Star Point System Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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Star Point System

Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

We pray and hope that this letter reaches you in the best of iman and health. We have introduced a new star and reward system in our Maktab program. Students are given points daily for successfully completing seven different tasks, which are listed and explained below:

1: Attendance- If they miss one day, it can never be substituted!

2: Punctuality- In our Organized Maktab program teaching is done collectively. This means that if they delay even by 5 minutes, they can miss out an entire subject

3: Islamic Sunnah clothing- Each student must wear appropriate Islamic clothing which is in accordance to the Sunnah. This is to train them with Sunnah habits as well as educate them, that Islam is a complete way of life. Boys must wear a white kufi and a white jubbah or shalwar qamees which is above the ankles. Girls must wear modest loose clothing, preferably a black or dark color burqah and niqab/ hijab for those below nine years of age.

4: Lesson signing- Parents must sign after each lesson in their child's Maktab book. Please remember that they have 5 different subjects, so kindly sign in each one. This will keep you informed about your child's progress as well as to let you keep an eye on whether they practice what they have learned.

5: Salah chart- Parents must fill out the Salah chart given at the end of the Maktab book. Salah is the most important command of Allah, we must make it their habit before they reach maturity.

6: Good Behavior- Our objective is to build (Taqwa and Tarbiyah) the fear of Allah and good character in their life.

7: Practicing Sunnah- As we teach them Deen, we encourage them to practice as well. They are asked daily if they have practiced. Parents can help them practice too so they earn an extra point as well as reward from Allah.

  • Students can earn 29 points a week.

  • Students can earn a star with every 7 points. 

  • If they earn all 29 points in a month, they will be given a bonus star.

  • The stars earned will be added up and the child with the most stars will be given a gift at month end inshallah.



Salah Chart

Lesson Sign



Sunnah Practice








This star and award system is to encourage your kids to perform the best they can. For this reason, we humbly request all the parents to take this system seriously and assist their child to do the best.

Please be the example you want to see in your child. Make Dua for them and us daily.


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