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Polymer-Layered Double Hydroxide Nanocomposite For Oxyanions Removal

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Polymer-Layered Double Hydroxide Nanocomposite For Oxyanions Removal

Bernabe L. RIVAS, Mónica Perez, Nathaly Lampre, Bruno F. Urbano (U. Concepcion, Chile)

Sintering And Biomineralization Behavior Of Bioglass Nanoparticles Decorated Carbon Nanofiber

Xiaolong Jia, Gang Li, Cuihua Zhang, Tianhong Tang, Qing Cai, Xiaoping Yang (Beijing U. Chem.Tech., China)

Tailoring Of Composites Interlaminar Properties By The Use On Nanofilled Veils Gianluca CICALA , Alberta Latteri, Salvatore Mannino,

Giulia Ognibene, Giulia Cozzo, Antonino Recca (U. Catania, Italy)

Eco-Composites Based On Thermoset And Thermoplastic Bio-Matrices Reinforced With Natural Fibres Alberta LATTERI, Gianluca Cicala, A.D.

LaRosa, Enrico Parrinello (U. Catania, Italy) Gerhard Ziegmann, Ahmed El Saab (Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Germany) ppp

Session 10c MATH 10

Thursday 9:00AM-11:00AM Room C Chair: Mario M. Attard, co-chairs: R. Khan, D.J. Kim

Localised Buckling Analysis Of Continuous Welded Rail Tracks Using A Sandwich Model

Jianbei Zhu, Mario M. ATTARD, David Kellermann (U. New South Wales, Sydney, Australia)

Localised Buckling Analysis Of Continuous Welded Rail Tracks Using A Sandwich Model

Jianbei Zhu, Mario M. ATTARD, David Kellermann (U. New South Wales, Sydney, Australia)

Nonlocal Mechanics For Nanostructures Tony MURMU (U. West Scotland, UK), Sondipon Adhikari (Swansea U., UK)

Fractographic Investigation On The Effect Of Fatigue Load On The Mode I Delamination Growth In Carbon Epoxy Laminates

Rafiullah KHAN, Saeed Badshah (IIUI, Islamabad, Pakistan)

Computational and Analytical Solutions to Functionally Graded Plates Sandeep M. SHIYEKAR (Rajarambapu Inst.Tech., India)

Effect of Fiber Geometry On Pullout Resistance Of Deformed NiTiNb SMA Fibers Dong-Joo KIM, Hee Ae Kim (Sejong U., Seoul, S. Korea),

Eunsoo Choi (Hongik U., Seoul, S. Korea), Young-Soo CHUNG (Chung-Ang U., Seoul)

Experimental And Numerical Estimation Of The Strain Rate Of A Honeycomb Sandwich Panel With Aluminum Skins And Nomex Core

Andrea GILIOLI, Andrea Manes, Marco Giglio (Politec. Milano, Italy)

Influence of Sea Water Absorption on Long-Term Flexural Properties of Bismaleimide Composite for Marine Use

Yian ZHAO, Zhiying Wang, Leong Keey Seah (Nanyang T.U., Singapore)

Session 10d GENERAL 10

Thursday 9:00AM-11:00AM small room Chairs: S.K. Varma, M. Himmerlich, co-chair: T.H. Song

Correlation Between Stoichiometry, Surface States, Adsorbates And Electronic Properties Of Polar And Nonpolar InN Surfaces

Marcel HIMMERLICH, Anja Eisenhardt, Stephanie Reiß, Stefan Krischok (TU Ilmenau, Germany)

Effect Of Ni/SiC Particle Size As A Reinforcement In Bronze Matrix Composites Produced By A Combination Of Electroless Coating And Rapid

Current Sintering Techniques Mehmet Uysal, Muhammet KARTAL, Ramazan Karslıoglu, Hatem Akbulut, Ahmet Alp (Sakarya U., Turkey)

Study of Fly Ash Filled Polybutylene Terepthalate Composites For Automotive Applications

Vivek. R. GAVAL, P.A. Mahanawar (Inst.Chem.Tech., Mumbai, India)

Effect Of B On The Oxidation Behavior of Nb-25Cr-15Mo-20Si-XB Alloys For High Temperature Applications In Aerospace Industry

