of responses; and pretest the instrument.

  • Data collection

Advise on appropriate methods of data collection (e.g., mailed questionnaire, telephone interview, focus group) and timing of data collection (e.g., one-time cross-sectional, longitudinal); and collect data via mailed surveys, face-to-face interviews, telephone interviews, systematic observation, focus groups, experiment, ect.

  • Interviewing

Select, train, and supervise interviewers; prepare interviewer and field supervisor instructions; conduct interviews and focus groups; and verify interviews.

  • Data analysis

Determine the bases for hypotheses confirmation or rejection; code data for analysis; define a completed survey; enter data into electronic files and clean the data; and reduce data via descriptive and inferential statistics.

  • Project management

Describe the study design and methodology, including the study population, sampling procedures, response rate, and sample bias; instrument development; data collection and analysis; findings; and research instruments and codebooks.

SISR is committed to enhancing undergraduate and graduate students’ education by guiding them in meaningful research and instilling in them a strong sense of the social value of quality research. Hence, SISR prepares students to

  • Be knowledgeable research users, evaluators, and participants;

  • Anticipate the uses of social research in their careers in public service, education, and the private sector; and

  • Interact appropriately with research professionals and their clients.

Some Current and Former Clients
ACT Corporation

City of DeLand

Community Outreach Services

Daytona Beach Armory Redevelopment

Daytona Beach Community College

The Daytona Beach News Journal

Eckerd College

Florida Hospital-DeLand

Florida Academy for Excellence in Teaching

The House Next Door

Monroe County School Board

National Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism and the Office of

Domestic Preparedness, U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Reality House

Stetson University

Stewart-Marchman Treatment Center

Volusia Community Learning Center

Volusia County Government

Volusia County Public Library

Volusia County School Board



Workforce Development Boards of Brevard, Flagler and Volusia Counties

Working Arrangements
Clients are encouraged to use SISR’s expertise as early as possible in the research process. Call the director for more information.
The SISR staff will be happy to meet with potential clients to discuss proposed research projects and to respond to formal requests for proposals. The staff will then determine the feasibility of Stetson working with clients, given the availability of faculty research affiliates and other staff, the timing of he project, and other resources. Project schedules, budget, and staffing will be determined and agreed upon by SISR and the client before the project begins.
Once the project is completed, clients are expected to acknowledge SISR in reports, publications, and other forms of communication.

SISR Staff
John K. Schorr, Ph.D., Director

216 Davis Hall

421 N. Woodland Blvd, Unit 8407

Stetson University

DeLand, FL 32723

Phone: (386) 822-7085


Fax: (386) 822-7245

Diana Croasmun, Senior Secretary

218 Davis Hall

421 N. Woodland Blvd, Unit 8387

Stetson University

DeLand, FL 32723

Phone: (386) 822-7240


Faculty Research Associates
Bruce Bradford, Ph.D., Geography and Environmental Science

Diane D. Everett, Ph.D., Sociology

James E. Mallett, Ph.D., Finance

Stuart Michelson, Ph.D., Finance

Carolyn Nicholson, Ph.D., Marketing

John K. Schorr, Ph.D., Sociology

Robert K. Sitler, Ph.D., Spanish and Latin American Studies

Mercedes S. Tichenor, Ph.D., Education

John Tichenor, Ph.D., Director of Institutional Research

Governance and Policy Committee
Grady Ballenger, Ph.D., Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
John K. Schorr, Ph.D., Director, Sociology
Diane D. Everett, Ph.D., Past Director, Sociology
Bruce Bradford, Ph.D., Geography

Carl D. Cochran, Ph.D., Psychology

Anne M. Hallum, Ph.D., Political Science

Elizabeth D. Heins, Ph.D., Education

William R. Nylen, Ph.D., Political Science

Kathy Jo Piechura-Couture, Ph.D., Education

Ranjini L. Thaver, Ph.D., Economics

John Tichenor, Ph.D., Director of Institutional Research

Mercedes S. Tichenor, Ed.D., Education

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