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Assembly Hardware Required

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Assembly Hardware Required:

(4) M8 bolts (item #22)

(4) Curved Washers (item #19)

(4) Computer Screws (item #33)

(2) Water Bottle Cage Screws (item #56)

Step 13: Run CONSOLE MAST (#30) through the CONSOLE MAST COVER (#27) and onto the MAIN UNIT (#31). Before fastening the CONSOLE MAST, attach both HR CABLES (#29 & #26) as weU as the COMPUTER CABLE (#28 & #25). Fasten with 4 BOLTS (#22) and 4 CURVED WASHERS (#19), Tighten with provided Alien wrench.

Step 14: Attach WATER BOTTLE CAGE (#57) to CONSOLE MAST (#30) with SCREWS (#56). Tighten with Phillips head screwdriver. Insert WATER BOTTLE (#58) into WATER BOTTLE CAGE (#57).


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Step 15: Attach UPPER COMPUTER CABLE (#28) and HR MONITOR CABLE (#29) to under side of COMPUTER (#34). Place COMPUTER on top of CONSOLE MAST (#30), the reading rack should wrap around the bottom of the COMPUTER. Attach COMPUTER to CONSOLE MAST with COMPUTER MOUNTING SCREWS (#33), Tighten with Phillips head screwdriver.

Step 16: Plug power adapter into the wall and into the recumbent bike. The power input on the bike is located at the front end of the MAIN UNIT (#31) just above the FRONT STBILIZERTUBE(#17)

Seat Adjustment

For best results, the seat should be adjusted for your height.

1. Unlock "seat locking" mechanism.

2. Adjust seat location so that with feet on the pedals, you can comfortably reach pedal at full extension.

That's it! You're finished and now you can begin to reach your fitness goals!

Please reference the Owner's Manual for information regarding computer operation, product maintenance, warranty information, and general fitness and exercise guidelines.

Schwinn Customer Service 1.800.864.1270


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Troubleshooting the Schwinn 201, 203 Recumbent Exercise Bike

TIP: Use assembly diagram(s) as reference when troubleshooting unit. PROBLEM: Computer will not start, function, or is blank...

(SOLUTION): 1. Ensure the batteries the unit is plugged into a 11 Ov outlet.

2. Check the wiring connections and connector orientation made to the computer.

3. Confirm that wiring (cable assembly) has not been damaged

4. If computer still fails to start please call 1.800.864.1270 for assistance.

PROBLEM: No Heart Rate on computer...

(SOLUTION): 1. Check the connections made at the computer and

handlebars 2. If heart rate still fails to work call 1.800.864.1270 for


PROBLEM: Bike will not sit level...
(SOLUTION): 1. Adjust the levelers on the rear stabilizer.

Note: If you need additional support information or assistance in troubleshooting, please contact us at: 1.800.864.1270


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Attention Customer



Please use these instructions in place of Assembly Stage #4 in the

Assembly Instructions.

Failure to do so may result in damage to your new bike.


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Assembly Stage #4 Addendum

Attach Seat Rail and Lower Base Frame to Main Unit

Assembly Hardware Required: (7) Alien Bolts 16 mm long (item #22)

(3) Flat Washers (item #2) (2) Alien Bolts 90 mm long (item #24) (2) Curved Washers (item #19) (4) Flat Washer (item #7)

Step 10: Slide the LOWER BASE FRAME (#32) into the MAIN UNIT (#31), attach with 3,16mm BOLTS (#22) and 3 FLAT WASHERS (#2). Do not completely tighten until after step 12.


Before proceeding to step 11 please complete the following steps. Failure to do so could lead to damage to the handgrip heart rate wires!

1) Remove END CAP (#11) and remove grommet from the end of the seat rail. (The grommet is the rubber sheath, which holds the coiled computer wire and guides it through the seat rail. See picture on last page.)

2) The coiled wire seen above the seat rail needs to be re-routed out the back of the seat rail (Pictured on last page).

3) Inside the front end of the seat rail, you will see a "U" shaped wire clip held to the inside of the rail by adhesive. Remove this clip and remove the cable from this clip. Pull the wire from the back of the seat rail until the male prong is flush with the front of the seat rail. There is an identical clip located inside

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the MAIN UNIT (#31). Make sure it is located on the inside upper portion of the protruding tube. If it is not located there, re-adhere clip in the appropriate position and run wire from MAIN UNIT through the clip.

4) Connect the cables from MAIN UNIT and Seat Rail. Tape can be used

around the attachment of the two cable ends to ensure that they do not become disconnected.

5) Gently pull the excess cable from the back of the seat tube so that the cable running through the seat rail is taut. Be careful not to pull apart the cable connection you have just made. Slide the seat rail with seat assembly gently into the main unit, while pulling the cable tight from the back of the seat rail. Slide the seat rail slowly into the main unit. Using a flashlight check to make sure that the cable is not protruding from the bottom of the seat rail as it slides into main unit. CAUTION! If the wire is protruding from the bottom of the seat rail it may be severed or damaged when the seat rail is fully inserted into the mam unit! This may result in a non-functioning handgrip heart rate. Carefiilly slide the seat rail until the slots in the side of the rail line up with the holes in the main unit.

Step 11: Attach SEAT RAIL (#9) to MAIN UNIT (#31) with 4,16 mm BOLTS (#22) and 4 FLAT WASHERS (#7). Again do not tighten until after step 12. Place BOLT COVERS (23) over BOLTS (#22) in MAIN UNIT (#31).

Step 12: Attach REAR STABILIZER TUBE (#10) to BASE FRAME (#32) with 2 90mm LONG BOLTS (#24), 2 CURVED WASHERS (#19), and 2 ACORN NUTS (#20). Tighten with provided wrench. Tighten Alien bolts from steps 10 and 11 with provided Alien wrench.

Step 13: Feed the excess coiled wire from the back end of the seat rail through the hole on top of the seat rail until about 6 inches of coiled wire is on the outside of the seat rail. Replace the grommet. Attach the end of the wire to the back of the handlebar assembly. Feed the remaining excess wire into the seat rail and replace the end cap on the end of the seat rail. After completing assembly stage 5 verify that the handgrip heart rate works by hitting manual start and then placing your hand on the grip heart pad located on the handlebars. Verify that a heart rate registers on the computer panel after several seconds.

Note: If you need additional support information or assistance in assembling, please contact us at: 1.877.417.0519


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Heart Rate Wire

Bid Cap

The enlarged picture demonstrates the excess wire being pulled out the back of the seat rail. The left arrow points to the grommet location. The right arrow points to the excess-coiled wire, which is pulled from the back of the seat rail.

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