Kathryn S. Thomas, S.K. VARMA (U. Texas at El Paso)

Structure And Multifunctional Properties Of The Composite Systems Containing The Hydrophilic And Hydrophobic Active Components On The Porous Polyethylene

Films Galina K. ELYASHEVICh, E. Yu Rosova, I.S. Kuryndin (Russian Acad Sci, St.Petersburg), V.P. Shibaev (Moscow State U.), V. Bukosek

(U. Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Exploring The Processing Technology To Handle Pure Urethane Resins In The Pultrusion Process Jeff MARTIN (Martin Pultrusion Group, USA)

Rheological Behaviour Of An Epoxy-Diamine Binders Modified By Commercial Polysulfones During The Isothermal Cure

Alexander V. SOLOPCHENKO, S.V. Turbeev, M.Y. Yablokova, A.V. Kepman (Lomonosov Moscow St.U., Russia)

Dielectric Constant Variation By Resin Content Of Glass/CNT-Epoxy Composites Tae-Hoon SONG, Chun-Gon Kim, Won-Ho Choi, Jae-Hwan Shin

(KAIST, Daejeon, S. Korea), Won-Jun Lee (Daejeon, S. Korea)

Session 11a INFRASTR 3

Thursday 11:00AM-1:00PM Room A Chair: T.C. Rousakis, co-chairs: T.C. Rousakis, S.A. Grammatikos

Advanced Database Of Concrete Beams Strengthened In Shear With FRPs T.C. Rousakis, Maria E. Saridaki (DUTh, Xanthi, Greece)

Altering The Tension Behavior of GFRP Using Carbon Nanotubes

Eslam Soliman (Assiut U., Egypt), Moneeb Genedy, Mahmoud Reda TAHA (U. New Mexico, Albuquerque)

Simulating The Viscoelastic Effect In Storage On Deployment Efficiency Of Thin Frp Composites

Sherif Aboubakr (U. New Mexico, Albuquerque), Eslam SOLIMAN (Assiut U., Assiut, Egypt), Mahmoud Reda Taha (U. New Mexico)

Effects Of Surface Contact Conditions, Surface Sliding and Dynamic Wave Propagation On Tarred Road Surface and Substrate

Simphiwe NQABISA, G.J. Oliver, M. Kaunda (Cape Peninsula U. T.,Belleville, S. Africa)

Wood-Plastic Composites Structural Performance In Hot Environment Con ADAM (Monash U., Australia)

On The Environmental Degradation Assessment Of Pultruded Fibre Reinforced Polymers

Sotirios A. GRAMMATIKOS, Richard J. Ball, Mark Evernden (U. Bath, UK)

Accelerated Ageing Of Pultruded Fibre Reinforced Polymers: Physical, And Mechanical Characterization Behrouz ZAFARI (U. Warwick, UK)

Confinement With High Deformability Fiber Ropes In Existing Reinforced Concrete Structure

T.C. Rousakis, Maria K. Kardala, Ioannis MOUMTZIS, Michalis Stylianou (D.U.Th., Xanthi, Greece)

Session 11b TEXTILE 2

Thursday 11:00AM-1:00PM Room B Chairs: Sandra Bichof, Sneha Samal, M. Fan

The Influence of Pretreatment of Spartium Junceum L. Fibres on Mechanical Properties of PLA Biocomposites Zorana KOVACEVIC,

Edita Vujasinovic, Sandra Bischof (U. Zagreb, Croatia), Mizi Fan (Brunell U., UK)

Conduct Of Multiple Soil and Stain Repulsive Finishes On Cotton Fabric Tear Strengt In Addition To Other Attributes

S. Muhammad NAWAZ, Baber Shahbaz, Zeeshan Nawaz, Allah Bakhsh (Agri. Univ. Faisalabad, Pakistan)

Fabrication Of Nanoyarns For Knitting, Weaving And Braiding George STYLIOS (Heriot-Watt U., UK)

Enhanced Thermal, Mechanical Strength Of Fabric Reinforced Composite At Elevated Temperature

Sneha SAMAL, Iva Petrikova, Bohdana Marvalova (TU Liberec, Czech Rep.)

