Some Types of Gladiators: Andabatus

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Roman Gladiators
Life as a Roman Gladiator was not a very nice one. They were either slaves from defeated tribes or criminals and for the entertainment of the Roman citizens they were made to either fight each other to the death or had to fight wild animals like bears and lions. The more gory and bloody the battle the more the crowd cheered.
Gladiators life was not a free one at all, they were locked up in a training school where they were trained to fight by an old gladiator who didn’t have to fight anymore; not that there were many of those. They had to lift weights and exercise everyday to get fit and they also had to practice sword fighting with wooden swords. Once trained, they had to fight each other in the front of the Roman audience in the amphitheatre.
Gladiators were trained to be a certain sort of fighter and they would try to become as good a fighter as possible. They had to fight to win, to loose as a gladiator would mean death in the fighting contest.
Some Types of Gladiators:
Andabatus – was a gladiator who wore a helmet with no eye holes and used to charge blindly around the arena on a horse.
Samnite – has a visor on his helmet that had a crest, he carried a large shield and sword.

Retarius – tried to catch his opponents in his net. His left arm and shoulder were protected with armour. He had a large fork like weapon for stabbing, this was called a trident.

A Retarius Gladiator.

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