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The Amazing Castle™

Public Programs Ideas

Special Guests

  • Invite costumed characters from a local Renaissance Festival or theater to entertain guests with improvisational interaction or actual staged shows. Jesters, Royalty, Knights, Wizards and the like can add depth to your exhibit opening and expand the exhibit theme into the rest of your museum.

  • Put on a castle-themed puppet theater performance.

  • Bring in a petting zoo.

Art Activities

Children can create any kind of hat and decorate it with a variety of materials. Crowns, peaked “Princess” or “Wizard” hats, jester hats, even helmets and robin hood hats can easily be made with tag board or wrapping paper. Tag board holds the shape of the taller hats and wrapping paper is easy to form into a hat shape by simply rolling the edges up. Decorate with pom-poms, feathers, glitter, sequins and stickers.

Collect a bunch of big boxes and cut castle-like parapets out of the top of each, creating castle boxes that children can paint and decorate with any paper or art materials you have on hand. Have scissors available so they can create windows or peek-holes. Encourage creativity by suggesting additions like flags, shields or pictures of characters that they can paint on the surfaces. Even though they don’t get to take them home, kids love to create with other kids. After the box castles are complete, display them so children can explore and climb into them. The box castles will get worn, but children instantly love art that they can recognize themselves in and they love to get inside and do some role-playing.

  • Shield-Making

Encourage children to create their own shields with a coat of arms that represents their family or their hobbies.


  • Decorate your Museum’s public spaces with flags and castle-themed pictures. Have children create pictures of their favorite castle characters and display them. Be ready for a lot of dragons!

  • Have a dragon parade! A leader can be the head of the dragon (you may want to make a funny mask or head-piece that they can wear), and the rest of the kids can line up behind, holding on to a rope or the shoulders in front of them. Roar and weave around together.

  • Encourage staff to wear crowns, jester hats, etc. on the opening day.

The Amazing Castle Public Programs Ideas

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