Effect of Nanotalc Coating on the Surface of Polyester Filament for the Textile Application

Dattatraya P. KAKAD (V.J.T.I, Matunga, Mumbai,India)

Modeling The Non-Linear Deformation Of Flax-Fiberreinforced Polymer Matrix Composites Janis ANDERSONS (U. of Latvia, Riga)

Thermal Property Of Nonwoven Fabrics From Different Testing Methods

Guocheng ZHU, Dana Kremenakova, Jana Grabmullerova, Mazari Adnan Ahmed, Yan Wang

(TU Liberec, Czech Rep.)
Session 11c MATH 11

Thursday 11:00AM-1:00PM Room C Chair: Salih Akpinar, co-chair: Kursat Gultekin

Theoretical Modelling of Life Prediction of Epoxy-carbon Composite Materials

Zhiying WANG, Leong Keey Seah, Yian Zhao (Nanyang T.U., Singapore)

Damage Accumulation and Lifetime Modeling Of Locomotive Tire Under Conditions Of Extreme Uncertainty

Valeriy LEPOV , Albert Grigoriev (IPTPN ,YSN, Russia) invited

Stochastic Structural Modeling Of Crack Dynamics Kyunna LEPOVA, Michael Onopin, Valeriy Lepov (IPTPN, YSN, Russia) invited

Dynamic And Static Mechanical Strength Of Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Polycarbonate Composites

Prashant JINDAL (Panjab U., Chandigarh, India), Navin Kumar (Indian Inst.Tech. Ropar)

Non-Linear Dynamic Instability Analysis Of Sandwich Panels Subjected To Periodic In-Plane Loadings

Tanish DEY, L.S. Ramachandra (Indian Inst Tech-KGP)

Modelling The Low-Velocity Impact Damage And Compression After Impact (CAI) Strength Of Composite Laminates

Wei TAN, Brian G. Falzon (Queen’s U. Belfast, UK), Louis N.S. Chiu (Monash U., Clayton, Australia), Mark Price (Queen’s U. Belfast)

Effect Of Graphene Nanocomposite Adhesives On The Strength Of Adhesively Bonded Single-Lap Joint Volkan Acar, Kursat Gultekin

(Ataturk U., Erzurum, Turkey), Salih Akpinar (Erzurum T.U., Turkey), Gulsah Alar Oner (Ataturk U.), Hamit AKBULUT, Adnan Ozel

(Ataturk U., Erzurum, Turkey)

Effect Of Carbon Nanotube Added Adhesive On The Strength Of Adhesively Bonded Joint Gulsah Alar ONER (Ataturk U., Erzurum Turkey),

Salih AKPINAR (Erzurum T.U., Turkey), Kursat Gultekin, Volkan Acar, Adnan Ozel (Ataturk U., Turkey)

Session 11d GENERAL 11

Thursday 11:00AM-1:00PM small room Chair: Debes Bhattacharyya, co-chairs: N.K. Kim, D.E. Kim

Applications, Markets and Economical Aspects of Nanotechnology Related Products New Donor–Acceptor Benzotrithiophene-Containing

Conjugated Polymers For Solar Photovoltaic Cells Mikhail M. KRAYUSHKIN, M.L. Keshtov, I.O. Konstantinov, S.A. Kuklin (RAS, Moscow, Russia),

V.S. Kochurov (Lomonosov Moscow St.U., Russia), N.A. Radychev (U. Oldenburg, Germany), A.R. Khokhlov (RAS, Moscow, Russia), Matthias WERNER,

Vili Igel (NMTC, Berlin, Germany)

Processing and Properties of W–ZrC Composites for High- Temperature Applications Jae-Hee Kim, Shinhoo KANG (Seoul Nat.U., S. Korea)

New Donor–Acceptor Benzotrithiophene-Containing Conjugated Polymers For Solar Photovoltaic Cells Mikhail M. KRAYUSHKIN,

M.L. Keshtov, I.O. Konstantinov, S.A. Kuklin (RAS, Moscow, Russia), V.S. Kochurov (Lomonosov Moscow St.U., Russia), N.A. Radychev

