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  1. Upper jaw (maxilla)

  2. Nasal bone (os nasale)

  3. Lacrimal bone (os lacrimale)

  4. Facial bone (os zygomaticum)

  5. Vomer

  6. Palatine bone (os palatinum)

  7. Inferior nasal concha (concha nasalis inferior)

8. Mandible (mandibula)

9. Hyoid bone (os hyoideum)

Have a look in your atlases on all suturas and surroundings bones as well!
Maxilla - Upper jaw
Body of maxilla – corpus maxillae

Frontal process – processus frontalis

Zygomatic process – processus zygomaticus

Alveolar process – processus alveolaris

Palatinal process – processus palatinus
Body of maxilla – corpus maxillae

Facies anterior - Facies orbitalis - Facies nasalis - Facies infratemporalis

Anterior surface of the maxillar body – facies anterior corporis maxillae

infraorbital foramen – foramen infraorbitale

nasal notch – incisura nasalis

canine fossa – fossa canina
Orbital surface of the maxillar body – facies orbitalis corporis maxillae

infraorbital margin – margo infraorbitalis

infraorbital groove – sulcus infraorbitalis

infraorbital canal – canalis infraorbitalis

anterior alveolar canales for the teeth – canales alveolares anteriores
Nasal surface of the maxillar body – facies nasalis corporis maxillae

Entrance to the maxillar sinus – hiatus sinus maxillaris

Maxillar sinus – sinus maxillaris (paranasal sinus)

Lacrimal groove – sulcus lacrimalis (canalis nasolacrimalis)

Infratemporal surface of the maxillar body – facies infratemporalis corporis maxillae

Infrazygomatic crest – crista infrazygomatica

Maxillar tubercle – tuber maxillae

Posterior alveolar canales – canales alveolares posteriores

Pterygopalatinal groove – sulcus pterygopalatinus (canalis palatinus major)
Frontal process of the maxilla – processus frontalis maxillae

Nasal notch – incisura nasalis (aperture piriformis – apertura piriformis)

Lacrimal groove – sulcus lacrimalis

Anterior lacrimal crest – crista lacrimalis anterior

Ethmoidal crest – crista ethmoidalis

Conchal crest – crista conchalis

Alveolar process of the maxilla – processus alveolaris maxillae

Dental alveoli – alveoli dentales

Juga alveolaria

Interalveolar septa – septa interalveolaria

Intraalveolar septa – septa intraalveolaria

Incisive bone – os incisivum (praemaxilla)

Zygomatic process of the maxilla – processus zygomaticus maxillae

Infrazygomatic crest – crista infrazygomatica

Palatine process of the maxilla – processus palatinus maxillae

Nasal crest – crista nasalis

Anterior nasal spina – spina nasalis anterior

Incisive foramen – foramen incisivum

Nasal bone – os nasale

Internasal suture – sutura internasalis

Groove for ethmoidal nerve – sulcus ethmoidalis

Sutura nasofrontalis

Sutura nasomaxillaris
Lacrimal bone – os lacrimale

Facies orbitalis

Facies interna

lacrimal groove – sulcus lacrimalis

posterior lacrimal crest – crista lacrimalis posterior

groove for lacrimal sac – fossa sacci lacrimalis

nasolacrimal canal – canalis nasolacrimalis

hamulus lacrimalis

Sutura frontolacrimalis- cranially

Sutura lacrimomaxillaris- inferiorly and anteriorly

Sutura lacrimoethmoidalis – posteriorly
Facial bone – os zygomaticum

Body – corpus ossis zygomatici

Lateral surface – facies lateralis

Zygomaticofacial foramen – foramen zygomaticofaciale

Orbital surface – facies orbitalis

Zygomaticoorbital foramen – foramen zygomaticoorbitale

Temporal surface – facies temporalis

Zygomaticotemporal foramen – foramen zygomaticotemporale

Temporal process – processus temporalis

Frontal process – processus frontalis

Maxillar process – processus maxillaris


Alae vomeris

Palatine bone – os palatinum

Dorsal part of palatum durum

Horizontal plate – lamina horizontalis

Posterior nasal spine – spina nasalis posterior

Pyramidal process – processus pyramidalis

Lesser palatine foramina – foramina palatina minora

Greater palatine foramen – foramen palatinum majus
Perpendicular plate – lamina perpendicularis

Ethmoidal crest – crista ethmoidalis

Conchal crest – crista conchalis

Sphenopalatine notch – incisura sphenopalatina

Sphenopalatine foramen – foramen sphenopalatinum

Orbital and sphenoidal processes – processus orbitalis and sphenoidalis

Inferior nasal concha – concha nasalis inferior

Maxillar process – processus maxillaris

Lacrimal process – processus lacrimalis

Ethmoidal process – processus ethmoidalis

Mandibula – lower jaw

Body of mandible – corpus mandibulae

Mandibular angle – angulus mandibulae

Ramus of mandible – ramus mandibularis

Body of mandible – corpus mandibulae:

Mental protuberance – protuberantia mentalis

Mental foramen – foramen mentale

Alveolar process – processus alveolaris

(retromolar triangle – trigonum retromolare)

Alveolar juga – juga alveolaria

Digastric fossae – fossae digastricae

Mental spine – spina mentalis

Mylohyoid groove – sulcus mylohyoideus

Mylohyoid line – linea mylohyoidea

Submandibular fossa – fossa submandibularis

Sublingual fovea – fovea sublingualis

Ramus of mandible – ramus mandibulae:

Condylar process – processus condylaris

Head – caput, neck – collum + pterygoid fovea – fovea pterygoidea)

Oblique line – linea obliqua
Mandibular notch – incisura mandibularis
Coronoid process – processus coronoideus

Mandibular foramen – foramen mandibulae (mandibular canal – canalis mandibulae)

Mylohyoid groove – sulcus mylohyoideus

Masseteric tuberosity – tuberositas masseterica

Pterygoid tuberosity – tuberositas pterygoidea

Hyoid bone – os hyoideum

Body – corpus ossis hyoidei

Greater horns – cornua majora

Lesser horns – cornua minora

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