Spook Handy’s “Folk Revival!”

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Spook Handy’s “Folk Revival!”
Remember the good days of Peter Paul and Mary, Bob Dylan, Pete Seeger? People sang along and felt a real sense that their generation was going to do something big. And they did! All of those dreams live on in the great folk songs of the 50’s and 60’s and new songs, written in the same spirit, that share the message that we can continue to make the world a better place.
Let’s get together and re-experience the passion, purpose and spirit of American folk music. They are alive and well at Spook's concerts. And there’s no wonder why. Spook has studied under Pete Seeger since the two first met in 2003 and Spook plays several concerts each year with Pete – sometimes as a back up musician, sometimes swapping songs. As a result, when Spook plays solo or with The Spook Handy Trio or Spook Handy Quartet, people can’t help but feel moved by the music. It’s a rare occasion when the whole room isn’t singing along.
Share the passion that resonates in Spook’s concerts as he sings the story of America – its history, its values, its promise. His songs open people's hearts and reaffirm our shared humanity. His live performances have been said to “take the humor of Arlo Guthrie, the sincerity of John Denver, the courage of Pete Seeger, the boldness of Phil Ochs and the lyrical wit of John Prine and merge them into one cohesive voice full of hope and promise.”
Great for Arts Centers, Colleges, Libraries, Active Adult communities and anywhere else people want to experience the living spirit of American folk music.
The Spook Handy Trio

Photo by Gary Blanchard

The experience gets even better when Spook surrounds himself with the best acoustic accompaniment available.
Trio members include:
Paul Prestopino
Perhaps you’ve seen Paul on the PBS special staring Peter Paul and Mary. He’s the other Paul – the one who toured as their back-up musician for 15 years. Before that he toured with John Denver for 5 years and is currently touring with Spook or the Chad Mitchell Trio. He’s recorded with these groups as well as with Aerosmith, Pete Seeger, and dozens more. Famous not only for his great accompaniment but for his signature overalls and different colored socks on each foot, he plays Mandolin, Dobro, Banjo, Harmonica and 12-String Guitar.

Bob Harris

Bob has recorded on and produced nearly 1000 albums with some of the industry's top acoustic and country musicians. A member of fiddle legend Vassar Clements' band for 15 years, Bob won the prestigious Guitar Player International's "Ultimate Guitar Competition" in 1992 and recorded on and produced Johnny Cash albums. He has had songwriting contracts with Tree Publishing (later know as Sony Tree), Movieville Music and has written with Country Music Hall of Fame writer Jerry Foster.

Gary OleyarFor extra kicks, Gary sometimes tags along, too. Gary toured for years with bluegrass legend Vassar Clements and currently tours with Loggins and Messina. His brilliant improvisation and contagious energy compliments Spook’s singing and guitar picking perfectly. Gary plays Violin, Mandolin and electric guitar.
What’s right for you?
Spook always tailors his concerts to fit the needs of the presenter and the tastes of the audience. Whether at a theater, concert hall, festival, arts center, college, school, library, gazebo or senior center and whether you hire Spook solo or the Trio or the Quartet, you are in for a treat.
More info can be found at www.spookhandy.com.
Spook Handy’s “Folk Revival!” incorporates NJ Core Curriculum Standards: 1.5, 3.4, 6.1, 6.2, 6.4 and 6.6. Find out about other programs Spook offers on the Programs page at www.spookhandy.com

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