(U. Oldenburg, Germany), A.R. Khokhlov (RAS, Moscow, Russia)

Effects of Fibres and Fire Retardant on Flammabilityof Wool Fibre/Polypropylene Composites

Nam Kyeun KIM, Richard J.T. Lin, Debes Bhattacharyya (U. Auckland, New Zealand)

Chemical Reduction and Electronic Properties of Graphene Oxide

Velram Balaji MOHAN, Krishnan Jayaraman, Debes Bhattacharyya (U. Auckland, New Zealand)

Effects of Fibres and Fire Retardant on Flammability of Wool Fibre/Polypropylene Composites

Nam Kyeun Kim, Richard J.T. Lin, Debes BHATTACHARYYA (U. Auckland, New Zealand)

Surface Properties of Composite Coatings Prepared by Electrodynamic Spraying Process

Hae-Jin Kim, Dae-Eun KIM (Yonsei U., Seoul, S. Korea)

Multifunctional Nanocomposites For Active Packaging Applications: Actual Trends And Perspectives

Loredana TAMMARO, Giuliana Gorrasi (U. Salerno, Italy)

work in progress session Thursday 1:00PM-2:00PM Lunch time, Student presentations

Poisson’s Ratios And Stent Geometry Design Daphne Attard, Ruben Gatt, Aaron R. Casha, Luke Mizzi, Roberto Caruana-Gauci, Joseph N. Grima (U. Malta)

Other presentations welcome

ICCE-22 Malta

Session 12a NANO 2

Thursday 2:00PM-4:00PM Room A Chair: Jose M. Castro, co-chairs: M. Lo Faro, V. Kovacevic

POSS Based Nanocomposites Giulia OGNIBENE, Gianluca Cicala, Salvatore Mannino, Ignazio Blanco, Maria Elena Fragala, Paola Bottino,

Antonino Recca (U. Catania, Italy)

Urethane-Based Nanocomposite Materials With Antifungal Properties

Anayansi ESTRADA Monje, David Alfonso Camarena Pozos (CIATEC, Guanajuato, Mexico),

Aligning Carbon Nanotubes Using Bulk Acoustic Waves To Reinforce Polymer Composites Bart RAEYMAEKERS (U. Utah, Salt Lake City)

CNTs Surface Modification To Improve Their Dispersion In High-Viscosity HDPE Matrix: Evaluation Of Mechanical, Electrical and Thermal

Behavior Pascal Van VELTHEM, F. Tao, D. Auhl (U.Cath.Louvain, Belgium), L. Bonnaud, P. Dubois, (U. Mons, Belgium), C. Bailly

(U.Cath.Louvain, Belgium)

Progress On Nanocomposite Materials For SOFCs at CNR-ITAE

Massimiliano LoFARO, Domenico Minutoli, Stefano Trocino, Sabrina C. Zignani, Antonino S. Arico (CNR-ITAE, Messina, Italy) invited

Composites of Different Polymers With WS2 Nanoparticles and Nanotubes Alla ZAK (Holon Inst., Israel), R. Tenne (Weizmann Inst., Israel),

L. Rapoport (Holon Inst.), H. Dodiuk (Shenkar Coll, Israel), E. Zussman (Technion, Israel Inst.Tech.)

The Effects Of Nanofillers On The Properties Of Polylactide (PLA) Composites And Blends Vera KOVACEVIC, Domagoj Vrsaljko,

Sanja Lucic Blagojevic, Mirela Leskovac, Zrinka Buhin, Dejan Macut (U. Zagreb, Croatia)

Investigation Into The Effects Of Emulsifier Type On Emulsion Polymerization Of Styrene 2-Ethyl Hexyl Acrylate Based Copolymers

Mehlika Özdemir ALP (Kocaeli U., Turkey)
Session 12b PHYSICS 3

Thursday 2:00PM-4:00PM Room B Chair: Kiyoshi Mizuuchi, co-chairs: M. Koehler, M. Sobanska

Processing of Al/Diamond Composites in Solid-Liquid Co-Existent State By SPS and their Thermal Conductivity Kiyoshi MIZUUCHI

(Osaka Municipal Tech Res.Inst., Japan), Kanryu Inoue (U. Washington, Seattle), Yasuyuki Agari, Masami Sugioka, Motohiro Tanaka,

Takashi Takeuchi, Jun-ichi Tani (Osaka M.T.R.I., Japan), Masakazu Kawahara (Fuji Elec., Kawasaki, Japan), Yukio Makino (Kyoto U.),

Mikio Ito (Osaka U.) chair

Synthesis And Properties Of Gold-Oligoaniline-Graphene Composite Valentinas SNITKA, Nora Grinceviciute (Kaunas U.T., Lithuania)

Enhanced Catalyst-Free Nucleation of GaN Nanowires On Amorphous Al2O3 By Plasma-Assisted

Catalyst-Free Growth And Properties of GaN Nanowires Grown By Plasma-Assisted Molecular Beam Epitaxy

Zbigniew R. ZYTKIEWICZ, Marta Sobanska, Kamil Klosek, Aleksandra Wierzbicka, Jolanta Borysiuk (Polish Acad Sci, Warsaw)

Molecular Beam Epitaxy Marta SOBANSKA, Kamil Klosek, Aleksandra Wierzbicka, Jolanta Borysiuk, Giorgi Tchutchulasvili, Sylwia Gieraltowska,

Zbigniew R. Zytkiewicz (Polish Acad Sci, Warsaw)

Magnetically Responsive Biological Waste Materials For Xenobiotics Removal Ivo SAFARIK, Katerina Horska, Eva Baldikova (Inst.Nanobiotech.,

Budejovice, Czech Rep.), Kristyna Pospiskova (Palacky U., Olomouc, Czech Rep.), Zdenka Maderova, Mirka Safarikova (Int. Nanobiotech.)

Rheological Percolation Of Graphene Nanowire And Poly(Vinylidene) Fluoride W/O Copper Nanoparticles Leela RAKESH, Brooke Berwald

(Central Michigan U., Mt. Pleasant),Nalinda Almeida (Mentor, Ohio) chair

On Propagation Of Plane Waves Along The Symmetry Axis In A Piezoelectromagnetic Crystall Of Class 2 Adriano MONTANARO (U. Padua, Italy)

Electrical And Mechanical Properties Of Graphene-Based Cellulose Composite Films Ibrahim Sen, Yoldas Seki (Dokuz Eylul U., Izmir, Turkey),

Mehmet Sarıkanat (Ege U., Bornova, Turkey), Kutlay SEVER (Katip Celebi U., Izmir, Turkey), Baris Oguz Gurses (Ege U.), Okan Ozdemir,

Ozgun Cem Yılmaz, Levent Cetin (Dokuz Eylul U., Izmir), Omer Mermer (Ege U.)
Session 12c MATH 12

Thursday 2:00PM-4:00PM Room C Chair: Eva Kormanikova, co-chairs: D.S. Kim, E. Kormanikova

A Study On The Strength Of Nanoadhesively Bonded Joint Subjected To Bending Moment Kursat GULTEKIN, Adnan Ozel (Ataturk U., Erzurum,

Turkey), Salih Akpinar (Erzurum T.U., Turkey), Hamed Ghaffarzadeh Jahanpasand, Gulsah Alar Oner (Ataturk U., Erzurum, Turkey)

Al-CNT Composites: Influence Of Dispersion/Mixture Time In Mechanical Properties

Sonia SIMOES, F. Viana (U. Porto, Portugal), M.A.L. Reis (U.Fed Para, Brazil), Manuel F. Vieira (U. Porto)

Production and Characterization of Ni/Al Laminated Composite Manuel F. VIEIRA, Sonia Simoes, F. Viana (U. Porto, Portugal)

Copper-CNT Nanocomposites Films Filomena Viana, Ruben F. SANTOS, Sonia. Simoes, Manuel F. Vieira (U. Porto, Portugal)

Failure Strength Of Composites With Short Fibres Eva KORMANIKOVA, Kamila Kotrasova (U. Kosice, Slovak Rep.)

Experimental Investigation on the Fracture Toughness of Seawater-Absorbed Epoxy/CNT/Basalt Composites Sang Woo Lee, Kyong Yop RHEE

(Kyung Hee U., Yongin, S. Korea), Hyeon Ju Kim, Dong Ho Jung (Korea Inst.Ocean Sci.Tech., Daejeon, S. Korea)

A Study On The Tensile Properties of Fe3O4/GO/Chitosan Nanocomposites Dae Sung KIM, Kyong Yop Rhee (Kyung Hee U., Yongin, S. Korea),

Hyeon Ju Kim, Dong Ho Jung (Korea Inst.Ocean Sci.Tech., Daejeon, S. Korea)

Analysis Of Cylindrical Composite Shell Structure Kamila Kotrasova, Eva Kormanikova (TU Kosice, Slovak Rep.) ppp
Session 12d GENERAL 12

Thursday 2:00PM-4:00PM small room Chair: Bin Zhu, co-chairs: J. Fernandez, A. Okruszek

Development Of Syringe Pump And Study Of Two Phase Flow In Serpentine Capillary Channel Shivakumar RAMACHANDR, Samita Maitra,

Manas Manohar, Srijan Kumar Vaidyanathan (B.M.S. Coll., Bangalore, India)

Multifunctional Nanocoposites For Single Layer Fuel Cell Bin ZHU (KTH, Sweden and Hubei U., Wuhan, China) invited

Manufacturing Of Aluminium Strips By Complex Rolling Process

Wlodzimierz BOCHNIAK, A. Korbel, M. Lagoda, M. Prokopowicz (AGH Univ Sci Tech, Krakow, Poland)

Evaluation of the Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Polyester/Carbonized Maize Stalk Particulate Composites Suleiman B. HASSAN

(U. Lagos, Yaba, Nigeria), J.E. Oghenevweta (Ahmadu Bello U.,Zaria, Nigeria), V.S. Aigbodion (U. Nigeria, Nsukka)

Coconut Shell Particles Reinforced Epoxy Bio-Composites: Morphological And Mechanical Properties Study Victor S. AIGBODION

(U. Nigeria, Nsukka), Suleiman B. Hassan (U. Lagos, Akoka, Nigeria)

Utilization Of Biomass For The Preparation Of Environmentally Friendly Polymer Materials

Wlodzimierz Dondzik, Andrzej OKRUSZEK (Lodz Univ.Tech., Poland)

Nanocomposites Cables For Flame Retardant Use Guenter BEYER (EUREGIO, Belgium)

A Nanoestructured Coating For Improving Hole Making Operations

J. FERNANDEZ-Larronoa, L.N. Lopez de Lacalle, S. Rodriguez, I. Azkona, R. Polvorosa (EHU, Spain)

ICCE-22 Malta

Session 13a METAL 3

Thursday 4:10PM-6:10PM Room A Chairs: Nabil Bassim, Vaclav Sklenicka, co-chair: Marie Kvapilova

Characteristics Of Tribology For Micro Pattern Using Ultrasonic Hole Machine

M.J. Shin, S.M. Choi, J.S. Kim, J.M. Park, S.G. Kwon, S.W. Chung, S.H. Kwon, Wonsik CHOI (Pusan Nat. U., S. Korea)

Effect Of Stacking Fault Energy On Mechanical Behaviors Of Nanocrystalline Cu And Cu-Al Alloys

Fei WANG, Ping HUANG (Xian Jiaotong U., China)

Properties Of Copper - Alumina Composites Simultaneously Prepared By Internal Oxidation And Mechanical Alloying

Viseslava RAJKOVIC, Dusan Bozic, Jelena Stasic, Jovana Ruzic (U. Belgrade, Serbia)

XPS Analysis Of AISI 304l SS After Electropolishing K. Rokosz (Koszalin U.T., Poland), F. Simon (Leibniz Inst., Dresden, Germany),

Tadeusz HRYNIEWICZ, S. Rzadkiewicz (Koszalin U.T., Poland)

Creep Flow Mechanisms And Fracture Processes In Magnesium Metal Matrix Composites

Vaclav SKLENICKA, Kveta Kucharova, Marie Kvapilova, Milan Svoboda (Acad. Sci. Czech Rep., Brno)

Evolution Of Yield Surface Of Al/Cu Bimetallic Sheet Robert USCINOWICZ (Bialystok U.T., Poland)

Fatigue and Impact of Metallic Alloys Nabil BASSIM (U. Manitoba, Canada)

Effect of SPD On Heat Capacity Of Cold Rolled Gd Ribbons Sergey V. TASKAEV (Chelyabinsk St.U., Russia), K. Skokov (TU Darmstadt,

Germany), V. Khovaylo, V. Buchelnikov, A. Pellenen, D. Karpenkov, M. Ulyanov 1, D. Bataev 1, M. Lyange (Russia) ppp

Modern Problems In Composite Laser Treatment, Numerical Simmulation And Measuring Methods

Milesa SRECKOVIC, Viseslava Rajkovic, A. Grujic, M. Dinulovic, D. Naumovic, B. Kaluderovic, V. Fotev (BG, Serbia) ppp

Session 13b NOVEL MAG 3 (organized by THO)

Thursday 4:10PM-6:10PM Room B Chairs: F. Canepa, P. Badica, co-chair: T. Endo

Plasmonic Enhancement Of Faraday Effect In Ferrite And Metal Nanoparticles Composite Precipitated

Inside Glass Seisuke NAKASHIMA, K. Mukai (Yokohama U., Japan), K. Sugioka, K. Midorikawa

(RIKEN, Japan), K. Tanaka (Kyoto U., Japan) invited

Magnetic Properties Of Complex Intermetallic Compounds Au-M-R(R=rare-earth)

Ryuji TAMURA, Tadanobu Hiroto (Tokyo U. of Science, Japan)

Spin Coated Bi-Sr-Ca-Cu-O Films Kazuhiro Endo, Yasushi Tateno (Kawasawa I.T., Japan), Shunichi Arisawa (NIMS, Ibaraki, Japan), Tamio Endo

(Mie U., Japan), Hiroshi Kezuka (Tokyo U.T., Japan), Petre Badica (NIMP, Magurele, Romania) invited

Electromagnetic Waves Emitted From Heusler Alloy At Structiral Phase Transition Igor V. BYCHKOV, Dmitry A. Kuzmin (Chelyabinsk

State U., Russia), Aleksander P. Kamantsev, Victor V. Koledov, Dmitry S. Kuchin, Dmitry S. Kalenov, Vladimir G. Shavrov

(RAS, Moscow, Russia)

Absorption Of Electromagnetic Waves By Graphene – Magnetic Semiconductor Multylayered Structure

Dmitry A. KUZMIN, Igor V. Bychkov (Chelyabinsk State U., Russia), Vladimir G. Shavrov (RAS, Moscow, Russia)

Session 13c MATH 13

Thursday 4:10PM-6:10PM Room C Chair: Min-Sik Lee, co-chairs: S. Yilmaz, V. Dikovsky

Uncertain Dynamics of FGM Nano-Beams Marcelo Tulio PIOVAN (UTN, Argentina)

The Influence Of Disorientation Of Reinforcement On Deformation And Strength Of Glass-Plastic Tubes Under Uniaxial Tension

Koryun KARAPETYAN, G. Manukyan (MECHINS, Armenia)

The Effect of Process Parameters On Epoxy Flow Behavior And Formability with CR340/CFRP Composites By Different Laminating In Deep

Drawing Process Min-Sik LEE, S.J. Kim, O.D. Lim, C.G. Kang (Pusan Nat. U., S. Korea)

Fracture Toughness Evaluation Of Toughened Polyamide 6 With Lotader And Chain Extenders

Sinan YILMAZ, Taner Yilmaz (Kocaeli U., Turkey)

Evaluation Of The Young’s Modulus Of CDS Nanoparticles From The Data Of Scanning Tunneling Microscopy

Valery DIKOVSKY, E. Peretz, A. Hazarika, R.Z Shneck (Ben-Gurion U. Negev, Israel), D.D. Sarma (Indian Inst Sci. Bangalore),

Y. Manassen (Ben-Gurion U. Negev, Israel)

Utilization of the DOProC Method In Materials Engineering Martin KREJSA, Radim Cajka (VSB, Tech. Univ. Ostrava, Czech Rep.) invited

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